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Remember Seven Days In May

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:46 AM
When the book, "Seven Days In May" came out in the early 1960s, President Kennedy read it and remarked that it was more fact than fiction and that he could think of several military generals who would not hesitate to perform a coup against the U.S. government given half a chance.
A generation later, as I understand, patriotic military men of high rank have said no to a variety of military operations on the drawing boards by the unknown thugs who have infiltrated our government. There was one in the works last September (remember when nuke missiles were being flown all over the skies of the U.S.) and the "they" could not get the military to get on board and it was scrubbed.
Am I expecting another "false flag" operation before Bush & Company exit? I can just say that based on alot of research and sources spread far and wide, it would not surprise me. Once again, like 9-11, it will be both shock and awe, though I swear, there will be those who will still be tuned and clueless as the latest American Idol dweeb sings mindlessly.
I sense a feeling in the air of an ominous nature, dulled by my Springtime allergies, but real none the less to me and others.
Today, I passed a University area where protestors had banners with signs about stopping the war and displayed a peace sign and asking drivers to honk if the passing drivers agreed. There were only afew lame honkers. What was more chilling for me was the sight of two men dressed in black military garb (and those paratrooper boots)hanging around nearby and talking briefly before going separate ways. Co-incidence? Perhaps. I'll take any and all feedback.


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