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UFO Video of Object That Hovers/Moves for 5 Hours

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by LateApexer313 given a clockwise circuit and a right hand turn your way over on the left.

That is the perfect line in a perfect world but it does leave the door open for someone to come up the inside if they are bloody minded enough.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 07:19 PM
Here's some more information from Rich, the guy who shot this video, he just responded to me in youtube mail...

He says he has read the whole thread and I just replied to him asking him if he'd be willing to at least answer the questions posted on this thread to him through youtube mail if he doesn't want to come on here and make an account.

I don't want to take up too much bandwidth on the site so I am just going to copy and paste his response for you all to read! I hope that's not breaking any rules, if it is, mods please feel free to edit it or delete it etc, I wouldn't knowingly break any rules.

Rich Giordano's response to this thread and my youtube messages:

"Sorry about the delay but if I would have known some folks are taking a serious look at the video I would have responded sooner. I have alot of haters out there because of all the debunking I do so I sometimes brush alot of emails aside.

So what can I do to help? I will make a video with better references of course but I think I did use night mode once or twice. At that time in my UFO hunting "career" I had no clue that night mode was so important or I would have used it more. I just need to look at that video from beginning to end to see if and when I used night mode. I hope I did and I think I may have but it was over 3 yrs ago.

I also have video from the night before showing what seems to be the same craft at 5am. I can swear this is the same craft but it did have a flashing red light so I may have brushed it off as a copter. I am very happy to see where this leads now that I have some interested and serious people out there trying to help. I hope we find the truth but I hope we don't. I would be happy knowing the truth but on the other hand, to have real UFO footage in this day and age would be comforting.

Some folks were wondering if I am a credible person as they should with all the fakes out there. I never hoaxed a video. I did a social experiment at a time when I was hanging out with the credible researchers to see if they would back a fake fleet video just because it was me who shot the footage. I wanted to see if they would take my word that the video I shot was real just because they trusted me and looked at me as someone they could trust. I didn't tell a soul about my experiment and they believed the footage was real. At least to my face they said it looked real but come to find out they wanted to believe me so badly and that I would never lie, that they just went along with it. This is what bothers me most about other UFO researcher who are friends with other UFO researchers. I wanted them to fight me. I wanted them to say it looks like papers caught in an updraft. I wanted a war but no-one fought me. Because it was me they just believed me and the video became an instant hit all over the place. THAT and that alone was the point I was making to all who know me. NO MATTER WHO SHOT THE VIDEO IT MUST BE SCRUTINIZED TO THE FULL EXTENT. My experiment worked!

tell you this in the short version but I think you get the point as to why I did this experiment. I want other researchers to pick apart all of my videos and any other videos with a so-called expert in the field filming them. I see this all the time and call people out on their balloons, planes and bugs only to receive death threats and many other hateful comments about my wife and family. I don't want anyone to think I am a hoaxer or a liar just because I posted 2 videos as social experiments. It's part of being a researcher. In my eyes anyway I had to do this to prove a point. I get emails all the time telling me I work for the government etc...I'm just a regular guy who saw a few things and now I am in this field for life as a full blown researcher and debunker/believer. A frigging "Realist!

I make no money. I ask for nothing and sell nothing on any of my sites. Especially on I've been in several documentaries and the movie Fastwalkers (doc). In Az the news channels contact me for advise on UFO videos as they do with a few other local researchers I'm sure. I am a true believer and a born skeptic. I'm torn with a few of my videos. Who wouldn't want to have proof of alien visitation or a new military plane on video that no-one else has? For the last 2 yrs I've been talking about my life experiences on my radio show called "The AZ UFO Show." You may not like my show but it's the #2 Paranormal show on BTR right behind TAPS Radio out of 1,000 paranormal shows with 3,000 hosts. My Co-Host is Brian D Bunker. We poke fun at the UFO crazies and even make UFO prank calls but the premise is to say what you feel and to have fun. It's a hard thing to do in a field with so many people wanting to be credible. Like I said I get death threats a lot after debunking some people's videos. The show is LIVE every Sunday night at 7pm AZ time. We take live callers and have a free chat room. You can find the radio show on if you want to listen live or download the shows for free.

With all that said I am all about the truth no matter how hard it hurts. So I will let you know when I get Part 2 posted with some references and maybe those night shots. I am not afraid to show this video because I lived through it. Maybe twice (night before). This is real. I drew a picture of this from what I saw through the binoculars. My right hand to God this object was a flying house flying sideways, straight and backwards. "L"-shapd with a dome at the shorter end. Like a greenhouse dome. About 2 -3 stories high and moving very fast. Over 150MPH (guessing) Came from the Southeast and passed right overhead, turned and headed West then to the Southwest. That's where I would lose it for about 13-15 minutes only to re-appear where I first saw it originally. Just so much to cover...

I added the music because it seemed boring without it. I can make part 2 musicless. I tried being dramatic I guess but it's a great video and it just seemed like the thing to do. Who the heck knows? I'm not perfect so now I know not to add music to any of my vids.

Keep in touch and thx again for keeping me informed. I'll talk about this on my show in a few hours tonight.

Have a Great Day!

Rich Giordano"

So all....I am glad to have Rich here, at least reading, perhaps he will join, perhaps not but does anyone have any questions for him?

I was just thinking as well, his description sounds like the description witnesses gave of that very strange- shaped UFO over Israel that was described as a giant flying building, doesn't it?

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posted on May, 15 2008 @ 10:08 PM
Well, I guess this thread has burned out, sorry Rich
I thought they'd have questions for you, like they did at the beginning of this thread.

It seems though that the mob is fickle lol...darn and ATS just got a new "anonymous poster" button too and you could have come on here and answered questions without having to sign up as a member

There is a moderator on here, Internos, and I was really really wanting you to be able to get him a copy of the raw video, not the youtube version, he's a whiz at image analyzing and I was sooo looking forward to his opinion. Oh well...well Rich I gave it a shot and the folks were excited at first, I guess since it took awhile to get a hold of you, they lost interest. But thanks for your time and I really wish we could have helped you figure out what it was you filmed, or at least ruled out some possibilities

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 05:57 AM
This is fricken seriously good footage.

Well done LateApexer!

Why isn't this get more attention??

I am not saying this is an ET craft, but even if this is terrestrial it needs serious consideration.

Flagged and Starred

I don't know what to make of it.

I can't see any evidence of hoax ... what ever it is that is being filmed it is there as he is filming it.

There is no blinking lights so my immediate thought is an experimental or advanced military craft.

As Rich says, the craft seems to be in some sort of holding pattern, repeating the same flight path over an over.

The possible testing of an auto pilot function on a new craft?

There does seem to be some sort of morph or formation change at the end of the vid (start @ 9:02) ... but this could be because Rich zooms in here and we might just be seeing more detail or a different perspective. That could possibly simulate a formation change.

I will post some more after doing a bit more research.

Nice find!

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by Horza

Hiyah Horza, I know I was really really excited about this footage as well and none of the great ATS video analyzers even stopped by and made any attempt to help Rich determine what this is....I thought it was the most compelling footage I've ever seen on this site or youtube for that matter, but I figured maybe I was just a total amateur or something lol, which, I am...I was just hoping the pros on here would give it some of their time.

Like I said earlier, I thought it was a shame no one seemed too interested except in the beginning. Maybe everyone's got total youtube UFO burnout or something which, I can certainly understand
Thanks for viewing it and thanks for giving your opinion!

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:16 AM
As mentioned before I am no image analyst but I would like to know one thing at the moment and that is the location.

I maybe being a little dense here because I coild not see it mentioned in the thread.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:18 AM
Hey LA. I don't know how I missed the update. Nice response from the youtube poster. Thanks for opening the ATS door to him. He really seems sincere and honest and knows his way around the ufo field. Had he ever visited ATS before?

This part 2 video that he speaks of, is it footage that he already has, or footage that he hopes to still get? Also, day shots of that area would help to put it in perspective. I think this guy is credible.

Have you sent internos or jritz a u2u asking for analysis?

But I agree that this is excellent footage, and I hope we get to see more.


posted on May, 16 2008 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by sherpa

Sherpa -
I think he said, or I heard him say or it was on the youtube video that he lives in Arizona, close to Phoenix, I am thinking...But I could be wrong...

Rush - No DUH I never thought to u2u Internos ...but I know what he will say, "Youtube compresses the video we need the original uploaded somewhere..." Which I tried to stress to Rich, who I think was a tad leery thinking I meant we wanted THE original...

I will u2u Internos anyway, perhaps he can snap some frames off the youtube or something...and until Rich gets back in touch with me, if he ever does...guess it doesn't really matter...but I really wanted to see all the rest of his footage, he says in that response to me he did turn it on night vision once or twice, so maybe he's just been busy in real life.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:58 PM
Here are the results from a search on the MUFON database for October 2004, nothing is showing up from Arizona.

Not exactly definative I now but it would help if we could prove there was other sightings that day.

Actually it looks as though it was slow month at MUFON for sightings.

2004-10-15 saw it hover over our town, on its way to travis afb, flying in an arc trajectory CA, US

2004-10-01 Row of 5 lights going off and on TX, US

2004-10-14 many times same .a star moving a parallel course from west to east to an existing fixed star visible from the ground passes in front of star and disappers. which statioary star is directly north over the poles. WA, US

2004-10-14 no sound,wings,windows,stabilizer,engines,traveling north to south at1500 to2000 ft about 250 mph TX, US

2004-10-31 Comming home one holloween night after being our 2 younger kids trick or treating ,we were commin up the hill on on our street and we spotted VT, US

2004-10-20 Light appeared over ohio river. Stopped. Hovered. Shined beam of light on me. Then vanished. OH, US


2004-10-25 Same bright light in same direction comes at me and once turned different shape and flew different direction. IN, US

2004-10-22 Small star-like glowing round dot. Shoots across the sky. GA, US

2004-10-29 shooting star with brakes and 3 lights TX, US

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by sherpa

Thanks Sherpa for looking that up and posting that here...and wow, one was over the Ohio River...granted it's a huge and long river but I wonder if that was anywhere near me?

Anyway, your point is well taken...and I never even thought to ask that...where's my head? If this object was seen off and on for 5 hours surely someone else saw it as well....GREAT point Sherpa you're the man!

I reread through his youtube mail to me and he's definitely in Arizona, somewhere. And since he welcomes people being skeptical...

Hey Rich! Since you saw and filmed this object or objects for 5 hours off and on...was it reported by anyone else? Did you yourself report it to anyone? MUFON? Ask your neighbors if they had seen it?

Adding this : See all? This is why I don't get paid the big bucks to ask the hard questions

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Well all,

I got a tad impatient and disgusted with Rich, the guy who filmed the opening video. I have basically bent over backwards making him feel welcome here on ATS, telling him he doesn't have to join, he's read the thread, he doesn't seem to be at ALL interested in having his raw video footage analyzed, he doesn't seem to be interested in answering any questions posed here for him...for all I know he's not even reading this thread even though he said he once read the whole thing.

I am not going to assign any motives to him, all I am going to say is that I am supremely disappointed. I found his video to be one of the few night shots that I would even consider to be interesting enough to post on here. I have NEVER once posted a "youtube" video of a "UFO" on this site...and I doubt I ever will again.

I was excited also by his seeming openness to discuss his sighting, if you will go back and read the youtube mail from him to me earlier in this thread, it would seem that he was very excited to have the video finally analyzed, that he welcomes hearty skepticism, so I am not exactly sure what derailed his participation....

Lack of time, lack of interest, who knows...but all I can say is, I am completely disappointed.

I sent him this youtube mail and I would imagine that's the last we shall hear from him, more's the pity:

Hi Rich...

I have no idea if you're continuing to keep up with the thread that includes your video or not, but I was assuming, maybe wrongly, that you'd check in a little more often. I realize you're busy, as we all are. Lots of people were very interested in your video and what you had to say, I think it was up to at least 5,000 views, questions had been coming in and continue to come in concerning your video....

I have a video analysis expert on standby actually, who's willing to do some one-on-one work with your video. We're simply waiting on you to participate. If you're not willing to do this, don't leave us hanging. We need you to upload the original, not on youtube, we can give you instructions to do this....we need you to answer questions, either through me, or actually on the site.

So I guess, bottom's up to you, we can let the thread die a sad death, and chalk it up to just another youtube video that can't be analyzed or authenticated or even identified simply because the person filming it, YOU, for whatever reason, doesn't want it scrutinized.

It's your video, you decide. I am going to post this to the others so they can see that I spoke for everyone reading the thread. Thanks Rich, and we all wish the best to you, in your endeavors, no matter what you choose to do. The doors are always open, you just have to decide to walk through them.


posted on May, 17 2008 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by LateApexer313

Thanks for your efforts LA.

This is of course is the only conclusion that can be drawn without further co-operation.

"YOU, for whatever reason, doesn't want it scrutinized. "

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 05:46 PM
What saddens me is that LateApexer313's efforts aren't being recognised.
We'd need MORE threads to be handled in this way.
Regardless the lossy compressed version of youtube, my take is VERY simple:
do you have a genuine footage? Well, share its original version, what's the issue with that?
I've emailed Rich, i hope that he will reply, and that he will send me the original footage because i CANNOT work on a bunch of misplaced pixels. Too bad, the footage IS interesting, but i can't do anything unless Rich would decide to share the raw footage.

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posted on May, 17 2008 @ 07:29 PM
Hey all. You know, earlier today I noticed that the last post on here was from an anonymous poster, and remained that way for awhile, however, every time I pulled up the thread to the last post, it wasn't there. Did anyone catch that post and what it said? And is it at all possible that it was him?

Just guessing.


posted on May, 17 2008 @ 08:31 PM
Hiyah Rush...

I noticed that too and kept checking and checking to see what was posted...I know posts from Anonymous ATS Poster has to be OK'd by mods I think so maybe they just haven't ok'd it or something?

I keep checking to see if maybe it will show up, glad I am not the only one who noticed that lol I thought it was a glitch in the "matrix" or something.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by LateApexer313

You know, and that's what bothers me about the Anon posts. That happened several times to me yesterday too. They need to approve/or not before it shows up as the 'last post'. Then you wonder what the he** they were saying in the first place, especially if it was a direct response to a post. Does this guy have your contact info.? If he does, and he had any trouble logging in, surely he would have contacted you.


posted on May, 17 2008 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by kthulu
This guy rocks!
He uses a tripod. ( A first in my book)
He explains his camera off time. (Another first)
He explains the shaking at the beginning, and corrects it with a tripod.
He describes whats around him and the situation. (The dog barking, the palm tree to the right, etc)

For these reasons alone I find him to be credible, not to mention his demeanor throughout the video, which is as it should be. Inquisitive, curious, somehwat apprehensive. For these reasons he gets a seal of approval from me as being genuine just because its refreshing to find someone who gets it.

If its a fake, then he fooled me, and good for him. But I don't think it is.

Starring Samureyed for doing his homework, or rather for playing connect the dots.

I was impressed as well with him, hes a true researcher. DEBUNK FIRST! Then if its still unexplained then you simply have an unexplained object and that my friend is a UFO. UFO can mean a remote control helicopter to though. Simply because its not identified.

Anyhow I was so impressed I looked at a video he had debunked on the site and sent him an email with an explination of what it was. Ive been doing photography for the last year. Im not completely an expert but what he says is soooo true. You have to know devices and have experience to not be a novice. Otherwise to the untrained eye EVERYTHING is a UFO. Bravo to

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by Memysabu

You are exactly right Memysabu!

I just wish he'd come on here or contact me more etc. I gave him my Yahoo messenger name, my yahoo e-mail, and so far he's only contacted me about this video once, on youtube, and I only set up an account on there so I could reach him!!

Internos e-mailed him or contacted him somehow as well, and I am glad you did also...perhaps he was thinking we aren't serious when I told him we were VERY interested in his video, so maybe you all can get him to come on here or respond to you, that would be AWESOME.

He has some radio show or is on a radio show about UFOs so I don't see how he won't come on here...this site is totally right up his alley, don't you think?

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Hi all,

Rich got back with me on youtube and he is willing to upload the original video to any site that can host it all, he says he's been busy anyway...he states he's leery of e-mailing it to anyone...but he says he can upload it onto his UFO site...YAY...I hope that works, I will U2U Internos

Here's his youtube mail to me:

WOW! Again...I am sorry for not reading the thread everyday or even once this week. Someone (ME) has to pay the mortgage so forgive me if I didn't reply sooner. I didn't place the video on my website 3.5 years ago and You Tube a few months ago just to let it "DIE." I wish it were easy to just drop everything and send the video to you but I run a business and need to pay the bills. Plus I didn't read the thread to know what's going on. Actually I thought you would have sent a message sooner with an address to send the video but maybe that address is in the thread. I just didn't have the time...Sorry.

With that said, I do have time tonight and all day Sunday to download the video to a desiginated place. Like I said in an earlier email ( I think to you) that I wished you were living in the same state so we could meet. I don't know where I am sending the video so can you please let me know who is going to analyze it and their credentials? Maybe that's in the thread but since I didn't read know?

I have nothing to hide but I do feel uncomfortable using emal for the obvious reasons. I can make the video and place it on my site in 5 or 6 parts unedited in high quality? Can that work? Then everyone could see it. I would have no editing to do because it's unedited. I'll start on it now. LMK what's better but I am still going to make the video for my website and then place those 5 parts on You Tube. Actually it's 2 hours so it will be in 12 - 13 parts on You Tube but I will make 5 - 6 parts on unedited without backround music and stuff like that.

I will check that thread now.

Rich Giordano

Here's my response back to him:

Hiyah Rich,

Thanks for getting back with me, I understand, we all work and have to pay bills, I am sorry for the tone of my reply but some of us are so excited about your video and really really want it analyzed....our main analyzer said he was going to contact you for the original by e-mail or youtube I am not sure which...

Anyway...yes that would be great if you uploaded it to your site...I just hope your site won't compress it as badly as youtube, like I said before, what analyzers will look for is the exif data on the original and they need access to the original footage for reasons they could better explain to you then I could.

A few people also wanted to know where in the U.S. you were when you filmed this video, I thought it was Arizona, is this true? They looked up sightings for that time you filmed this etc...and if you're read the thread, then you know why we have an interest in where this was filmed

If you're going to upload it to your site, just send me the address and I will post it and alert the analyzers. Thanks so much for doing this, we're really interested in your video.


Hmmm Internos, what are your credentials?? Besides Image Analyzer God and Conspiracy Master? LOL what do I tell him?

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 12:15 AM
just read through this thread pretty thoroughly, and i am disappointed as well in the lack of cooperation/interest from rich. it seemed like an ideal situation with his initial open-ended request to figure out what was going on in his video.

his response to the OP and "to" ATS read more like an invitation to check and seek him out on his terms, on his venue [his radio show]. he boasted on the show's popularity and openly invited us all to listen and call in during a live broadcast. we have to go to him.

his decision to not interact with ATS and not enthusiastically offer the pure video feed up to infernos to analyze downgrades him to just another pompous individual wrapped up within his ego.

anyone can act and speak genuinely until it's time to reveal what they have behind their back. "on second thought, what do i get out of this?"

***EDIT - GOOD, i am glad he finally answered. gotta love the timing on my post and his decision to contact you. he proved me wrong. well...somewhat. we won't know for sure until he finally submits the original feed.

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