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Conspiracy not concerning money

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 09:00 PM
The real conspiracy is when no one or some one will buy or sell when believing something will corrupt them or make them take a fall.

What are you thinking? No! Not that buy or sell concerning exchange of good/service for money, I'm talking about the buying or selling of a story pitching facts or fictions as fact or fiction.

The stories in the news media concerning our country and others or the world certain of us are not buying or selling, but who is you ask? Those that had a certain mark or a name or a number of a certain story's version of a name.

So I'd like to know which side are you on... Are you buying or selling any or every thing exposed to you by way of the news media by whomever?

Those that worship the image or receive, in agreement, what's being pitched can expect to be effected by bad things in their life by agents at the hands of humans, who person wise are something else belonging to the wicked one. You could bust these who seem human when in the act whether they come seemingly close to being model citizens. If they didnt seem that way, then they couldnt get close to you. This is how they infiltrate and gain your trust only to turn to doing things to you with or without you even knowing. Beware!

How many of you are alert as we speak? The one you swear you could trust, distrust I say! Or be a victim that had prior warning by me. I am come to set you against freinds, family, co-workers, bosses, hired or appointed hands, associates, obvious enemies, celebs, strangers, and all agents of authority.


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