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The Fluoride Conspiracy

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 05:21 AM
Thanks to some poor science and an uneducated public, water supplies world wide are being contaminated with a dangerous chemical under the guise of helping your teeth. Dr Robert Carton, a scientist who spent 20 years working for the US EPA said on CBC Nov. 24th, 1992, "Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

“Fluoride is a known toxin that causes cancer, severe bone fractures and retardation of children. Leading scientific institutions, major universities and Nobel laureates have exposed its danger, yet fluoride is being crammed into the water worldwide. The amount of solid scientific evidence that fluoride kills is overwhelming …A major university study conducted over decades compared rates of bone cancer in Northern Ireland, where water is fluoridated, and the South where water is not treated with fluoride. The rates of rare bone cancer were 45% higher in the North. The evidence that fluoride is a dangerous toxic waste that the New World Order is disposing of in our water supply is overwhelming.” -Alex Jones, “911 Descent into Tyranny”

In the 1950’s USAF Major George Jordan testified before Un-American Activity Committees of Congress that during his post as US-Soviet liaison officer, the Soviets openly admitted to "using fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient." The first experiments ever performed using fluoridated drinking water were done in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps.

“It was Mellon and ALCOA which introduced the policy of putting fluoride into drinking water to make money from a by-product of the aluminum industry which at the time they were struggling to dispose of. It has nothing to do with saving teeth. Fluoride was actually used as a rat poison for 40 years and it is an intellect suppressant.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (385-6)

Fluoride is a Part II Poison under the UK Poisons Act of 1972. In Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg water fluoridation was rejected by being rightly classified as “compulsive medication against the subject’s will,” a violation of fundamental human rights.

“Only 2% of Europe fluoridates their water. In 1992 a study by the New Jersey Department of Health (Cohn PD, A Brief Report on the Association of Drinking Water Fluoridation and the Incidence of Osteosarcoma among young Males. New Jersey Dept of Health, Nov 8th, 1992. ) found a strong link between fluoridation and bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in young males. They reported that osteosarcoma rates were three to seven times higher in fluoridated areas than non-fluoridated areas. Fluoridated water has been linked to decreased birth rates because it interferes with levels testosterone of males (Freni SC, Fluoride in Drinking Water & Decreased Birth Rates. Journal of Toxicology & Environmental Health No 42, pp109-121, 1994). Chinese studies show reduced IQ in children overexposed to fluoride through drinking water. Further effects include memory loss, headache, reduced concentration, depression and confusion (Zhao LB, Liang GH, Zhang DN, Wu XR, Effects of a High Fluoride Water Supply on Children’s Intellligence. Fluoride 29:4 pp 190-192, 1996. Li XS et al, Effect of Fluoride Exposure on Intelligence in Children. Paper to 20th Conference of International Society for Fluoride Research, Beijing, Sept, 1994).” -Alex Jones, “911 Descent into Tyranny”

“If fluoridation creates such a public health hazard and does not significantly reduce tooth decay, why was fluoride ever added to the water supply? How is it that many areas around the country are still adding fluoride to the water supply? Fluoride is an industrial waste product. The 1920's and 30's saw the astronomical growth of the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. Their rapid growth however gave rise to unexpected pollution problems. The pollutant, fluoride. Fluoride pollution of air damaged wildlife, crops, and livestock. Initially, these industries bought up the surrounding fluoride devastated areas. But when fluoride began to take its toll in human health, lawsuits and action by health officials forced the companies to install pollution control devices to trap the fluoride waste products. Unfortunately, this just shifted the problem from airborne fluorides to water borne fluorides and solid fluoride waste products, which were left to pollute rivers, streams, and ground water. One means of profitably disposing of fluoride was to sell it as a rat poison and insecticide. However, since there weren't enough rats and insects around to poison, there still remained a problem of what to do with this excess fluoride. In addition, since fluoride is not biodegradable, excessive use of it as an insecticide and rodenticide would soon create a health hazard for humans.” -Alex Christopher, “Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Unseen Hand Behind the New World Order” (419)

Fluoride is put into the water supply of many countries but is also found in toothpaste and other dental products, pesticides (sprayed onto food crops), pharmaceutical drugs, and processed foods. It is one of the main ingredients in PROZAC and Sarin Nerve Gas. For decades children in US schools have been given daily fluoride packets and told to swish it around their mouths for 3 minutes at the beginning of every school day. So under the guise of helping our children’s teeth, the Nazi-tested intellect suppressant is swished around every morning before the day’s indoctrination lessons. Then in the afternoon it’s caffeine and aspartame time with sodas. Coca-Cola is called such because it originally contained coc aine. It contains so much sugar/aspartame now that they have to cut the taste with phosphoric acid so you won’t gag. In other words, they purposely load it with sugar/artificial sweetener for the drug effects, not for taste. Then they “balance it out” by adding a dangerous acid, large amounts of which cause health problems like osteoporosis.

The chemicals in our water and soda are just the tip of an iceberg too large for this book. Suffice to say the majority of the “food” lining grocery store shelves is both starved of nutritional value and pumped full of dangerous drugs and chemicals.

(This excerpt from The Atlantean Conspiracy - linked in my signature)

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 06:59 AM
The idea that we evolved over millions of years with natural water and suddenly we need to add chemicals to it to make it "safe" just doesn't seem right to me.
To understand the big answer you first need to see the big picture.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by freight tomsen

Thanks for your attention to this.

It disgusts me. Look on the back of your toothpaste sometime.

It says, "Do not ingest!"

What is it made of. You guessed it.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 08:09 AM
go buy some rat poison

some rat poison's ingredient label has sodium fluoride as the SOLE ingredient.

I knew there was something afoot.. when I had to wear that mouth-protector full of fluoride...for half an hour straight.
that was literally doing nothing except damaging my teeth and brain.

I wonder if I can sue that dentist now.

then my teeth the next couple months. started having all these white spots appear on them..

my mother had told me.. it's from a "fever" that you had.

a "FEVER" gave me big white and brown spots on my teeth?

such trash.

then i showed her the Scientific American article .. with the "teeth mottling" images identical o mine..

and of course went on with the "fine! i'm a bad mother!!" .. guilt trip etc..


posted on May, 3 2008 @ 09:19 AM
This is a response I got for an email about fluoride in the water:

This is in response to your email expressing concerns about the addition of fluoride to Toronto's water.

"Adjusting the level of fluoride in water to reduce dental caries has been happening internationally for over 60 years and is constantly being reviewed. In 2006, 80 experts from 30 countries together with the World Health Organization, FDI World Dental Federation and The International Association for Dental Research reaffirmed the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and safety of the daily use of optimal fluoride.

Fluoride occurs naturally in most bodies of surface water. To maximize the health benefits of fluoride in reducing dental decay, the fluoride level in potable water is adjusted to an optimum level i.e. fluoride is removed from the water if the concentration is too high or added if the concentration is below the recommended level.

There is no credible scientific evidence to support the position that fluoride at the appropriate concentration causes harm as you asserted in your email. Studies done in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe and in the United States continue to support the benefits of water fluoridation. In addition, the following link takes you to the Joint Government of Canada's response to a petition to discontinue water fluoridation and provides information on issues related to water fluoridation.

In European countries that do not have optimally fluoridated potable water, they fluoridate salt or milk and or have universal dental programs.

I would like to stress the importance of good oral health for all. Water fluoridation continues to provide the most cost effective, efficient and safe method to assist Torontonians in achieving this objective.

Toronto Public Health
277 Victoria Street-5th Floor
M5B 1W2
416 392 0442"

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 09:20 AM
This is what i sent to them originally:

"To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter from a concerned Torontonian, about fluoride in our water. This letter is not for the purpose of blaming or criticizing, but seeking clarification on the issue of fluoride.

I have provided excerpts of various sources online which clearly show enough evidence that fluoride is bad and is a toxin, despite everything 'good' about it we hear.

I've included some questions and I hope you'll be able to answer them.

Let's being with Toronto's explanation about fluoride:

"Fluoride is added to treated water to reduce the risk of dental cavities. Toronto Public Health advises the City about setting the fluoride target level for treated water. And in keeping with Health Canada Guidelines, our fluoride level maximizes dental health benefits and minimizes concerns about over exposure."

"Fluoride is any combination of elements containing the fluoride ion. In its elemental form, fluorine is a pale yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas."

"Fluorides are cumulative toxins. The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that US law requires the Surgeon General to set a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA."

"The world's largest study on dental caries, which looked at 400,000 students, revealed that decay increased 27 percent with a 1ppm fluoride increase in drinking water.19 In Japan, fluoridation caused decay increases of 7 percent in 22,000 students,20 while in the US a decay increase of 43 percent occured in 29,000 students when 1ppm fluoride was added to drinking water."

Going back to your paragraph, "Fluoride is added to treated water to reduce the risk of dental cavities".

Question:What does water contain that causes dental cavities?

Question: Do I have the choice of receiving un-fluoridated water? If not, why not?

Question: How can something that is defined under U.S. law as a toxin, reduce the risk of dental cavities, and is justified to put in Toronto's water supply?

"World Health Organization warns that ingesting 2.0 - 8.0 mg of fluoride per day (as little as 2 litres of fluoridated water) can lead to the pre-clinical stage (arthritis-like symptoms) of skeletal fluorosis (a crippling bone disease)."

"The fluoride action network has a lot of information on water fluoridation programs (concentrating on the US)."

"As an air pollutant, fluoride is worrying the American Association for the Advancement of Science"

"An April 29, 1944 Manhattan Project memo contained a chilling warning: "Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system [CNS] effect.... It seems most likely that the F [fluoride] component rather than the T [code for uranium] is the causative factor." The memo - stamped "secret" - was addressed to the head of the Manhattan Project's Medical Section, Colonel Stafford Warren."

"William, a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy, had his first dental checkup in 1974. Fluoride gel was spread over his teeth.
Following that he was handed a glass of water by the dental hygienist who failed to inform him to swish the solution in his mouth and spit it out. Instead, he drank the water and a few hours later he was dead from fluoride poisoning. Fluoride is an acute toxin with a rating higher than lead."

"Next, I discovered that 98% of Europe is fluoride-free. Sweden, Germany, Norway, Holland, Denmark and France stopped using fluoridation over 25 years ago. These are not backward nations."

Question: What does that say about Canada? Why is the reason that Sweden, Germany, Norway, Holland, Denmark, and France all stopped using fluoride in their water supply 25 years ago?

"Later, in 1999, Dr. Hardy Limeback, Professor of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, and former supporter of fluoridation, reported that fluoride may be destroying our bones, teeth and overall health."

"I didn't know that Torontonians have double the fluoride levels in hip bones than Montrealers whose city water is not fluoridated. Studies also show that fluoride causes decreased levels of sperm and testosterone. I wonder if that explains the rumour that they make love in Montreal while Torontonians only think about making money." So why isn't Montreal using flouride in their water?

"Other studies in China show reduced IQ in children overexposed to fluoride from drinking water. Further effects include decreased concentration, memory loss and confusion."

"Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water (by Dr. Hardy Limeback)

Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS
Associate Professor and Head, Preventive Dentistry
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, M5G-1G6
Fax (416) 979-4936
Tel(416) 979-4929

I believe I have provided enough objective evidence that shows that flouride has no purpose in our diets or bodies. I urge the Corporation of the City of Toronto to stop fluoride in the water, as we already get enough of it from Teas, Dentists, Air Pollution, etc.

Again, I quote the paragraph from Toronto's own website:

"Fluoride is added to treated water to reduce the risk of dental cavities. Toronto Public Health advises the City about setting the fluoride target level for treated water. And in keeping with Health Canada Guidelines, our fluoride level maximizes dental health benefits and minimizes concerns about over exposure."

Question: How does fluoride maximize health benefits and at the same time minimize concerns over exposure? If you are worried about exposure to this toxin enough so you can 'minimize the risk', then why is it in the water supply to begin with? Can I dump kerosene or benzene down the drain and then claim that it's just a very small amount that minimizes exposure?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I await your reply to my questions.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Thanks for raising this, I'd keep raising it as it is so damaging on so many different levels - poison's added to your water, to no choice even if you don't want it!

I think this video gives a good overview for anyone not familiar with this government/NWO control that this most certainly is.

Flouride the lies

It amazes me sometimes just what gets viewed and commented on this site and it isn't always the important, sort of the same can be said of our worldwide mainstream media I guess?

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 06:17 PM
So, when the dentist would like to put fluoride on my teeth- Do I say no thank you?
Does it actually damage my teeth..?
What's the deal with that?

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 09:15 PM
I would think that if fluoride was dangerous, dental offices wouldn't use it. Not because they're worried about your health, because they'd be worried about being sued.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 10:18 AM
Surely in a city like London where drinkable tap water has been recycled up to 12 times before it reaches you again, then surely the water will automatically have fluoride in it's composition due to consumers using paste/mouthwash??

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by freight tomsen

That's great information. I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing the truth, as usual.

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception

DR. Monteith goes over the history of fluoride, its use, its dangers and its promotion over time. Why something that is rejected by so many nations is promoted here in the USA. Learn about the Hidden Agenda behind the use of Fluoride, who's behind it and the real purpose behind its use. Shocking video.

Google Video Link

The Fluoride Deception (Interview With Christopher Bryson)

In this video, Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception. EARLY REVIEWS of The Fluoride Deception: "Bryson marshals an impressive amount of research to demonstrate fluoride?s harmfulness, the ties between leading fluoride researchers and the corporations who funded and benefited from their research, and what he says is the duplicity with which fluoridation was sold to the people. The result is a compelling challenge to the reigning dental orthodoxy, which should provoke renewed scientific scrutiny and public debate." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Google Video Link

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 08:24 AM
I know about these issues, but what can we do about it?

What other porducts are infected with floride isit al the big companies? Bottled water? Beer? etc etc? How can we find out for sure?

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