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You got what you wanted yet you're still insane

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 10:02 PM
Yes iknow this is a poem and i am wondering though if i should make it into a story and what you all think of it i wrote it when i was 13. Please be honest with your opnions as well.


Lonely hollows left in the sadness of a lost soul.
Lost and alone are the black raven’s fledglings.
Covering scars with powder caged like a bird.
Never thought suicide was so sweet till now.

Getting what you wanted you ran the blade across your neck.
Misery forever lost in the universe of mystery.
Buried in the cemetery your weary bones remain.

Your darkened pit of unity now blemished.
Ties with the world … cut.
So many needles you broke through your skin.
Bottles left empty than tossed

You got what you wanted.
Yet you still feel insane.
You got what you wanted.
But your misery remains.

Begging the raven’s once more
to breathe life into you.
Body still fresh your heart beat remains.
Left to be heard by those you loved.

Thump Thump Thump
The beat shall remain
You are alive yet dead.
Reborn is your future.
Never to die
Never to live

Your grave is dug.
Coffin top… removed.
Your eyes still remain open
your heart beat is heard.

Thump Thump Thump.
Chest moves up and down
from dust filled breaths.
You are alive yet dead.

Rising from your grave; your loved ones embrace you.
You are Vampire.
No blood in the body.
Left to drink your fill.
Tattered clothes and bug filled dreams
Your mind starts to fog.

You got what you wanted.
Yet you still feel insane.
You got what you wanted.
But misery remains.

Mouth stitched shut you rip your tongue free.
Nails grown long you surrender yourself to thee.
This is who you are
This is how you stay.

Forever to walk the earth in immortality
Forever to love to hate.


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