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Unknown Attack(Pics added)

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 07:07 AM
Well, normally I dont post these things, seeing as they dont often cause me to have no idea what happened.
Well I suppose I should start with background.

I live in a newly built complex in Ohio, nothing to my knowledge would cause anything. I've lived in this house for 5 years, 2 of which were stressful yet no sort of activity. Recently everyone who visits my house notices a person walking from my bathroom to my room to the other rooms in the back of the house, I just figured they(and I) are being paranoid, though I see it there often.

So that being said, this recent event is absolutely above my expectation of this "thing". I always thought whatever didnt mind us being there.

Alright, so. Last night I came home, rather normally I went to the restroom and read a book(as men often do), though while in there I heard some one knocking on all of the doors(including the one of the room I was in) and eventually entering my bedroom. Having just had my mother leave I figured she lost something or forgot something and came back to look for it, problem though was that the front door never opened(nor closed again). I though to myself someone broke in at this point through one of our many open windows. That being said, with nothing to defend myself I got hydrogen peroxide off the sink(Yea I know, kinda silly but its the best thing I could get my hands on) and investigated, to no avail.

Having had this happen I called everyone with access to the house to see if they had come in, each answering no. I decided I was just hearing things by now and went to take my shower and get out of my uniform and into my normal clothes to start the day. While in the shower my phone flew from the counter it was on and hit the door(very glad its a work phone and not a flimsy Razor or something of that sort like everyone else in my family has) to which I got out and checked on. Oddly I found the battery completely dead, so I decided to finish up and charge it. Before finishing with my shower there were loud thuds to which my dog, being a smal dog who should have barked his head off, cowered away from. I decided, "Ok im getting a little freaked out, I have to control my fear in order to thoroughly rule out anything normal." I checked the pipes, to which all were still firm and even some not budging at all.

I still dont know what it was but that isnt what bothered me.
I got dressed and told my girlfriend that i'd be on my way for group soon as I found out what was up in the house, she agreed to let me.
I kept searching for stuff that could have caused any of this, then I saw "something" I dont know what it was but it was humanoid of stature, sinewy in the fact that is was muscular but not bulky, corded muscle I suppose. It was about 6'2 as im 6' and the tallest person in the house is 6'4 and this was shorter then him but taller then me. It started toward me, then just kind of... wasnt there? I dont know how to explain it, it just wasnt there anymore. Started to let go of my strong mentallity I went to get a quick drink and bite to eat thinking im hallucinating.
I grabbed for a cup and turned my back when I heard a sound of moving glass on wood. I turned and a glass cup got flung at me, nearly hitting my jaw(I did on the otherhand get my wrist cut a bit, but i'll take pictures of that at my house, im at work now). At this point I was too scared so I took my sofa and moved it in front of my kitchen so the dog didnt get hurt and called my step dad to look at and clean up the glass before I came back into the house. He says he didnt have any experiances, but he is jaded to it I suppose because it happens a lot to him.

Any ideas of what the figure is or why it happened? OH! And I'd like to mention my phone managed to turn on as soon as I got to my girlfriends(I didnt have time to keep my head clear at the point of the glass to charge it) and it had full charge as it had before the incident.

I hope by now im noted as credible and would like help in this matter, and would like to help to help me. Thank you everyone and because im at work until 1:30ish i'll check in now and then but I cant provide much more then word of mouth for the time being.

Grr... Going to post pics in a new reply as they dont fit in this one

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 08:14 AM
Sounds like you might have a poltergeist. Maybe the contractors built your house on top of some ancient indian burial ground or something.
I dunno what Id do if this type of thing happened to me, Id probably get a
séance going to try and find out what this spirit/entity is so worked up about, it doesnt seam toto like you very much. So youve been living there for 5 years and this is the first time it actually attacked you? Thats weird man

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 09:24 AM
Its the first time this kind of attack has happened, I have pictures of past scratches forming on my arm, which I will post upon request.

I dont think it was an ancient indian burial ground because there arnt any marked in any records. Like I said, it seems to be a random incident(though lengthy it is still random to me)

When I get home I can upload some things, I would like to have gotten a picture of the glass but, honestly I was too scared to whip out a camera from a drawer in another room. Im sure you would understand.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 10:28 AM
Heres some tips on how to deal with a poltergeist problem..hope this helps.

Dealing with a Poltergeist Problem
Once it has been established that you have a poltergeist, the obvious question is: what should you do about it? One option is simply to wait it out. Most poltergeists do not stay long. The average duration of a poltergeist experience is in the region of a few weeks. Rarely does it go beyond a few months. You will have to decide yourself how great the disturbance is. If it is no more than a few objects being shifted around, and an occasional stone being thrown at you through the air, perhaps it’s something you can easily put up with it. If it’s truly frightening or intolerable, however, you should seek help.

In the case of troubling hauntings, people tend to think first of calling in priests or ministers to perform an exorcism or give a blessing to the house. There is no harm in trying this; however, in many poltergeist cases, it has proven to be ineffective and, if the hypothesis that the poltergeist is not, in fact, an objective entity such as a demon or remnant of a real person is correct, there is no particular reason why a blessing or exorcism should be expected to work.

Bizarre though it sounds, in many cases success has been reported when a householder simply addresses the poltergeist directly, asking it to stop causing disruption in the house and to leave.

Another option is to arrange for some form of psychological counselling for the person you believe is at the root of the disturbance. In some cases, this may be very easy to spot - perhaps there is only one young person in your family. If not, identifying the person responsible is your obvious next step. You can do this by having family members stay in places other than your house for a while. Perhaps there is an aunt or uncle who wouldn’t mind putting your children up for a week or a weekend. You can then see if the poltergeist phenomena cease once a certain person is out of the house, or even whether they manifest themselves at the other location.

Once the person who is the source of the disturbance has been identified, do not reprimand or blame them in any way. It is generally agreed that the phenomenon is entirely involuntary on their part, and they cannot consciously affect it in any way. The best thing to do is to arrange for a counsellor to speak with the affected person in confidence. If the emotional disturbance can be put to rest, the poltergeist may simply disappear.

Another option worth considering is geomancy. Geomancers claim to study the earth’s energies and the things which facilitate or hinder their flow. In some cases, they attribute poltergeist phenomena to disruption of the earth’s energies. This can have many causes, ranging from recent extension work on your home to the construction of a major road nearby. A geomancer may be able to make recommendations about what can restore harmony in the local environment.

Various societies exist to undertake research into paranormal phenomena such as ghosts and poltergeists. If you contact any of these, it is likely that they will be able to offer you assistance in some way, though be clear in your own mind, and make clear to them, whether your goal is to further research into a strange phenomenon or, in a more practical sense, simply to be rid of it.

Finally, a word of warning. Poltergeists are not always aggressive and frightening. Sometimes they even seem to be friendly. For example, in one case, workers in a factory had become quite comfortable with the presence of their resident poltergeist; and once, when a man said he needed a certain tool and started walking towards another room to get it, he found that it dropped out of the air right beside him, courtesy of the poltergeist. Usually, therefore, there is no need for you to be utterly terrified at the presence of a poltergeist. Do not be lured into spending thousands of pounds on charlatans or witch-doctors who promise to rid you of your problem. There are plenty of unscrupulous people around. If you need external help, you should be able to find it for free.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 10:37 AM
I dont want to be rid, it is a thing of "living" proportions and all things living should be let to live, even if not in a natural sense.

Its appears that I am the "Medium" of said entity, I have had small experiances with it outside of the house, though it seems more capable within my house. I say it is me because
1.) It likes my room a lot, whispers and coughs in there, walks in randomly, gets upset if im not in there
2.) It doesnt tend to physically do anything to anyone else, just mildly spook them out at times by walking into my room.
3.) I "think" its playing a trick on me by faintly calling my name making me think someone needs me... though that could be something else thus the "" by think.

On the otherhand I have learned that as long as my rabbit is near me it wont harm or show itself in extreme extent, which is why I a grown man, sleep with a bunny.(Bless her for being able to cuddle me when she realizes im not in a playful mood)

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:01 PM

Scratch 1 on arm, recent but not the other day

Scratch 1 on arm after it came into full effect(atleast until I couldnt take another picture)

Scar on arm from LOOOONG ago scratch thats been with me for 1 year

Wrist with the most recent incident, glass shattered into me a little

This one was a week ago and is mostly healed, though a little dry and raw still.

Hope this helps, I will post any others that I come by.

I am not into self harm of any way, I didnt cause these and hope that my honesty can be noted, I do not turn words.(Outside of an argument that means im sleeping on the couch of course
) I hope these help anyone, I dont think they are harmful to very much.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Obviously you are paying the price for entertaining demons.

If you want it to go away then simply say out loud, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to leave now and never return."

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:20 PM
Entertaining? I dont tend to them, I just let things live. I dont want them to go, just let them know that I dislike what they are doing. I just want some kind of advice to get these things so tone down or what I can do to prevent them from going further, if nothing else inform.

I dont believe calling a name and such to banish demons, I think they just think its pathetic if they are true demons.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 03:33 PM
Bear man,

When you confronted this "thing", did you get a good look at it, did it look like a shadow or, an a vivid actual person. It seems to me, this thing knows you are aware of it, and it wants your attention, or is angry at you. This spirit might be mistaking you for someone else, as this happens a lot. Has anyone else in your house been attacked? Think about any recent events that might cause this spirit to be angry at you, has their been any recent construction or house cleaning?... has anyone new moved it? Usually, these spirits might act violate, if they feel like their space is being invaded or they feel threaten themselves. Best thing for you to do might to contact a pastor or priest or monk, whatever religion you believe in and get the housed blessed. This spirit might not be attached to your house but to an item you recently obtained, or even you itself. Remember most of the time, ghosts don't know they are dead. The reason this spirit might started acting up is because of a recent event or something triggered it. Do some homework on the property ask around with the neighbors. You be surprised what you might find.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Ok, one thing at a time at the moment because of me being hungry and loving the look of food im going to make this brief.

The house is rather new, about 8 years of 5. No history in the house.

The thing looks like.. err.. I think I might have to use MS Paint and make a "Super fantastic redraw"

Changes, 3 months ago I met a new girl and we've recently been spending every hour together, keeping out of the house. biggest change to mind.

uhm*rereads your questions* It looked like a creature, not so much human, it wasnt a shadow per say but it moved in a blurry way(most likely out of fear on my part)

My house is messy as ever *not a workaholic* no construction lately.

No one new moved in but out I suppose in a sense I did.

Everyone is aware of it, we often see it, even guests.

Im the only one to my knowledge thats been attacked, though my mom doesnt talk about it anymore, seeming like its bad.

Recent events... other then the girlfriend I suppose the most recent things in my life(aside from the usual) is that my ex died, my dog is getting snipped, I've been going to counseling(for a short temper problem), Step father's birthday was 3 days ago, Brothers is on Cinco de mayo (sp?), shooting recently with no death/injuries. Thats about all the things that have happened/are happening that I can think of.
Things I dont think affect it: Going out on a big date with my girlfriend(all dressy and cute, it was great) New work, weekends away every weekend, not home 90% of the time.

If any of this helps thank you ^_^ Thats all the information I can think of at the moment and the smell of food is biting the edge of my mind.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 04:03 PM
Did this thing start to get very active when you started dating this girl, and bringing her around the house, have you spotted this apparition outside of the house before. If you only have spot it at the house, chance are you are right this spirit is bound to the area or property. Or maybe even an item, you guys have at the house. Next time, you see this thing, you might want to try and talk to it, tell it, that you live in this place now, and that they are dead, they need to move on to God, and be at peace, because whatever or whoever they are looking for isn't there anymore. Many times, these spirits are attracted to certain people in the household because they remind them of someone they knew in the living world. Worst comes to Worst, get the entire house blessed, that usually solves the problem.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 04:06 PM
You said your ex died, are you sure this apparition is a male or female? When your around it, do you get good vibes or bad vibes? and you actually don't see the thing, you can only spot the outline of it, that looks like a blur, almost like predator style cloak or what ?

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 08:14 PM
Sorry to hear that.

But I've experienced almost the same thing, minus seeing something blurry.

I went to sleep at night (alone) and woke up the next day with scratches all over my shoulders and back.

This is a king size bed, nothing sharp inside it at all. The cuts/scratches were very sore when I woke up too.

I hope you figure out what's going on.

Best wishes!


posted on May, 3 2008 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by Frontkjemper

Poltergeists could have something to do with your situation here, but it seems a fairly strong and angry one.
How soon after you met your girlfriend did the attacks start?
Have you tried sleeping away from the house, if the attacks follow you then it's not a localisesd haunting, which could be dangerouse.
Well, morso anyway.
Have you a way to set up any sort of video or cameras in your house, maybe while you are sleeping? Or some sort of recorder for EVPs?
It may be a bit silly, but employing some work with EVPs could give you an idea of the situation. But if you are being attacked, try to spend some time with a friend. Or a hotel if you can aford it.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 06:56 AM
Really interesting, not in a good way i mean. To what you have shown us and your story i agree to the poltergeist replies. However i relate all to demon activity no matter what type of haunting it is. These spirit/s are on your ground, yes they "may" have lived there or been buried there, yet they have no right imo being there anymore. Time for it to leave. In my belief i rid of them in the Name Of Jesus, they/it cannot lie under authority of God. Saying that, you need to have God on your side, asked God for forgiveness for sins so nothing can be held against you by this "it" as such spirits would use all they can against us. You may use whatever you believe will work but some "hunters/exorcists" do use demons to fight demons unknown to the people under attack.

So if you choose help from someone be sure to trust them. A true person of God do not charge one cent. I guess that is an agreement you and people involved will conclude.

Poltergeist activity often progresses through five stages before finally ceasing.

Stage One: The first stage is not threatening, and may not even be frightening. It may begin with a strange feeling of being watched and you may observe your cat or dog running from room to room as though they are chasing someone or something. Often the pet will sit and watch an invisible "being" as it crosses the room. You may experience cold spots or hear random noises. The sound of footsteps is common.

Stage Two: The second stage is slightly more noticeable than the first. Noises begin to become recognizable as moans, groans, and even shrieks that can not be located. Instead of feeling isolated cold spots, you may now feel drafts of cold air in closed areas. You may notice marks or scratches on the walls, near windows, or on furniture.

Stage Three: In this stage, you will definitely know you have a poltergeist. It will make its presence known by turning electrical equipment off and on, lights may suddenly go out and then turn back on, or the TV may come on by itself in the middle of the night. Doors and windows may suddenly open and close on their own. Knocks and bangs will be unmistakable now. You may even be touched by invisible hands during this stage.

Stage Four: Some people believe the activities that take place in stage four are purposeful attempts of the Poltergeist to gain knowledge of how to frighten you. In this stage you may experience the sudden onset of demanding voices directing you, objects may fly through the air, objects may disappear and then reappear in a different location. Mirrors and windows may suddenly break for no apparent reason. Furniture may shake and move.

Stage Five: This stage is the most frightening and can most certainly pose dangers to your well being. Fires have been known to spontaneously spring up from nowhere. Knives and other dangerous objects may be projected across the room with considerable force. Heavy objects may fall or move. You may even see messages scrawled across the wall in what appears to be blood. In this stage, people have been known to be attacked by some unseen force; leaving bites, scratches, and bruises. Some people have experienced suddenly being overcome by some strange medical illness at this stage.

Not all poltergeist activity will lead to such serious consequences, but should you find yourself in a position of experiencing these increasingly threatening occurrences; many have found relief in calling the clergy and having the house exorcised. Others prefer to contact a psychic investigator that is able to perform a cleansing. Still others choose to simply move out of the house where the activity is occurring. Although there are some reported cases of the poltergeist following families once they move, this is not usually the case.

Best of luck, rid that thing please.


posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:13 AM
Although I have not experienced a poltergeist, I have experienced spirits. I would recommend a house clearing first. If you cannot do it yourself then find a medium who can. For the most part it should take care of any activity in the house. It is my understanding that (bad) spirits like places that are cluttered, dirty, noisy, or negativity. If there have been any parties, loud music, or arguments in the past, it would be a good idea to do a house clearing. Remember, you cannot "control" spirits or poltergeists, but you can make them leave. If it does not leave after that, then I don't know what to suggest.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 04:58 PM
The Bear Man.


I am here today to give you some advice and to help you with the problem you have. You are dealing with a demonic entity not a poltergeist. This is with ought a shadow of doubt.

Do not attempt to contact it, talk to it or challenge it. Do not use a ouiji board or any kind of spririt group. This becomes like a bright light or flashing beacon in the spritit realm and all spirits/demons head to it fast.

My friend, i am praying for you. You have accepted this demon into your home by "not wanting it to go". It's like saying, stay as long as you want. This is the worst thing you could have done. Once a demonic entity enters your home the first thing it does is search the mind to find what your weakness is. Your girlfriend and mom right? You GF has dies and you are arguing with your mom, so bad infact you have counseling.

You probably don't relise this but you are under demonic attack. This will explain the scratches on your body and also your short temper along with other things.

You clearly are not suffering from any kind of physiological disorder from what i can gather. I believe in what you saying. There is only one thing you can to stop this now.

You must call on the power of Christ Jesus. The best option for you is to have a local roman catholic priest come bless your house.

You are being attacked. Your mind is being told what to do by the entity by stating " I don't believe calling a name and such to banish demons, I think they just think its pathetic if they are true demons "

Already you have dismissed your only hope away. Also with your "newely" short temper. Are fighting alot more with loved ones?

It is written that demons can be cast out only through Christ Jesus's name. It is also proven by countless exorcisms that even respected doctors have witnessed. You suerly belive that there is but one God? Even demons believe in this and it makes them shake with fear.

I don't with to convert you to become a catholic, but to let you know things are not going to stop and are infact going to get alot worse.

Your body is being attacked with those scratches. This is called oppression. You have showed us this along with it revealing itself to you in one of it's many forms. The nest step is actual possession. This is ofcouse very very rare. You need to act quickly and contact a catholic priest to come bless the house.

you must trust me on this. The entity is not good and is not scared of rabbits. It knows you like rabbits so it pretends to like them to not harm them, this i don't know. What i do know is demons are here to seduce and deceive mankind.

help yourself or at least get the house blessed and prayer as much as you can.

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Wow, so all it takes to fool you guys is make up a story, take a few pictures of some scratches (usually caused by a ragged nail) and post it all here ?

If this is offending anyone I do apologize. Its just that every time I read a post here I get more and more skeptical. "Why would someone go and make up a story about something as small as this ?" Well people like to lie. People like to feel special.

I am willing to guess that most people on this site lie about having "experiences". You all want truth. Well start questioning people. Don't accept everything at face value.

Oh and the site motto "Deny Ignorance". What does that actually mean ? Deny ignorance = believe everything ? Cos thats the way its going.
Deny Ignorance = Don't believe everything ? Thats silly !

If i seem like an uber skeptic, I wish to say that I am not. But then again I'm not too gullible either.

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 06:06 AM

Originally posted by trilateral
Wow, so all it takes to fool you guys is make up a story, take a few pictures of some scratches (usually caused by a ragged nail) and post it all here ?

If this is offending anyone I do apologize. Its just that every time I read a post here I get more and more skeptical. "Why would someone go and make up a story about something as small as this ?" Well people like to lie. People like to feel special.

I am willing to guess that most people on this site lie about having "experiences". You all want truth. Well start questioning people. Don't accept everything at face value.

Oh and the site motto "Deny Ignorance". What does that actually mean ? Deny ignorance = believe everything ? Cos thats the way its going.
Deny Ignorance = Don't believe everything ? Thats silly !

If i seem like an uber skeptic, I wish to say that I am not. But then again I'm not too gullible either.

Sorry you feel this way, but the truth is.. I honestly dont care about your idea of me lying because you ARNT helping any by saying such thing. I didnt ask anyone to believe, just give me advice.. I know some people like pictures and i'd hope that my higher quality were better detailed, as if I wanted to lie i'd use much smaller and worse quality. But think what you'd like, your mind isnt mind but please.. if your going to make a point atleast put in both sides.

Be skeptical but on the other hand, think of "If this is really happening how could I be helped/help someone else."

Thats all I ask(sorry about my absence, weekends are rough on me.. girlfriend sigh...)

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 07:53 AM
Its been around much longer then 3 months, as i've lived here for 5 years, though its become more active recently. I dont think she would have caused it, unless said entity is racist?

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