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ufo time travel?

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:34 PM
so i have been thinking lately how UFOs are capable of some of the things witnesses say they can do. One thing im am interested in is how they can move at very fast speeds without accelerating and coming to a complete stop without first slowing down. I have been throwing some ideas around in my head and i thought, could it be possible that they are using some sort of time traveling device so that they can travel a pre-destined path? what im thinking is kind of like from the chronicals of riddick that one overlord guy how he could first travel his path before actually travelling it.

I dont know how to explain it because honestly im confused on how it would all work. what do you guys think are some possibilities of how UFOs can do what they do?

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:49 PM
if your idea hasn't already been written about, or if you're interested in exotic propulsion concepts check out this thread:

also, work out your concept, elaborate on it at the thread i linked.


posted on May, 2 2008 @ 12:30 AM
I think some travel with a propulsion system and the more advanced ET's can warp space and this is why they can jump around from place to place.

You can see the ships that operate with a propulsion system. They accelerate through space. The more advanced ships don't accelerate at all because space is actually pushing the ship. So it's like they jump through space. Sometimes when people think they are seeing 2 or 3 ships, they are seeing one ship jumping through space near or faster than the speed of light. So a ship can jump to 3 different spots faster than light and to the observer on the ground it will look like 3 seperate ships.

Say if you can warp space around the ship to a geometry where the ships mass = zero. Space can then push the ship faster than the speed of light because we know space can expand faster than the speed of light.

I think the mass in each local universe depends on the geometry of space. If you can warp space and decrease the mass of the object within the space that's being warped, then space is actually pushing the spacecraft instead of any propulsion system.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 12:36 AM
so then isnt that like a worm hole that youre describing? its very interesting to think about.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 01:29 AM
You could say wormholes but I like to call them warped passages.

So a spaceship that's using a propulsion system can crash if it hits another solid object. A ship that's warping space can travel right through a solid object.

Say it's approaching an airplane, it can jump to a warped passage, disappear and then reappear at the other end of the plane.

When they jump to a warped passage, they are essentially in another dimension.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:37 AM
what your talking about sounds like my "light harmonics" propulsion concept. check it out in the link i posted above, there are tons other cool propulsion concepts too.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by caballero

Let's address some of your points using analogies.

What you see as the physical world is not solid AT ALL, but rather
very much like a sea of bouncing rubber balls that have some sort
of "Space" in between them and where each bouncing & spinning ball
is attracted to the nearest neighbouring ball like ballroom dancers
holding on to each other for dear life.

Zoom Yourself way above this churning sea of bouncing balls
and what you see is a flat surface with some ripples in it
but from your way-up-there perspective, you feel like you could
actually WALK on that seemingly flat surface. --- Zoom back down
and you'll see that surface for what it really is --- A Vast Churning
sea of bouncing & spinning rubber balls.

Our Universe works MUCH the same way. Our bodies are made up of
bouncing, spinning atoms of specific sizes and mass (aka Weight)
that stick close by other atoms of similar types or energies.

When you press your fingers into your hand, your NOT really touching
your hand, but rather pushing more than a few of the bouncing balls
that form the surface of a finger into a larger sea of other bouncing
spinning balls which form the surface of your hand.

And much like dipping your hand into the surface of flowing,
rippling water, you're just moving the water out of the way until you hit
bottom or something more solid which are balls that are larger and
heavier than the one's right on the surface of your hand.

Our greater Universe is also like those magnetically sticking together
yet bouncy spinning balls called atoms which are made of even smaller
bouncy spinning items called quarks of which there are a confirmed
6 types & sizes or "Masses/Weights" plus a possible 7th type of Quark.

And these Quarks are probably made up of something called the
quantum foam which bubbles, boils and swarms together like
a messy bubble bath.

So what you think is solid matter, like yourself!, is really
just a mess of tiny bubbles and balls that pop, boil, bounce and spin
in a confined space held together by magnetic-like forces to cause
that foamy mess to form spheres of matter such as quarks, then
form into larger atoms, then into even larger molecules, then cells,
then body organs and then finally your whole self.

Now that you know what matter is made of up, we'll use another analogy
to explain faster than light speed. Since space is a thick, messy
pool of watery matter, wouldn't it be easier and faster to climb out of that
heavy water pool and walk over to the other side running MUCH FASTER
than you could ever swim?

I think UFO's work using that concept by climbing out of our thick, messy
quantum foamy pool of a universe onto a clear and dry pool deck called
Extra-Dimensional space and they simply walk over to ANY edge
and then they dive right back in to where they want to be
in our universal pool.

Since walking/running through HyperDimensional "Air" is much
FASTER than SWIMMING in our thick watery universe, they get
to go where they want in a MUCH faster manner than us.

In order for these space aliens to climb out of our thick pool, they have
swim to a local swimming ladder (i.e. hyperspace portal) which allows
them to climb onto that clear dry hyperspace pool deck and our alien
friends do that by using enormous amounts of energy to dig a tunnel
that pushes away the messy, water foam of our universe
so that a passage to clear hyperspace can be entered (or jumped into).

Much like how you swim using your hands and feet to push water out behind
you for locomotion, you can use enormous electromagnetic or gravitational
energies to clear a path onto the hyperspace pool deck where you can then
walk or run to your next destination much faster than swimming
in our thick watery universe.

I hope that simplified explantion of quantum physics helps!

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 01:21 PM
ahaha! that was a very interesting simplifacation that you've provided. that does sound convincing.

polomontana.. i believe what i was origionally trying to explain is what you've called a warped passage. what i dont understand though is would you still be able to see the trail of the ufo as it made this jump? my guess is no because its in another dimension which is much like what StargateSG7 was describing.

Another thing is how could we see them defy physics if they are using this technology because you hear reports of people watching ufos stop suddenly, or 90 degree turns. thats where i was going with my origional thought of time travel to briefly stop time so they could slow down to turn or to stop.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by caballero

Very nice interpretation of their methods.
My own opinion, and I can't back ANY of it up with anything but my own observations is,
these things have their own gravitational fields so the earths really means nothing to them.
Going like a bat out of hell and coming to a complete and sudden stop or making 45deg. turns at speed is not only easy for them but is no more thought of than us making a curve on the interstate.
The physics involved ... ?

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 07:29 PM
i'm not willing to crunch all the mathematic principals to find out exactly how it would work, but it would require no torque, no inertia, and the cancellation of mass in the moment of movement.
no torque meaning it can go from 1-infinite speed with no time in between
no inertia meaning the space between point a and point b has no affect on the craft
and no mass during travel because mass cannot be not affected by inertia and torque unless it's changed somehow into a different state that has yet doesn't have mass.

i'm assuming gravity will be the way to map out trajectories, avoiding things like the sun which make huge gravitic wells in space/time.

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 02:40 AM
One Possible, Maybe, UnSubstantiated, Might-Be-Viable Way
to Achieve Gravity Reduction

Since the two "Forces" which we are trying to reduce or eliminate involve
Inertia and Gravity (which are inter-related with "Mass"), it falls into being
that maybe the best way to fight fire (or mass) is with other fire (i.e. other mass)

And knowing that the universe is made of low-level sub-atomic "Masses"
that spin and jumble about in space, might it not be a good idea to research
how we could use the movement or energy level of mass-like objects to
counter-effect the movement/energy level of other mass-like objects
such as our bodies and the craft that they inhabit.

And much like we put up walls in a house to isolate the occupants
from the outside elements, could we not separate the outside jumble
of mass (and the accompanying inertia & gravity) from affecting
our bodies and our craft in a manner by creating an artifical wall
of CONTROLLED masses that will act much like "Virtual" housing
designed to protecting us from the effects of outside inertia and gravity.

How Might This Work?

E = MC^2 ...or... Energy = Mass x Speed of Light (Squared)

Since Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed,
and knowing than energy can be transformed into "Mass"
and Mass transformed into Energy, we should be taking a look
into how VERY HIGH ENERGIES can be used to create a virtual
field of "Protective" MASS or ENERGY which will act
as a physical barrier from the effects of OTHER MASS or ENERGY.

I have delved quite deeply into the annals of research into energy
production and the effects of said energy production on the surrounding
environments and have found some "interesting" anomalies that MIGHT
be put to good use in creating a possible "Cure" for Inertial or Gravity
effects on our bodies and spacecraft.

The Tokamak Reactor:

In short, a Tokamak Reactor is a hollow pipe bent into a donut shape
(i.e. Toroid) and the entire donut is surrounded by electromagnetic coils
that are connected to a very powerful electric current supply which allows
this hollow donut shape to form BOTH a linear induction motor
AND a protective cage that uses Electromagnetic fields to hold
trapped masses away from the walls of the hollow donut.

Originally Designed for creating a Sustained Fusion of Light into
Heavy elements for energy production, the Tokamak reactor uses
inductive heating of a plasma of deuterium and tritium to create
temperatures into the millions of degrees so that a SUSTAINED fusion
reaction (i.e. much like our Sun) will take place. Since a multi-million
degree plasma would Definitely MELT the walls of the hollow
donut shape of the reactor, an electro-magnetic field created by the coils
wrapped around the donut shape allows the plasma field to be "Levitated"
within said field and thus NOT melting the walls of the container/reactor.

For more info on Tokamak see:


posted on May, 12 2008 @ 02:47 AM
One Possible, Maybe, UnSubstantiated, Might-Be-Viable Way
to Achieve Gravity Reduction (Continued)

From my deep-cover archives, I had made more than a few discreet
inquiries into the venerable establishments of science and politics and
have pieced together a story that I find not quite totally believable,
but interesting enough that it warrants further discussion.

I make ABSOLUTELY NO CLAIMS to it's authenticity and this story I tell
below is a mish-mash of other peoples claims and opinions with some subtle
but IMPORTANTS facts & discoveries that MAY lead to some coherence and
possible needle-like truth in a massive haystack of dis-information
and scientific implausibility.

I make NO CLAIMS to ANY scientific knowledge relating to or about
the operations of a Tokamak Reactor in performing gravity/inertial
field reduction or shielding.


Although LIMITED success has been created by many teams in successfully
keeping a high-temperature reaction intact for more than a few hundred
seconds, one interesting effect WAS noted in some experiments within
many Tokamak-style reactors.

The energy and/or mass properties of objects within the confines of the
donut shape CHANGED whenever the reaction was sustained at certain
energy levels...This means that certain unnamed scientists noted that
there were "gravity" effects on the instruments and objects that were
placed within the middle of the donut shape.

Although dismissed on a scientific basis as an electromagnetic effect
from the operation of the Tokamak, certain physicists from foreign countries
noted that ONLY CERTAIN energy levels caused the noted object effects.
They also noted that ONLY the objects within the Middle of the donut ring
were effected and these effects were noted in certain obscure foreign
language physics journals.

Skipping forward 10 to 15 years later into the mid to late 1980's,
papers by many astronomers and physicists noted that large masses
such as suns and black holes created "Gravity Wells" that BENT both
space, time and of course the paths of other matter within localized
spheres of influence.

The key words being "Localized Spheres of Influence" !!!!!
Said Certain Foreign Scientists suddenly clued in that their earlier
experiments were examples of the practical effects of micro-gravity wells
and that high energies could not only create an increase in the localized
influence of one mass upon another, BUT that said high energies could
also DECREASE said influence by creating a "Virtual" wall of other
energetic masses that would BLOCK the influence of gravitational
(and Inertial) forces upon the masses that were HIDDEN behind
OTHER very energetic electromagnetic fields and/or masses.

Much like going into a house to escape the rainy weather,
said foreign scientists realized that high energies of specific
levels and shapes could become a virtual WALL protecting the masses
hidden within the fields of influence from external forces.
Publishing their theories in even more obscure journals of science,
sudden interests were raised by persons and groups who realized the
consequences of such technologies falling into outside hands.


posted on May, 12 2008 @ 02:56 AM
One Possible, Maybe, UnSubstantiated, Might-Be-Viable Way
to Achieve Gravity Reduction (Continued)

By hook, crook and sacks of money, said foreign scientists were
gently pursuaded to work within the confines of a controlled academia
and military industrial complex. Unfortunately for them, due to plain
old gossip and some copiously taken notes, more friendly persons took it
upon themselves to stuff some smelling salts under the noses of influential
parties who had access to both know-how and MONEY to pursue such matters
in a more productive manner than in the confines of a poorly equipped
university physics lab.

Knowing persons eventually clued in that Mass = Energy and Energy = Mass
and that high temperatures in the millions of degrees Kelvin are NOT the
only way to produce gravity/inertial shielding effects.

Noting that many tiny (i.e. more managable) motors hooked up together
in concert can produce the same (or even exceed) the pulling power of a
single giant motor, relevant eggheads noted that Tokamak Reactors
need not produce high temperatures, only high energies and that it
might be a good idea to instead of using light elements at high
temperatures, that heavier ones at lower temperatures might be
used to shield the masses within the toroid-shaped
Tokamak reactor from outside forces.

Upon much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, friendly eggheads
noted that Tokamak Reactor IS a motor...A Linear Induction Motor!
Linear induction can be used to PUSH (or PULL) a mass into a higher
energy level by speeding said masses up.

Said Eggheads noted that stripping electrons off very heavy elements
on something the level of Gold, Mercury, Bismuth, even Lead and in some
experiments Depleted Uranium, and then pushing/pulling said nuclei round
and round within the toroidal shape, some unusual effects manifested themselves....

Since the mere speed-up of a moving series of masses in concert would not
produce the energy levels required to create a shielding effect, said
eggheads noted that computer software could pulse the electromagnetic
fields to form a virtual racetrack that ran round-and-round in toroidal,
figure-8 patterns than would cause the nuclei moving en masse to jumble
about and spin in a more random (and more accelerated) pattern.

This extra burst of localized spinning and jumbling about of heavy nuclei
produced higher temperatures AND energy levels all by itself and that the
effects noted by the earlier foreign experiments were being manifested at
temperatures that would NOT melt the sides of the reactor walls.

Eggheads noted that this pulsing required lots of electricity
and thus required a power source that could be QUICKLY SWITCHED
on and off and one way to do that is loading and draining
MANY Super-Capacitors at specified intervals.

See Background on Supercapacitors/Ultracapacitors:

Later experiments noted that the shape of the donut's
electromagnetic field had an effect on the level of
shielding effect produced. Some onsite engineers noted
that a much simpler method than re-shaping the magnetic
field would be to SQUISH the walls of the donut from
a rounder shape to a more oval shape. The entire donut would
would still be round, but the cross-section would be an ovaloid.

This means that the pulsing linear induction coils could
accelerate the heavy nuclei into highly-specific figure-8
patterns that would produce a more controlled acceleration
(aka vorticing) of the individual nuclei as they were
accelerated in concert within the interior
of the Tokamak reactor.


posted on May, 12 2008 @ 03:06 AM
One Possible, Maybe, UnSubstantiated, Might-Be-Viable Way
to Achieve Gravity Reduction (Continued)

This was the breakthrough that was needed!
Squish the cross-sectional walls of the donut-shaped
Tokamak reactor into an oval and then pulse the induction
coils via software-controlled super-capacitors,
which Solves two problems:

a) Creates more room for more stuff (i.e. people) to be
shielded from the effects of gravity/inertia

b) Solves an electrical power requirements issue
since many banks of super-capacitors could be charged
from ANY localized power source BUT still be discharged
in any specified modality and timing for maximum
acceleration of heavy elements into their
desired energy levels.

Higher up eggheads passed said results up to those
who were more inclined on the business end of things.

Said higher ups noted that since stuff inside
of donut became "Lighter" than stuff outside of donut,
wouldn't it make sense to stuff people and other stuff
within ring and make the whole thing move by putting
engines on outside of ring?

Higher up eggheads indicated to know-it-all politicos
that objects inside of ring are NOT actually lighter
(i.e. Less Massive) it's just that the objects are shielded
from the EFFECTS of outside forces.

Know-it-all politicos say What's the Diff? and order eggheads
to put engines on outside of ring and some pilots in middle.
Best shape to hold toroid and still have eneough room for engines
on outside of ring and still make it passably flyable is Triangle
... colour it Black and what do you get?

HOWEVER....although flight tests successful and eggheads AMAZED
contraption works...some problems occur! Although people & stuff
inside of ring NOT feel effects of outside forces, stuff
outside of ring DOES and thus we have sudden shearing
and ripping as metal falls apart to itsy bitsy pieces.

Much death, destruction and gnarly gnashing of teeth....
Then young egghead realizes why have metal donut at all?
Why not create virtual linear induction motor that creates
"Virtual" container of electromagnetic fields that can
hold ionized plasma within Virtual Tokamak Reactor Walls.
This means ALL stuff and people inside of Virtual container
would be protected from outside forces.

Other eggheads argue how to fit super-capictors AND power source
into donut ring and still leave room for people and stuff!
Other young egghead suggests stuffing linear induction coils
within outside walls of Round Frisbee OR Flattened Triangle with rounded
corners so that maximum internal volume be protected from outside forces
and still allow Virtual Tokamak be created on outside of walls
protected by large enough electromagnetic field that encases
entire object or aircraft.

More eggheads harp that said ionized plasma glows bright and thus
obnoxious people might see what eggheads do. More experienced
politicos indicate that people think everything is UFO if it glows bright.
Really smart eggheads say to shift photonic plasma emmissions into
non-visible wavelengths such as ultraviolet and X-Rays.

Know-it-all politicos say "Good Job!" and approves of plan
to build said craft and eventually everything works out okay
with minor hiccups and a few more dead pilots
and today we have many UFO's flying about in skies
powered by supercapacitors, fuel cells and virtual Tokamak Reactors.


Whether this story is true or not You'll have to DECIDE for your self!

DISCUSS !!!!!!!!

My 10 Cents



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