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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:37 PM
Tom Clancy creates some really good stuff, and I just recently bought a new book which caught my eye. For a few reasons I was interested in reading this publication, one it is really good and anyone can see the plot line as being really close to reality.

Now just a moment ago, I recalled it was in partnership with Ubisoft, a premium video game company. So I found a video and watched it.
Let me say this much, WOW, I like it and can see the near future of warfare going in that exact path. If we are not already on it, it isn't far off. Especially with the recent Iran and Soviet nuclear developments.

Not saying history will unfold just like ENDWAR, but it very well come close. The book is difficult to put down and I am already on chapter 5 from less than an hour reading time total. I'll link the video, so you all can see. But what I'm looking for is your ideas on how this could be prevented, if it can be. That, and how far off would you say this theoretically is?

Personally, I don't believe it can be prevented, and would say it is potental in the next 25-50 years, if not sooner.

ENDWAR Trailer

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