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The best always win!

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 09:31 PM
I guess this is a bit of a thought experiment. It'll at least make you reflect for a minute...I just saw a commercial for a show on History Channel that said, Cro-Magnon man versus humans, why did we prevail? Or something like that. Anyways made me think..."we prevailed because we were better."
So THAT got me thinking about winning and losing in black and white terms. And I asked myself: do the best always win? Or, maybe, one should ask if you win are you the best? In terms of evolution, academics, business, sports...if you succeed and your opponent fails are you then, by definition, better? Or is it more complex than that? I think of sports a lot, concerning this line of questioning since I love the NFL. EVERYONE in the media predicted the Pats would decimate the Giants in the Super Bowl. Literally, like EVERYONE with a mic in front of them said that. Well, crap, then the Giants win...AND people still say the Pats are the better team, but they were just bested on that day...
And that makes me think...
If you win when it counts most, in any area of life, are you the BEST? Or should other things be taken into consideration? Humans dominate the planet, but according to recent research we nearly died out...are we the best, lucky, both? Or is the end result all that matters?

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