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Is Illegal Immigration an attempt to overthrow the U.S?

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:43 PM
Illegal Immigrants are using our own laws to break our laws.

Are we to believe that the United States has no right to enforce its own immigration laws? And if that assumption is true, who is the driving force for the U.S to neuter itself? Follow the money.

Who profits from having a cheap labor force? Highly skilled and educated people are not sneaking over our northern and southern border. The poor and under-educated are. Who needs poor and under-educated?

Two groups need them...Corporations and Socialists.

Corporations need the low cost labor to maximize their profits and avoid paying payroll taxes. Plus the illegals are easily controlled. And corporations honor no flags. And who are the biggest corporate supporters of illegal support...Soros and Buffet.

Socialists are supporting the illegals because they want to change the voting block. Illegals are voting (you are kidding yourself if you say otherwise) and when Hillary or Barak get in it will be legal for them to vote.
Why? Illiegals overwhelmingly utilize the social safety nets that are established because they are under-educated and lack basic language skills. Guess which candidates are going to grow the social systems ( Barak and Hillary are both trying to out do each other with give-aways.)

Is there an attempt to end the U.S. world position with illegals?

You bet.

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posted on May, 3 2008 @ 03:51 AM
It's a pretty massive assumption on your part that illegal immigrants can vote. In some poor districts they throw away thousands of votes from black people and the like if it is crucial to tip the scales for a Republican victory. So why the hell would they go to the trouble of not counting the votes of black voters if they would count Democratic leaning Mexicans?

In socialism/left wing economic theory I think the goal is to have universal education so that the maximum possible number of people are well educated thus earn higher incomes, thus pay higher taxes.

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