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A Rundown of this Morning's Events.

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:25 PM
Woke up at 5:30am to go take a piss: 7/10

Lay down in bed, trying to get to sleep, but then living life started getting me frustrated: 0/10

Get to sleep at around 8am: 4/10

Ended up getting into a random dream. I was walking in a field, jumped over a fence, and one of the fences had a padlock (now who the # would think to lock a fence?) and then I pressed a button and heard a female voice say "I love you" over and over. I tried looking for the sound source, and then I went to turn it off. I then started to float in the air. I looked down on the ground and there were a few creatures - One was a bipedal wolf. 5/10

Then, an OOBE was almost imminent, as my body went into lockdown, I started to hear voices, and I saw a female kinda start flickering in my peripheral vision. I went to close my eyes, and what I saw was a giant white orb floating around in my closed eyes state. I continued to float up to my celing, and then came back down. What's weird is the fact that I tried opening my eyes several times, and they'd only open at least quarter of the way - So, I would fluctuate between 2 different forms of myself. 7/10

I then snapped out of it, got a bit scared, then went back to sleep almost immediately. 10/10

I then have another dream. It starts out where I'm with a group of people (I knew maybe a handful of them, at the most) and we were at some house drinking alcohol. Now this is becoming a recurrent element lately. For the last couple of months, I always have dreams where I'm either drunk, drinking, and then being hungover trying to find my way home. Well, again, I am drinking with people, only to "wake up the next day" with hardly any recollection of what happened (now how can you have lost time in the dream state? Weird stuff).

A little while after I take a train ride or something, I end up being in this field, with quite low fences around me. I'm definitely lost at this point. Or something like that. Then, out of nowhere, some rather beautiful girl in a quite old fashioned baby blue dress approaches on a bicycle. She had really good hair, and soft skin. In fact, I'm quite sure she may have represented some sort of guardian, because she also beared a name tag that I see most mormons wear (saying that they're elder X, where X is their name).

I'm sure that she wasn't affiliated with the religion, and that it was a way my mind made me aware that she is a guardian of some sort. I seemed really disoriented, and just felt totally lost. She asked me "Do you need help? Are you lost?" to which I replied "Yes, I don't know where to go". She kinda said that she was sorry, and couldn't help as she didn't know this area too well.

What's incredibly strange is that field had the same colours as in the first dream with the "I love you" recording looping. Just a different area, though. Then out of nowhere, my mum walks up the hill and gets to where I am and congratualtes me - Pointing to the girl in blue. She says that she is dead, and I'm gifted with some sort of sight or something. I'm not really too sure, things got pretty hazy right there. All I know is that my mum said she was dead, and pretty much congratulated me for seeing beyond stuff. Or something like that; as I said, I'm not too sure.

The girl still smiled at me, and it felt like I am being looked over. Beautiful, radiant otherworldly guardians ftw/10

I still wonder why I drink a lot of alcohol and stuff in my dreams, though. A lot of the dreams I just get drunk, and wake up hungover. Weird stuff. I don't care if no one reads this. It's pretty much here to remind me. All I know is I can definitely add this to my epic dream bank. This consists of so many dreams at the moment. I'm starting to feel a greater spiritual element in my life now. I'm starting to embrace it a lot better, and now I have a better understanding of things. I'm very happy that this realm's burdens can be escaped, and I can try and look into my dreams for messages to

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:26 PM
to make me feel better about who I am.

Epic stuff.


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