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Hmmmmmm............... Flyers, And Stuff!

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 09:18 AM
How about those Flyers!
No one, including myself really thought the Flyers would do very much in the playoffs. But Man! It is so good to be wrong.
First they won the 1st round against Washington.
Now they're up 3-1 against Montreal.
It's too early to crow, but gosh darn it, it feels so good to be a Flyers fan right about now!

You orange and black wearin', ice skatin', puck shootin', goal scorin', penalty killin' bunch of Baastads - You've made an entire city proud of you.

Let's go FLYERS!

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by lombozo

If I could muster something witty.. I would.

But alas.. I walk away quietly with my head hanging in disdain. I'll eat every negative word I ever spoke of Martin Biron because he is absolutely stealing this series. Montreal is dominating this series and I seriously believe they deserve to be up 3-1. (They deserved to lose Game 3) But Biron has made it impossible to get any sort of lead.

Aghh.. I hate hockey right now.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by chissler

Yep - Biron is on fire!
Chissler, as always you are a gentleman.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 09:42 AM
Oh I'm cursing you under my breath!!

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 10:30 AM
Chiss, I'll curse right along with you. I work in a sports bar, the games playing every night I work. I don't know who to cheer for.
A server came up to me and I asked him who he had bet on to win..he said BOTH, that way I won't lose.
Great advice.
Go Montreal!
Go Flyers!
there ya go. Problem solved.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:00 AM

Flyers.... :shk: :shk: :shk:

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:57 AM
I must say that I very surprised at the way the 2nd round has turned out so far. Well, not too surprised about the Avalanche but the Flyers, Pens, and Stars, wow.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 03:11 PM
I'm disappointed in the Habs right now. Missing the net, even when it's wide open, missing breakaways, and to top it off, Flyers score on every weak shot they get. I think many will agree that the Flyers are not doing anything spectacular, but it's Montreal playing very badly. Biron has been steady though, I'll give him that.
But, it's no wonder he wants to beat Montreal so bad. Did you all see those pics of baby Biron in the arms of Quebec Nordiques Dale Hunter, Robbie Ftorek, and Michel Goulet? Damn Nordiques, don't even exist anymore yet still find a way to beat the Habs.

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