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Moscow has elected to cut off all new arms deals with communist China

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 01:23 AM

Originally posted by rogue1

Originally posted by West Coast
Chinas provincial leaders have lied in the past by overstated provincial GDP growth figures, why not this?

If anything GDP figures have been understated to try and control inflation. GDP is probably higher than offically recognized.

Wrong. It is a well known fact that Chinese officials have lied in the past about bogus GDP figures. In 2001, China even came out and said it was a problem.

It is mostly true. Many Chinese students who come to America to study are from wealthy families, not necessarily the brightest. Kind of like GWB going to Yale.

And who are you to honestly judge there intellect? It is this same, exact, negligible kind of thinking which first brought about the coined term "brain drain".

What evidence is that ?

I have clearly shown this not to be the case for first world Europe.

Actually a hell of alot of foreigners are moving to China. I met people there during business from all contonents of the world. It does take a special type of person to live in China, you have to be willing to accept a new culture. Most Americans can't or at the very least are intimidated.

I was making a comparison between China and the US. If it was China that was so lucrative, explain to me why people from all over the planet, still prefer to come to the US instead?

Figures ? The US sucks in resources from the rest of the world to fuel its economy.

Is this somehow a new concept to you? You would be hard pressed to find a nation that does not suck in resources, china is no different in these regards, just less developed.

Various business and economic journals cite China's economy becoming the worlds largest by 2020-2025.

In PPP terms, maybe. However, not in Nominal GDP.

Actually it's China trying to prop up the $US so the Wal Marts of the world can still by Chinese exports.

I have already provided a source for this...

American employers cannot compete against China because by and large Americans are incredibly lazy compared to the Chinese.

I guess you have to be lazy to actually want to be properly compensated for your work.

Americans want to work for dollars, not penny's, that is a large reason why America cannot compete against lesser nations. Furthermore, the US, as well as the EU, cannot compete against countries that artificially devalue their currencies, so in order to decrease the prices of their products in Western nations, thus giving them the unfair advantage.

(It should be noted that America is near the top of the list in worker productivity. It out ranks Japan, China, India, as well as much of Europe. So I doubt your clearly biased, ill informed claim about the productivity rate for American workers, you called them lazy...)

It's why your economy has to be propped up by illegal workers from Mexico - cheap hardworking labour.

Yes, because the agricultural industry of picking tomatoes and strawberry's would spell doom to the United States economy if we had no one to pick them.

China doesn't devalue the its money. It the fall of the $US against all major world currencies. Even though China is trying to prop it up.

No, the dollar free fall has been largly self inflicted by the fed.

Selling it to who ? No one wants to buy US debt

Ohh, y'know, the usual customers...

[edit on 12-6-2008 by West Coast]

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 09:21 AM
No Military in the world is 100% indigenous.

Everybody takes other peoples ideas, Thousands of years ago China had the most advanced army in the world and everybody took ideas from China too.

Russia and America also took alot ideas from the Germans.

China right now doesn't have the technology to have an indigenous military industry so it relies on foreign knowledge and know how. Considering China hasn't fought a war since the 1970's there's a whole load of experience a country like America has that China doesn't.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 05:15 PM
hello, as regards the Chinese army uniform, anyone notice the army guys at the earthquake sites wearing the American 'fritz' helmets?

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