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The 'Highway of Tears' Murder Investigations

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:45 AM

I would like to discuss the series of murders that have come to be known as the "Highway Of Tears" murders. The saddest part of these crimes it that they have not been properly investigated.

Lately there has been enormous pressure by concerned citizens to do something about the crimes, and to get to the bottom of them. The citizens have every right to be concerned. Recently the amount of possibly linked murders doubled thanks to more thorough investigation.

Number of Women on 'Highway of Tears' list doubles

The Victims
- Maureen Mosie - Homicide, Kamloops; 1981
- Shelly-ann Bascu - Missing, Hinton, Alta.; 1983
- Alberta Williams - Homicide, Prince Rupert; 1989
- Delphine Nikal - Missing, Smithers; 1990
- Ramona Wilson - Homicide, Smithers; 1994
- Roxanne Thiara - Homicide, Burns Lake; 1994
- Alishia Germaine - Homicide, Prince George; 1994
- Lana Derrick - Missing, Terrace; 1995
- Nicole Hoar - Missing, Prince George; 2002
- Tamara Chipman - Missing, Prince Rupert; 2005
- Aielah Saric Auger - Homicide, Prince George; 2006
- Gloria Moody - Homicide, Williams Lake; 1969
- Micheline Pare - Homicide, Hudson's Hope; 1970
- Gale Weys - Homicide, Clearwater; 1973
- Pamela Darlington - Homicide, Kamloops; 1973
- Monica Ignas - Homicide, Terrace; 1974
- Colleen MacMillen - Homicide, 100 Mile House; 1974
- Monica Jack - Homicide, Merritt; 1978

Sadly because these crimes have not been investigated enough (in my opinion) there is very little information to go on. I think the ATS members can change that. We have the brains behind the keyboards to make connections.

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:55 AM
The trouble is finding out just how many may be related.

Some suggested the number of missing or murdered is closer to 35 people.

Police have yet to make an arrest in one of the murders or disappearances. They say they are looking at the possibility a serial killer is on the loose, but don't have enough evidence to confirm that scenario.

The conference made no official call for increased police resources, but aboriginals are expecting more help from authorities, said Dan George, the conference co-chairman.

"You talk to people in the hall there and they say there's over 40, 50 people who have gone missing over the past number of decades on this highway,'' he said. "If that doesn't warrant a task force it begs the question, 'Why not?'"

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