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Tabloid mirror

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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 09:48 PM
hey guys i just finished doing a reply on a thread and i i felt that the topic deserved a thread of its own here so get ready cuz many of you aint gona like what i'm about to say.

ATS is becoming a tabloid mirror!

why you may ask well i think i should answer back with another question first.

When was the last time you picked up a tabloid such as this:

did you even bother reading it and if you did how seriously did you take it? well?

today as i was looking at the posts i pretty much had the same reaction as i have for those tabloids supermarkets sell by the checkout counter.

so ok this is ats we're about denying ignorance yada yada yada right i'm all for that which then brings me to my point of this place becomeing a mirror.

i must have seen teh article for the guy that regrew his finger in at least 3 places now and i wasnt even trying. and the fact that i found it here makes me beileve in what i had been thinking for a while now.
a lot of these posts only exist because people on ats are just trying to get that thread that will rack up a lot of points for them. thus making the site a repository for a lot of crap that i normally dont even spend more than 3 seconds on. this i believe takes away fromthe site and the solution may lie in eliminating the point system once and for all.

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