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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 09:36 PM
I don't usally hang out on this board, but since today, I had a very creepy, cold experiance, in which I think, a ghost or something paranormal.

Background Info:
I am on the crew for my local theaters production's, "Singin in the Rain", most of you have mabye seen the movie. I am one of two people that do spotlights for the show. The spotlight booth is directly ablve and behind the stage, and seating area, on the second floor. I would provide a link, but no good picture exists. A description of the spot booth/second level. A description:

You enter the second floor of the auditorm from behind stage right, and you have to climb very steep steps to get up there. These stairs are located in a workroom, and ajoinging room behind the stage on stage right. After climbing these stairs, you enter a metal grated catwalk, connected to the wall, across the entire stage, but unseen on stage right. Then you pass through a door, onto concreate in the seating area, but on the second floor. There is a wall seperating you from the auditorum. The hallway curves with the aduitorim, it curves all the way around to the spot booth, a 20 ft long, slightly widened hallway, which is open to the adutiorum. The spot booth is located facing the stage, except all the back, so if you facing the stage, it would be above and behind you.

I spend alot of time in this booth with this other person.

Story: Today there was not much spoting, and they were practicing moving all the things on stage in the dark, so it was almost pitch black in the spot booth. It is extremely hard to see. So, me being, I am bored, standing around, waiting for something to do, but suddenly, I become extremly cold in a warm theater. I get goosebumbs all over my legs, and I feel very cold. This other person in the booth left early, so I was alone. Then I turned on my cell phone for light and looked around with it. There was something very obviously 'floating', or mabye 'levitating' towards me, I cannot make it out, but I can tell it was something. It was very blurry, and I was thinking to myself, "this cannot be real, this is very creepy, and what should I do". IT was coming closer, as I described, this is like a hallway, except this is a very fat part of it. It was coming from the opposite side I was on, but I think it had already past me, because I was cold before I saw it. And I can very distinctly remeber looking over the edge and yelling to someone directly underneath me, "Why is it so damn cold in here!".

Then I went down stairs and told me that is was unusally warm in here. I was baffled.

Since of reading on my website, I have told myself if this type of experiance happens to me, to take in all the effect, so I can describe it perfectly. I can also believe myself since I am just getting shivers thinking and reciting this.

I knew it wasn't me because I can very distinctly remeber thinking to myself, as it was happening, "what things can I take in, so I can tell other people aka ATS". I was like freaking out at the same time, since I was shivering. It should have been warm, since I had just turned the spot light off, and it is very hot. I was also wearing a black jacket.

Then it gets intresting. I asked someone before this incident who had been here a couple years about this hallway and was like, "have you had anything strange happen to you up there?" I was asking because I have heard footsteps, coming, but no body. Me and this othe rguy are usally up there. There has been also times when a door in the hallway, that I cannot see, hearing it open and close, its a door that leads to the school's second floor and its always locked from the outside (schools side).

This concerns me since I have the premiere tomarrow night. Could anyone deciper what this is, or give me any advice. I would appreciate it.


posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 12:57 AM
Hello wilmiester,

I believe that this levitating object that you observed could have been some type of demon character. Now I would advise you to keep away from that area as much as possible for this could be a sign of this demon trying to enter you. I have done much research on demons and their abilities to enter human bodies and for some reason I believe they may want to enter yours so I advise you to stay away.

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 11:43 AM
Well it could have been some sort of ghost or spirit, maybe something happened to them there, they could have worked for the theatre or been an actor there, or even and audience member when something happened to them.

How did you feel when it happened and how was it acting? I mean did you feel threatened by it? Did it seem friendly towards you? Or did it just ignore you?
If it's one of the last two I wouldn't worry too much, I think you'll be alright. If it seemed threatening then I'd try and make sure you weren't up there alone in future.

Try and do some research into the history of the theatre, maybe you can find out if somehitn ghappened there, you might even find out why the spirit was there if you're lucky!

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 06:26 PM
no I really think he should just stay away as much as possible until he can really get some answers because there's always the chance of something bad happening to him and if this spirit or demon wants to take revenge for something that happend to him in a previous life then it could end up very bad.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 01:25 PM
Well if you think about it logically there was nothing to suggest it was a demon or that it would want to cause him harm so there's no point scaring him for no reason.

Also, remember, he does have to do his job so it would be impossible for him to stay away from it all the time. Obviously I wouldn't recomend he goes up there for the sake of it, but I don't see how just being alone up there for a few hours would cause any trouble. I mean he's probably been up there thousands of times before and nothing happened, therefore the chances fo something happening again are fairly low in my opinion...

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 12:12 AM
ok I'm just saying that if there was a way to stay away from there I would, another thing is to just tell someone u trust and just see if they can help u in any way

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