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Triangle ufo video taken with thermal imaging camera

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by sherpa
Regarding the 'Test Flights' I can only guess, as to their point of departure, which I think was Warton, at the time there were various reports in the press, including a photo of the suspected Aurora in flight over the Yorkshire moors and a report that some 'local radio enthusiasts' had picked up telemetry signals which aparently showed the craft in vertical take off/landing mode.
So we saw what we believe was an Aurora and a B2, at a time when the B2 was still 'under wraps' and being reported as a 'UFO'
The craft I believe to be the Aurora was a 'paper dart' shape, but at speed, the trailing edges, which appeared 'saw toothed' like the B2, were blurred and created the illusion that the craft was lozenge shaped.
That's about it really, so back to the thread, I think that as these little spheres are seen here virtually on a daily basis, it's quite possible that they have a base here, I have no doubt that they originate from the Moon though, including their giant triangular 'tranporters'.
Reports of these speres go back generations, my Father saw them and my Grandfather too.
I always enjoy your posts, so keep up the good work.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 02:35 PM
very nice video. I look for the triangle stuff all the time because it is the most common sighting. I believe it is the TR3B. I think I saw two of them at a very high altitude doing some amazing things. I am also extremely interested in the giant rectangle seen at the Phoenix lights and other sightings. I only wonder how you hide a football field sized UFO. I can't believe all the credible witnesses that have nothing to gain and have all seen the same thing all saw swamp gas filled weather baloons.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by Willbert

Notice how your post goes unnoticed...

I thought the exact same when I saw it. Birds...
There's no reference points at all to give us anything on size, distance, height etc.
The gentle flickering of the objects could easily be from the wings going up and down. I bet there's a slight temperature difference between the upperside of the wings and beneath them.

Also like you said Willbert... why are videos like this always so short?
I mean, did he go "omg, I have to stop filming and post this right away!"??
My bet is that somewhere longer into the original footage some reference point appears shattering the notion of it being a non-biological craft.

As always... I do want to believe, just not anything. Otherwise I might aswell turn christian.

Having seen all the clips.. non of them are conclusive. Even his attempt to use grass as reference is a stretch. Basicly there are some clips and then someone telling us what it is. If you came by a burning bush and a man was standing there saying it was God who did it, would you believe him right away?

Sorry for all the christian references, but that is what ufology is turning into... sheer faith.

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