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internet toll fee proposed in 1999, and SECURITY Alert: Keystroke recorders in the workplace

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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:22 PM
also, 'toll-fee to use internet proposed in 1991'
same source as below

CNN reports that Congress is preparing to vote on allowing telephone companies to CHARGE A TOLL FEE for internet access. Translation: Every time we send long distance e-mail we will receive a long distance charge.

SECURITY Alert: Keystroke recorders in the workplace
This dated article is several years old but talks about Microsoft & intelligence community spy-ware co-operation. Also of police use of spyware. Here are some excepts from the article.

If you work in an office, whether it be a large corporation or a small office, you are subject to monitoring and should be aware of your company's policy on worker monitoring, and the methods and degree. It is not only important to read the company policy, it is essential to know what means are being used to watch you and record your activities, which may or may not be disclosed.

Keystroke recorders literally record every key that you type on your keyboard, including the DELETE key--the whole sequence, from typing to the deletion, can be played back as if you were doing it again, keystroke by keystroke! Your company memos, email to your colleagues, even your PASSWORDS!

If a keystroke recorder is in use at your workplace, NEVER USE YOUR PASSWORDS TO YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL OR ENCRYPTION KEYS! If you do, you risk compromising the integrity of your own personal security and privacy. No amount of encryption can protect you from a keystroke recorder, nor can the deletion of files, even if they are securely erased!

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Earthlink is owned by the notorious NET CENSOR and masters of co-optation, the Church of Scientology (Co$). During 1999, in its quest to acquire greater market share (mindshare) in the ISP market, Earthlink/Co$ took over the service provider Mindspring. If you are a subscriber to either Earthlink or Mindspring, be advised that you are supporting the Co$ with your money and may be subject to their censorship policies and invasions of your privacy.

An electronic surveillance tool known as D.I.R.T (Data Interception by Remote Transmission) that is undetectable by current virus scanners was released as a tool for "law enforcement" to remotely and secretly monitor a subject's computer.

French intelligence agency DAS (Strategic Affairs Delegation) recently accused the US National Security Agency (NSA) of working with computer giant Micro$oft to develop software that enables the US spooks to spy on global communications.

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