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Congratulations ATS! (Or TGF ATS)

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posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 12:43 AM
To all site Owners, Admin Super Moderators, Moderators, Writers, Scholars, Fighters, Members and Anon Browsers.

Fisrt of all. Why is this in the General conspiracy forum? I am sure that there are a number of “conspiracy forums” set up for no other reason than to discredit conspiracy theorists. Also, I want this to be seen, since as far as general conspiracies go, this is the best conspiracy site available. Besides that, I couldn’t find anywhere appropriate in ATS without going to BTS and this is directed to ATSers. If the powers that be feel his should be elsewhere then so be it.

This is for no other reason than to say thank God I found ATS first. Out of curiosity I went and had a look at another ‘conspiracy’ forum (Now I feel dirty and like I have betrayed my fellow ATSers
). I won’t mention which, but you might know it from its three letter abbreviation.

ATS is a well organized and thought out site with easy to use features and with the Mods in the background is very civil and more importantly, sensible! While some threads might get heated or in some cased quite silly, the posts are still generally commonsensible and consist of more than one word or emoticon.

Having seen the nonsensical posts on the other side and the ridiculous things they get away with, I have a new found respect for this site and will endeavor to keep my posts up to the current standards. (not withstanding the closing statement in my disclaimer below

I encourage all others to voice their thanks and support to Managements and fellow ATSers

[edit on 30/4/2008 by VIKINGANT]

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