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Ron Paul introduces Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Macrotus

Your disdain for RP is very evident. I was wondering, why even engage in the commenting here at all? You're welcome to, but I'm trying to gauge the contribution you are attempting to make, if any. It's the "if any" part that's got me stumped. You seem to push the notion that you think this "nut job"' is all about "tokin' the reefer" and being a hippie. It's sounds a little too simplistic to me, so I must ask, do you have any actual information you want to share?

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 03:43 AM
As someone in favor of decriminalization, I wish to point out that other
states are considering similar, if not identical type legislation:
NORML has reported.

You don't have to send 'em a check, but a quick look will make you aware
of the continuing fight they wage against unfair laws prohibiting MJ.

(my check is in the mail)

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:35 PM
Marijuana will never be legalized in the United States

Their is a saying in Budhism that the teacher will appear when the student is ready.

I think alot of people have great difficulty reaching or agreeing with conclusions when their is corruption involved in the process necessary to figure out the answer or the truth.

We know ignorance is blissful and all of us try to imagine this doesn't effect us but it does to varying degrees with almost everyone, our minds just sometimes protect us from undertanding this, especially if we are looking at observations from perspectives that criticize organizations we have emotional ties to or are believed to be necessary to our protection, also if we are used to believing something for awhile and seeing no need for a change. You may wonder why i think this is relevent in this post.

Well the Prison System of the U.S is Very Profitable and provides many jobs as well to the economy. Prison capacity was built rapidly in the 70's and 80's and violent crime did not continue to increase to a level necessary to fill these prisons to capacity. Drug offenders fill the void. Also anything man made can't be patented and monopolized by Big pharma , so we can forget about a wide spread legalization.

[edit on 4-5-2008 by cpdaman]

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 12:17 PM
It does not take long to effect change when the idiots are silenced. The media is the whole story; if the media reported the truth the rest would fall into place. But the media is dominated and owned by the same corporate masters that profit from the illegality and so that is why nwe see little progress.

The people are overwhelmingly positive about decrim. and regulation when presented with the facts. When the truth is told about HOW the cannabis/hemp plant was made illegal back in 1938 they are always disgusted by the racism and lies that created the monster of prohibition.

Then when they see the scientific studies that all show very little harmful effect and tremendous positive and potential in a myriad of ways they have no doubt as to the intelligent course. But we are a nation where MONEY is God...sadly, and as long as cop's and courts and lawyers and prison unions and on and on ad nauseum make money with prohibition it will continue. It makes billions a year for many lazy people...cop's make 800 thousand minor pot busts a year and when the fines are paid and attorneys paid and judges paid...etc. etc., it accounts for an entire industry.

These people would have to seek an honest living and might actually have to earn a paycheck for a change and they will fight that tooth and nail. The only major opposition to change is always the cop's and prison guard unions, as they thrive when petty drug users are locked up. It is so obvious why they oppose common sense laws; they do not care about the greater good of the public, only their own selfish interests, as usual. We should all disdain these types and hold them in contempt for their obstruction of progress and sanity.

What is needed is some billionaire with a conscience to pay for a massive blitz of ad's targeting the scummy politicians who oppose change and expose them for what they are. Pin them down with statistics and facts until they have to retreat or be shown as plain and simple panderer's to the special interests groups that oppose change. They could be outed as anti- States Rights for opposing change...they could be seen as racially bigoted because of the disparities in arrests by race...there are many ways of palying people into corners and money is all it takes.

Show some ad's of the wheelchair bound elderly people being arrested and harrassed by masked, machine gun toting black clad DEA thugs ( may every one of them rot in hell) because their doctor recommended cannabis as medicine and the State law allows the people being deprived of the most useful plant for industry ever known the facts and they will scream for change. If hemp was promoted, and there is NO good reason not to, we could change the world and reduce fossil fuel dependence dramatically in time. There are so many uses but of all the ' modern ' nations on earth, ONLY the USA refuses to do so, and put's agriculture into the hands of the cop's!! Imagine that!!

What nation that has any sense or honesty would have policies like we do? None. It is all open and plain and clear and known: The USA bases it policies NOT on proven facts and common sense or science, but of politics alone: Weak and useless politicians are afraid that their competitors will say that they are ' weak on drugs ' as a slogan and ruin their chance at staying in office. That is what it all boils down to: Weak politicians who fear electiopn issues, so they ignore all the facts and hide their heads and mouth nonsense about ' protecting the kid's ' if no regulation means anything to help kid's.

Right now the dealers are the regulators!! What dealer is going to look out for the kid? Money is God, remember? Thats what we teach of course kid's can get drugs easier than alcohol and cig's!! Naturally we do not see booze sellers gunning each other down for turf, do we? If drugs were all regulated to adults with known purity and dose and the cop's removed from the equation totally, it could change the USA for the better in many ways. Doctors would be available for those who get carried away, unlike now where they get thrown in jail and released over and over...really great plan, huh? The new way would let cop's catch burglars and killers and rapists and not waste time bothering people who will do it all anyway.

Why not do it the best way? The common sense way? The right way? No good answer has ever been given to that question....all we get are stupid and unproven allegations and hacked statistics slanted to deceive. The DEA is a criminal bunch if there ever was one; pawns for the CIA and used to eliminate the competition of the real players..The DEA are basically hit men for the big cabal, the Bush/CIA cabal...and as thugs for them they get rid of the guys who take too much money official army for just another drug cartel.

The corruption is so entrenched and long going that it cannot be rooted out. The intel guys at the top run the worldwide heroin trade, and a lot of the coc aine as well. They suppress the use and trade in cannabis because they do not control that market and do not want people getting into less harmful and non-addictive pasttimes: They want alcohol and coc aine and heroin and pills..that makes money for them. Anyone can grow or get pot and so it is not a thing they can profit from....except by prohibition. So thats the way they profit from it....since they cannot control the market end, they simply take from the other end, the users and petty way or another though, they will make money at it.

This nation is so far gone, so corrupt, so complacent, that we are now watching the end time destruction of the USA for all time....there wil be no more revolutions, no more last moment touchdowns..the die is cast, and the end is near. We have become too lazy and trusting, and we will pay the price. Think about it this way: Any nation that can act against common sense and the truth openly and without an outcry is gone...and nowhere is this more apparent than in this area...if a man cannot grow and use any plant that God gave then the government is corrupt and should be done away with. Period.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by eyewitness86

I agree 100%. Where do I sign up to help change the system? I do my part to promote civil disobedience and spread the word...but I feel like I could be doing more.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 02:57 PM
I think Congressman Paul's approach, although fraught with political roadblocks, it much more achievable than any attempt to provoke the corporate junta into a display of brutality. Especially when, as it was rightly pointed out, they hold the media as their own.

The resolution of this issue must 'begin' somewhere which has the benefit of being 'beyond' the muzzle and might of the federal government (the corporate junta). The floor of the congress (and to a lesser degree the senate) remains accessible to us still (for now anyway). Remember, the federal government is now nothing more than the 'strong arm collector and enforcer' for mega-wealth holders and super-citizen corporations.

If this legislation, and others like it, were to pass, it would be like telling the big bully in the schoolyard that there is an area where he cannot exert his 'bully' powers. Aside from the administration and it's adjunct enforcement agencies being red-faced with impotence, this would begin at least to enable the states to consolidate power to counter the greed that dehumanizes us all.

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