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The Symptom's

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:43 PM
Where to start? I think everyone here can see the changes that are taking place right before our eyes in the U.S. and the world. I wasn't going to write this but I stumbled upon DimensionalDetective's Thread about the Top 25 Censored Stories Not in the Media. For whatever reason people think things are changing, Global Warming, WWIII, another 9/11 Terrorist Threat inside U.S. borders (many threads here on ATS about this), Planet X, Alien Invasion, Mock Alien Invasion, the list goes on, somebody knows something somewhere. That's the key. Someone's always "in the know."

The reason I listed DDs thread above because it gives you a link to the types of things I'm talking about that are happening in this country and around the world that probably the majority of the world populace doesn't know about.

Some here believe that something is going to happen between now and 2012/2013. I don't have a clue if anything will happen or not between now and Dec. 21st 2012. I think that's the ending date of the Mayan Calendar. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I don't like to do research as much as some do here at ATS. I'm talking about in-depth research. Which brings my to my question:

What is one way to MAYBE tell if something was really going to happen between now and the year 2012/2013?

Just like the symptoms of the Flu. You have to look for the symptoms that somebody knows something somewhere AND is acting on that knowledge out in the open, which might look normal to the normal Joe.

Symptoms of the Flu:

*Fever (usually high)
*Muscle aches
*Extreme tiredness
*Dry cough
*Runny nose may also occur but is more common in children than adults
Stomach symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur but are more common in children than adults.

As an example, with a list of symptoms above, one could conclude that you might have the Flu if you have 4-7 of these symptoms, right? One could visibly see if you had fever, chills, dry cough, or runny nose.

I'm one of those normal Joe's, that has an opinion, that things are changing in this world and not for best.

Here's another example, but closer to where I'm getting at: In the movie Deep Impact, actor James Cromwell plays a political figure that's "in the know" and resigns to be with his family before the asteroid hits. He lied to the world to be with his family so they had a chance at survival and to spend more time with them.

I would call that a symptom of the end of the world. A person "in the spot light" that does something out of the blue. Of course, in the movie he told everyone it was just to be with his family. But he had knowledge that other's didn't, which prompted him to make a decision to resign his position because he had inside information and acted upon it. YES, it's a movie, but a good scenario of a symptom that I'm talking about that one could look for now in our present time.

This is where I'm hoping some here will take this as a little challenge to prove this thread wrong. It will actually be pretty hard to research I think. One name in particular that sticks out is Karl Rove, has resigned, Bush's top advisor. Here's two more, Dan Barlett and Karen Hughes. These are just a few. They all have documented reason why they are resigning. Karen even uses the "wants to be with family more." I'm sure I'll get flamed for not just accepting these documented reasons, but oh well. It wouldn't be much of a cover-up if people were resigning for reasons people "in the know" don't want you to know about, right?

Another symptom to watch for is Bush's family memebers. If they get spirited away quicky for any reason, you might want to duck and cover.

Anyway, there's a lot more out there that has probably resigned under Bush. Maybe he's just that bad. There was an article or video I saw stating that NASA employees where buying up land in the southern hemisphere because they know that something is headed this way and it's best that they are far away from here (U.S.) when it happens. (Anyone know about this article or Video?) I'm not saying this is true, but some here could probably do research into seeing if any government official's are buying land outside the U.S. in abundance. If so, are they just trying to catch a tan or is something going on that they are acting upon info that most aren't privy to?

This what I'm getting at, if something was going to happen here in the U.S. someone would know about it and be doing things to help themselves and friends out. Does it have anything to do with higher gas prices? I don't know, but someone's making more money. Trying to get as much money as possible before something happens? Or is fuel being stockpiled and or is it running out? Oh wait, they are just raising the price because they can.

Talk about Food Rationing? They says it's because of the corn/ethanol connection is driving up food prices. That really true? Rice shortages?Maybe they are stockpiling rice and corn because something is going to happen? Or more symptoms?

The whole point is, it is what it is, or something else could be behind the changes in our world today and the symptoms are right under our eyes and let you researchers here have all the glory in finding it out.

I love a good paranoid conspiracy!!! Flamce ON!!!!! Additions or Flaming welcome, but that's why it's in Skunk Works!!!

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Dang, I guess I'm way off base here with zero replies in 24hrs.

Remember this is all speculation. The OP and this post. Don't be afriad to say if you think I'm wrong or way off base. It's just a discussion. Well, I'm adding to it. I think another way to better hide a truth is to make a movie or show about it. You can look at my posts or threads and I use movie or TV references a lot. I think it's important.

I've read somewhere (someone can probably rememeber the same article) that the universe is not unlike the movie Star Wars or Star Trek. Many humanoid entities mingling together in both shows. Why not make a movie about it? That way when something does arise (whistle blowing) with a hint of truth to it, the average Joe will say, "You watch too many SciFi movies. It's a purfect way to cover up something. Kinda like the CIA did with UFOs. They used the UFO cover to hide some of their projects. It's a perfect cover. I think everyone is more likely to not believe anything that's in the movies because, that's what it is...a movie. If you don't want someone to think about it being real, make a show about it so people automaticly put it in the "Hollywood" section of their brain.

There's threads on ATS about Star Gates being real. Some people believe that. Well, the Star Gate movie and series are out there. I bet, with out even reading the Star Gate threads on this site that someone said those exact words to the OP, "You've seen the Star Gate movie too many times or the series too many times." That's just a wild guess. But I bet someone said something along those lines to the OP in those threads.

I'm a firm believer in media playing a role in shaping the way we think and feel. To what degree is unknown. but I think it's more than most think because it's "normal."

I'm impressed that no one flamed me yet in 24hrs. I'm disappointed.

Anyway, I know I'll think of more crazy stuff and list it here.

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 06:20 PM
I dont think this is the end of the world, just a major change, so yes its the end of this reality, but hopefully we will enter a better more awake and conciouss one. The mayan calender is not ending, per say, just merely rolling over like an odometer in a car. And we are all waking up. Its like knowledge is spreading like wild fire, not just in conventional means but telepathically as well. They did a study to see if knowledge was spread telepathically. Because we are all part of one organism and all connected. They gave the group crosswords. one that was new and one that was a day old and had already been solved in the new york times, of course they hadnt been exposed to the old one yet. But, The group had scored twenty percent higher on the old one than the new unsolved one.Its like once the answers are out there we all get them, thats why i think a mass awakening is ocurring. Ive seen a major change in people, People are thinking and questioning this society and government. Also the sun is going through a magnetic cycle which is affecting our weather and pineal glands(third eye) as well helping us transcend. Closed minded fools will not transcend when the time comes, only those who are awakening will make it through the transition. Hopefully the truth will come about aliens and our government as well. Aliens are highly awakened beings. I think they may be here to watch the transition, or maybe help us make it through. Or maybe they are from a different dimension and the more we transcend the more we can catch glimpses of them in their dimension. Well those are just some of my thoughts thanx for reading.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by 23Eulogy23

Well, thanks for replying. My theory is too far fetched for anyone to reply on. Of course it makes possible sense to me. But oh well. I like your post 23Eulogy. I see that happening as well. You can feel it.

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