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Reality: The Grand Illusion

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by derfred33

Well exactly. The absolute reality does exist.

Even if one agrees that reality is subjective, that renders reality absolutely subjective, and we by default all agree to this whether we do or not, because reality is thus said to be subjective! So our agreeance on the subject of subjectivity doesn't matter because that's what subjectivism explains and encourages! That means we are all entitled to our own perception of it. That means we all experience absolutely the same thing (subjectivism) and can experience it, but again not limited to experiencing it differently - by result of its very definition, that which allows for absolutely anything; differences, similarities and exactitudes: which in reality is exactly what it is when annexed!
(Hope that wasn't too much!)

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by TheBandit795

I know it isn't new in eastern religion. It's new within the western world view, although hints and indications where given here and there during history; Jesus describing the Kingdom of God being within us, for example.

I think that actually this idea is not so foreign to Westerners. In fact, I think it was hinted at in many of the ancient pagan religions as well. I tend to think that both pantheism and monotheism are simply two different views of the "fact" that we are all different eyes of the same divine consciousness, perceiving and thus experiencing reality in an infinite number of unique ways. The multiple gods are in fact the deification and personification of the various archetypes that we all share despite our differences - they all exist to varying degrees in each of us - and I see this as rather reinforcing the idea that 'we are all one' and that our consciousness has "divine" or "magickal" powers. Maybe I find it hard to believe that my will alone can manifest the perfect romance...but if I disassociate that part of me and see it as Eros intervening to help...

I would also suggest that much of the alchemical and Western ceremonial magickal traditions hint at the same concepts, albeit in veiled and dramatized ways. Of course, I must acknowledge that much of this tradition was to at least some extent inspired by mystic knowledge from Eastern and Middle Eastern traditions, as well as from the Western pagan and Christian views.

But it does seem that these previously esoteric ideas are becoming more mainstream. We saw it with spiritualism and Theosophy in the early 20th century, and then we had the New Age movement growing out of the 60s and gaining ground in the 80s, and nowadays we even have popularly commercialized versions via things like The Secret, What the Bleep, and a whole variety of mass-market "self help" books that more or less all teach the same things about reality and consciousness (of course each with a different spin to appeal to a different segment of the population.)

I will admit it disturbs me when I hear about a book featured on Oprah that, when my mom lends me a copy and I read it, I find that it reinforces much of what I have learned in my own "obscure" and "esoteric" research. But the optimist in me says maybe these things happen to slip through the cracks of the control machine because we are finally starting to wake up to the reality that for so many centuries has only been known to a select few of our ancestors.

At least that's how eye see it...maybe ewe sea it different!

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 09:51 PM
This is a nice video related to this subject, although at the end it becomes more conjecture than actual science.

Enjoy the Video!

Perception - The reality beyond matter

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 09:06 PM
This is what i think. If anyone has seen the youtube video called "mind over matter" you''l know what I'm talking about. Also, check the video out, it has an interesting theory to me that all makes sense.

This is what i think. Someone had mentioned something about consciousness has a key part in all of this. everything..

Anyway, if the string theory is correct, then everything is made up of energy..........and the universe is nothing but a huge energy field. ( Typing this, that human field in the movie 'the matrix' comes to mind lol ).

Everything we sense if just vibrations. The computer screen your looking just a vibration. If you cut off all your senses..the reality is the chair your sitting on is just a vibrating frequency.

Everything is energy. Thats why we get good/bad vibes from people.

Ok big energy field. Beyond our 5 senses that's all everything is is energy. ( if I'm not mistaken, energy can't be destroyed right? So in theory, when we die, our consciousness would still be alive )???.

The reason our universe is the way we see it...because we "percieved" it like that. If we didn't "believe" it to be this way, it wouldn't be. Conscious is everything.

Your gonna keep going deeper and deeper trying to find out the root of it all. You want to find out what an atom is made of, or an electron. You can basically divide everything into infinity.

You can divide a particle into infinity.

A particle doesn't have a speed and/or position unless it is observed, according to "the measurement problem" correct?. Which in theory, would mean we created our own universe......we made our universe look like this.
And we build it as we go along.

If we don't observe/measure an electron...its not there..just energy.

If I'm not mistaken, the video was saying something like, we see reality like it is because we "believe" it to be that way.

Anyway, if this is true, if we all "believed" there was a heaven or something, couldn't it just become true?

Nothing is there unless we observe it. Without us humans there is nothing...there is no universe..because there is no "consciousness" to observe it.

Can anyone comment on this? because i feel this is what the video is trying to say. But if all that is true, and i had a debate with an aimbuddy about this, that would mean the impossible would become.....the possible.

If you believe and "Expect" something to be there...its there.....does anyone realize what that means?

There were no atoms...until a couple of scientists....observed and "expected" something to be there. Its incredible if you think about it.

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