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Lucid dream experiences

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:57 AM
Hello all, i'm sure this topic may have come up before
but i would like to share some of my experiences and
hopefully gain some answers and hear your experiences too.
As an add on to this topic, i would like to know if you
believe we can be visited by our loved ones who have
passed away and if there's any connections with lucid
dreaming, as in do they make it real or lucid??
This is my first thread so i hope all goes well
and i have it in the right section. Here goes..

I have only had 3 lucid dreams. I first had a lucid dream
just before Christmas 07. At first i wasn't aware i was
dreaming, i was walking up my aunties garden path
(this aunty passed away 2 years ago in reality). She saw
me through the window and had the biggest smile,
she looked very young and healthy. I got in the house
and she gave me a massive cuddle. My cousin was playing
with a musical gadget of some sort on the floor,
he is 34 years old but looked very young, childlike.
This made me think inside my dream, i asked my aunty
what year it was and she said 1988. I was taken aback
when she said this, everything became reality, smells,
colours, touch, emotion etc etc.. i was fully aware i was dreaming.
I then told them it was 2007 and it was my dream.
They didn't believe me and i told my aunty that she had passed
away (which i felt awful about when i woke). I went into another
room where my other aunty and her daughter were
(first aunties sister). I told them that it was 2007 and all was
my dream. (looking back i wish i could have used the dream
and not keep pointing out that it was my dream) Anyway ..
all the time i'm trying to convince my second aunt it was my dream
and a different year her dog, a boxer, was all over me trying to
play .. i told my aunty that i would show my a*se
(something i wouldn't do in reality to my aunty .. and i do wish
i had thought of some other way of prooving it) the dream
was so real she almost convinced me it was 1988 thats until
i had finally had enough of her dog and "magically" made
another dog appear for him to play with .. they believed me then.
I went outside and my grandma was pulling up in a car driven
by my grandad who in reality died in 1988, my grandma also
looked a lot younger, she had her dress caught in the car door
as he began to drive away. I ran after him and he stopped,
pulled her dress out and shouted something, i didn't hear him,
then he gave a big wave and got back
in the car. .That was it really for that dream.
I hope i'm not going on too much. .

My second lucid dream was at the start of this year.
It was short and didn't really go anywhere so to speak
but the interesting bit is that i could do "magic" again.
I was in a bar with friends and there were candles everywhere.
I thought it would be funny to make the flame shoot up out
of the candle, i'd then be able to produce a lot of air to calm it..
that dream was sort of in and out of lucidity if that makes sense.

My third lucid dream was again in and out of being
lucid or i can't remember the ending. I had argued
with my uncle in the dream and I saw my aunt again
who had passed away and she was looking beautiful and smiling,
she cuddled me again then i realised i was dreaming again. This
one i felt had meaning due to something being discussed
the previous few days but i'm running out of space to go into it.
I saw other family members and i told them all it was my dream
(which is annoying when i wake)
It was so real i told them all a code word to tell me when they
saw me next, it felt like we were all dreaming together ..
this dream became dreamlike again soon after..
and they never gave me the word.

Ok so do you have a take on my dreams? have you had them?
can spirits visit us in sleep? can we induce lucid dreams
(i'm not religious btw)

I look forward to your responses .. take care people

Kind regards


posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:51 AM
Hi, good first thread and amazing dreams too...

Im guessing you might be quite young, your age doesnt bother me its just when I had my lucid dreams (only 2) I was in my teens or even younger. I just wondered if its the same for you.

Anyway to help you out, check out this thread by TLomon Study of Lucid Dreams

Hope it helps...



posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:06 AM
Hi JQ ..

I'll check out that thread .. thanks ..

I'm 33 years old and as you can tell by my thread its kind of new to me,
i really hope to have more of these dreams as i find
them fascinating and i want to learn how to induce and control them.

Regards ..



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