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"Amazing Prophecy Concerning Israel"

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posted on Dec, 27 2002 @ 04:07 PM
"Amazing Prophecy Concerning Israel"
Jim Bramlett writes (-Dec 19, 2002):-

A week or so ago I received from Bill Anderson in South Africa
some amazing prophecies from a rabbi in the year 1882
concerning Israel. They reportedly came from Barbara Richmond.

Before passing it on, I decided to check with Barbara for
confirmation. She asked that I wait until she got to Israel this
week and was able to double check the details of the story from
her source in Jerusalem.

Today I heard from Barbara in Jerusalem and there was only
one correction. I will put the correction in ALL-CAPS below
under "the SIXTH envelope."


... We had the privilege of sharing the pulpit with one of the
Lord's special daughters of Zion, Barbara Richmond.

She informed us about a recent revelation concerning a series
of prophetic letters that had been written by a very saintly Rabbi
before his death in 1882. The Rabbi had left seven sealed
envelopes with instructions that they were to be opened on the
dates indicated. The dates were given according to the Hebrew
calendar, but are here rendered for the western reader. He gave
these letters to his son. After a while his son died also. Then
they came into the hands of his grandson. An Orthodox woman
who is a friend of Barbara's gave her the following report
concerning these letters.

1. The FIRST envelope was opened on May 1,1948, and it read:

"The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in
the next few weeks, our ancient homeland will be restored to us
on the land given to our father Abraham by the Almighty."

[David ben Gurion read the declaration of the State of Israel on
May 14,1948.]

2. The SECOND envelope was opened on October 1,1956:

"The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in
eight days our people will cross the Sinai and come to the very
door of Egypt"...

[Between October 29 and November 1, 1956, Israel, under Gen
Moshe Dayan, using fast armored divisions, outflanked,
surrounded and routed the Egyptian forces in Gaza and the

3. The THIRD envelope was opened on May 14, 1967:

"The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that
within a month there will be a very quick war and Jerusalem
will once again be in our hands after nearly two thousand years"...

[In June Jordan attacks West Jerusalem. In the ensuing war
Israel takes possession of East Jerusalem, the "West Bank,"
Gaza, the Golan Heights and Sinai. On June 7, 1967, Israeli
Defense Force [IDF] troops entered Jerusalem through
St. Stephen's Gate. At 10:15 A.M. the Israeli flag was raised
over the Temple Mount and the Kotel (the Western Wall).
Jerusalem was reunited. This was known as "The Six Day War."]

4. The FOURTH envelope was opened on Rosh Hashana, 1973:

"The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that in
10 days there will be a devastating attack against us. We will
prevail by the Hand of the Almighty."...

[Israel was suddenly attacked ten days later, October 6, 1973
on the most holy day of the year, The Day of Atonement, from
all sides. The fighting was extremely severe. Israel lost more
than 2,500 soldiers. This war is known as 'The Yom Kippur War'].

5. The FIFTH envelope was opened on January 1, 1991:

"The Holy One of Israel, Blessed be He, has shown me that
very soon ancient Babylon will attack us once again." [The
Gulf war began on January 17, 1991]

6. The SIXTH envelope was opened on November 13, 2002:

"The Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, has shown me that
"VERY SOON" there will be a terrible war, but that this
war will lead us to the days of the Mashiach."

[November 13 is in the month of Kislev which lasts from
November 6 to December 5 (-the seventh day of Hannukah).]

7. The SEVENTH envelope is marked to be opened for
Passover 2003 (-April 17, 2003).

The below is copied from the 'Five Doves' site.
- Transcribed from Barbara Richmond's tape "The Book
and the Sword" - Nov 2002:

"A few months ago, I was in California as a guest of Rosemary
Schindler, Oscar Schindler's niece. She has a very good friend
who is a Spirit-filled Christian Arab lady who just so happens to
be related to some people in very high government positions in
Jordan - today's Jordan. We stayed at her home and she
brought out a great big notebook and she said, "I don't share this
with anyone unless the Lord allows me to, but I know that I'm
supposed to tell you and you have my permission to share this
as God leads you."

She said, "Years ago my great aunt, who was illiterate, just a
peasant farm woman in the country side in rural Jordan loved
God with all of her heart. She was filled with the Spirit in the
1920's. In 1933 my aunt had a series of visitations from the
Lord, she couldn't read the Bible, she couldn't write, but the
Lord appeared to her 7 times altogether over a period of
several weeks.

He spoke to her and she dictated to her son, who could write,
for him to write down what the Lord had spoken to her. The
Lord said to her on the 1st visitation, "In 15 years Israel will be
born again." 1933 + 15 years is 1948.

God is telling this to an Arab, a Christian Arab who loves God
and loves the Word. He told her a number of other things, and
I don't have the whole paper with me because I hadn't planned
on doing this. But I have enough of it up here in my head.

The thing that is most important that I want to get to, in light
of the prophecies from the Rabbi of 1882, is that the last
visitation that this Arab woman had in 1933, in Jordan, in the
Springtime. The very last thing the Lord said to her was,
"70 years from now all will be fulfilled." 70 years from the
Spring of 1933 is the Spring of 2003 - Passover is in the Spring.

Now time will tell if both this lady and the Rabbi are right..."

From: For Your Glory, Inc., P.O. Box 724, Woodland Park, Colorado.
Barbara Richmond's Web site -

[Edited on 28-12-2002 by Ycon]

posted on Dec, 27 2002 @ 05:44 PM
Have a site that I could check the validity of this?

posted on Dec, 27 2002 @ 05:55 PM
Yeah were did you get this information?

posted on Dec, 27 2002 @ 06:02 PM
What a post !

Do you have a link Ycon ?


posted on Dec, 27 2002 @ 06:37 PM
I was on another conspiracy site a while back and it claimed something bad would happen in early January. It wasn't so much disaster related, per se, but it was interesting. Now that January is approaching, I'm wondering if it will come true like another prediction (about September 11th) that it made. I'll believe it when I see it, but I am interested to see what comes about.

Wait a minute.. no, the prediction was for '05. Oh well
. I'm still curious about that link

[Edited on 28-12-2002 by Protector]

posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 01:02 AM

posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 02:37 AM
Youíll find all youíll ever want to know about this dreadful womanís never-ending succession of ìpropheciesî here:
Far be it from Estragon to suggest that the inspired one is a grasping charlatan whose one insight was into the financial rewards of ripping off gullible Jews and Christians at the same time: so look at a couple of sites and see what you think.

and as they say:

îThere is no charge to attend the event, but a love offering will be taken for Richmond's expensesî

Three cheers for ìlove offeringsî

posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 05:57 AM
Don't worry, Estragon, everyone here is smart enough to know that no one knows the day or hour except the Father, so nobody from this savvy board believes such things, right?

posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 10:18 AM
Absolutely so, Thomas- yet so many claim inspired insight into the New Testament where this point of yours is so plainly manifested.
Little children, beware of idols.

posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 06:42 PM

As someone on another board pointed out, High Holy Rabbi can predict events to within 2 weeks for the first five events, and then his Predict-O-Meter goes on the fritz and for the sixth one his prediction is "VERY SOON."

I got news for da Rabbity: It's been a month and a half and so far we've avoided the "terrible war." Did he forget to renew his subscription to MODERN PROPHET? Did he forget to pay for that phone line to the deity of his choice? Was his Calendar turned to the wrong page when he made that prediction?

The second one is a charming little glurge... but doesn't say what the "all" was that will be fulfilled. It could have been "all your goats will come home safely and your flocks will multiply." It could have referred to... anything.

My take on it? It's a setup. She can then come back and tie in stuff with Biblical verses and charm her flock out of more money with the announcement of the fulfilling of the prophecies.

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