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"The Message"

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:56 AM

I dunno what his hangup is with smokers though. I am a smoker & I don't have any problems with myself & I always go out of my way to help friends & even strangers if they are in need of it.

But because I Smoke, I'm a negative person that should be avoided?

Never heard such rot in my life!!!

His point was that smokers haven't realized that the body is a temple and the fullest evolvement of every being requires ultimate self love. Poisoning one's self is not self love. He didn't infer "badness" rather than ignorance and/or wrong thinking. Second hand smoke is a reality to non-smokers and their health. You cannot smoke and reach your fullest potential. Purity is the universal pathway to godliness. Our bodies are antennae to the unseen healing and knowledge energies. One needs to experience this "quality of life" before one truly understands it, but indeed it is real.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 12:16 PM
Well IMO the message is FACT but as to whom the narrator is which I think is just some guy, is not really relevant. The message is probably the purest truth you are going to hear.

I think the whole alien thing is a joke but I cant argue withe the rest of the message

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 12:39 PM
this sounds like Michael St Clair.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Moegli

I didn't necessarily pay attention to the fact that he claims to be a Pleiadan, I don't believe it nor do I dismiss it.

Can I suggest, with respect, that you have made a decision regarding the veracity of this speaker's claims?

The fact that you're defending his right to call himself an alien, regardless of his message is quite bizarre. On what do you base this choice to give him the benefit of the doubt? That he extolls a message that you find comforting? That is my point entirely! He is manipulating emotions, utilising a deep seated need to believe in a very real, very capable good. Can hyou honestly not see this?

I understood the message he is conveying but trying to take the information given forth by this individual based solely on the possibility that he actually is an Alien or a channeller is a direct contradiction to one of his quotes anyway, which was "an intelligent person would investigate before he makes an opinion".

I understood the message too. And I take exception to the inference that I have not investigated before taking an opinion. I have. For decades. And my opinion is based on logic,reality and the simple human ability to smell a rat.

Understanding that quote in the first place would have you not caring whether he is a channeller/alien or a regular person.


And of course we have to care!!


If we stop caring about who taints the study of the UFO phenomena with fancifull, unregulated claims then we may as well just hand the whole darn thing over to those who would bring the whole thing crashing down!

I am stunned that this kind of video can demand such loyalty.

Edit: angry fingers...

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Beamish

Are you saying that you don't agree with the point that the message is trying to get across? ignoring for a minute the claimed origin of the narrator.

Why would you be so stunned at ones loyalty to ones self and love?
Where would you rather loyalty be focused? HATE,ANGER, GREED, LIES etc any of these?
Why would you be angry?

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by Beamish
I watched the first video, but just couldn't bring myself to watch the second.

Many of the replies to the OP are in agreement with the video's message, and who can argue with such positive reactions? Well, I will, for one but for the following reasons.

The underlying significance of this message, IMO, is how it manipulates the listener with carefully orchestrated rhetoric designed to create a sense of greatness and import. Those who believe they really were listening to a Pleidian will come away from it with a good feeling. After hearing it they're beliefs will be justified. They’re hearing what they need to hear.
That's what the organisation behind the video, and I am assuming in has something to do with the Ashtar Galactic Command or the like, intend. It’s a hollow, cynical exercise in mind control.

In the fringe religions, this practice is called "love bombing"; the continued confirmation that a higher, external power really does love you, and your support of his church is not only important, but significant, too. It creates belonging, a sense of purpose, and is a conditioning that is incredibly hard to break.

Now, before I get flamed, I want to state that am not opposed to the message of love. Heck, it cannot be argued that we need more of it.

What I do object to is such a necessary and beautiful concept being bandied as a tool to draw in converts to a pseudo religion.

Unfortunately, these kinds of cults don't just have the message of peace to rely on. They've got a ready made history to use to back up their stories, and they exploit it to great advantage. There is no originality, nothing that even smacks of true alienness about their credo. It’s just the same dogma we’ve heard a thousand time given a digital-century revamp.

Well said my friend, exactely my thaughts that the message of love is good but not when being cast as a recruiting tool by a German cult leader who is no different than the negative governments or religions he speaks of, it's all about control and power, notice that a website pops up on screen at the end of the video... thats the first step in they're recruitment, to get you to link to they're website.

"BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING"!! Is what i say, the message (no matter how possitive sounding) is just a ploy.

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:35 PM
Whether you want to watch them or not and/or believe them or not, it's still a positive video. If just half the people on this planet were this positive, at least it would be balanced. I think it's a good post.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:49 PM
I like the message a lot and think what this person is saying is true, but I have to say the German kinda accent threw me off.

It seems some people feel they have to pose as an extra-terrestrial to gain attention to their message.

What have we become?

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 01:51 PM

Originally posted by gopher mines
I did a little photoshop work on the images of the video and got this..

Looks like a human sitting next to a poster of a spaceship flying past a planet to me...

Really well worked out!

That makes me skeptic. I mean come on. Why brightening an image/video up when you kow the first thing that people will do is working it 'back'. ?
It was the first thing that I did also before seeing your post. But your one is much better!

So I guess that work back was wanted for the purpose to see a planet and a spacecraft .. which all gives wight to a setup and a hoax.

Is it a poster? Probabily but I don't know. I think you would have to check the 'planet' over multiply frames to judge that better. It doesnt seems so stable to me. But I also see a kind of reflection, projection or whatever over the lower 2/3 of the planet includeing the spacecraft.. That rectangle region looks a little different. If there is a movement in that region than this might well be intentional also. Maybe done with a beamer.

just my thoughts seeing this.

Set up or not, it's at least something interesting again.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by ANTHONY33

Good grief...

Are you saying that you don't agree with the point that the message is trying to get across?

Here, I'll quote myself:


What's not to believe? It's a universal message of love identifiable by any caring soul, but it's nothing we haven't heard before.

That's my problem!

Why would an alien civilisation come here, assumably knowing that certain messages haven't worked in the past, and do the same darn thing?

Where's the hint at deeply felt research designed to dismiss previously held, unreachable ideals, the single undeniable sign that there is a truly advanced mind set behind these communictions? The one unique thought that will create that wonderfully ellusive, fundamental change to our tired intellectual struggle?

There isn't.

ignoring for a minute the claimed origin of the narrator.

You can't. Once said, it can't be ignored.

Why would you be so stunned at ones loyalty to ones self and love?
Where would you rather loyalty be focused? HATE,ANGER, GREED, LIES etc any of these?
Why would you be angry?

I can't keep on saying this.

It's getting repetitive and I'm getting tired.

You are accepting this message is coming from an alien.

If he's lying about this, then his message, whatever it contains, is redundant because if he can lie about his origins, then he can lie about why he's promoting a peace and love.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by g210b

I like the message but whole thing needs a little more cowbell.
Wait...i think I can make out a face...

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by Spaxz

Just my personal opinion...


Excellent find! I agree that this is an advanced Lighted entity that speaks the truth. Who is to say the German accent isn't because he's lived there for a while?

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 02:50 PM
Dear Beamish, it is nice to see someone take the otherside of this conversation. You remind me alot of my youngest brother when i talk to him about 9/11 and secret societies. You also both share the same trait, you don't want to look at "All" of the stuff presented to you. Whether it is true or not. Ignorance is bliss. I'm more talking about my brother there than you, but you did say you haven't watched the whole video.

Alaje say's that we are an experiment to them, to see if the light can survive in a negitive enviroment. On a smaller scale look at this thread and see if you can see the light and the darkness in peoples responses. He also say's that the experiment is coming to an end, what i believe to be linked to the Mayan Calendar.

As for the supposite website link, it is his e-mail address. I have written to him telling him that i have felt this way for awhile with a few new things in his message, and that i don't feel so alone with messages like that. All he wrote back was...

Hello karl,
> you are never alone.
> There are thousends on earth, but not on the same place.
> Some are awaked and some are still sleeping.
> There will be another video soon.
> Love and Light

To me this doesn't seem to be a cult leader, atleast far from it. Human or Alien he is doing a good cause, better than the ones who produce entertainment of hate and anger that Hollywood puts out. As for his accent does it really matter what it is, whether it be paki, german, english, ausie. When you point things out like that you just build on the negitivity and divide that we need to eliminate.

Thank you for all the posts, I hope Alaje message reaches out and changes this world for what it should be. Now if he tells me to meet up every Saturday, to donate money, or things like that. I'll laugh at him and walk away, but still continue what the message says to us and what i have been doing for months.

Love and Light

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Beamish

i never said that I believed that he was an alien.
Ok he is most lightly of this world and didn't take the best approach at getting the message across but the message is a good one. I don't see how this message is manipulation of people for a darker plan.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:19 PM
The claim being made is that the message is from an alien - a specific species. Nothing to attest to that claim has been offered.

Another question is, why do Aliens communicate through good old - and free - youtube? I am sure they have the technology or atleast the money to spread there message through more widespread mass media.

Lets put it on the 9'o clock news, no? If the experiment is going to end, why not tell the whole darn world? Wait ... there is always the chance that, through love, the experiment can continue just a little longer ... say till 2026 when the Ashtar command will come riding on their Comet ...

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:26 PM
I haven't read every post, so sorry for any repetition, but Christopher Walken is renound for his practical jokes - the name he gives, sounds like 'a liar' - and finally the vid was released on or shortly after April 1st.

Nice one Christopher
Dance on..

(It may be wise to point out that Mr Walken does not have the power of levitation - though he is a trained dancer)

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by Myrdyn

Acually he signed on to Youtube 3 weeks ago and posted the videos on April 16/08. That is just alittle off to be an april fools joke. Prank or not still a great message, nothing to lose by listening to it.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by 2believeor0

LOL, i'll be watching for the Ashtar Comet. lol. Those are some good questions, but we'll never know the why's to certain things unless it is necessary to know. It won't reach the mass media or any other outlet except the internet because of ridicule of our society, and the odd quack that makes any theory unbelievable. Also the "rich" of society would loss alot in a world that he describes, so why allow his message to go out through their media outlet.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by Beamish

No I don't find comfort nor is he manipulating me into believing he actually is otherworldly. But I'm also not going to dismiss the possibility that he is a channeler, which in my opinion is a very real phenomenon. He could be posing as an ET to garner attention, and he was successful at that if it was the case. Supernatural occurrence is not something I take lightly. I, for one, experience the 'paranormal' from time to time and they do nothing but give me knowledge and understanding.

Matter of fact, there is a meditation in which one can actually make contact with ET and maintain that connection. One example I believe is James Gilliland, he participates in group meditations that focus their intent on making immediate contact and strangely, ships appear in more frequency around Mt. Adams and in the meantime James is talking to a Pleiadan.

I guess it all comes down to experience. Reality is not as it may seem.

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Spaxz

Spaxz.. if you you check out the Multiversum777 source via the Youtube vid site, you'll see that it was released on April 1st.

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