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Bring back the Electric Car

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Now more than ever we need the electric car. Yet there is no mention of the solution to our current energy crisis in the media. All the media wants to focus on is alternate costly solutions that wont work.

Biofuels certainly arent the answer. Theyre extremely harmful to the engine. Theyre causing worldwide food shortages.

Hydrogen isnt the answer. its expensive to implement and would require a complete overhaul of the multi-trillion dollar infastructure to work on a mass scale.

Hybrids arent the solution. In fact I would suggest hybrids are merely an attempt by big oil to divert attention from electric cars.

The only solution is the electric car. Its quiet and efficient. And with the new battery technology one can easily travel 300+ miles on a single charge. Factor in that the car can be charged by a solar power generator (easily installed in your garage roof) and we're talking 100% energy FREE car with ZERO emissions.

However there are major problems with the electric car…

1. it doesnt break down and need maintenance like internal combustion engines. This is a major concern of the auto industry as they need your car to fall apart to make money.

2. it doesnt require you to forcably visit their slave err gas stations. This means they dont control you anymore. total freedom.

3. big oil would lose billions and billions of dollars in profits

4. the govt would lose billions in tax revenue they make off the gasoline tax.

So in a nutshell, we’re screwed. The solution has always been available, but a corrupt govt and sleazy corporate interests prevent us from ever seeing it

Here is a great documentary film on the electric car and how big oil killed it...

Another article talking about the possibility of $10 per gallon of gasoline this summer...

I doubt even the naysayers can deny the evidence proving big oil's worldwide conspiracy in this matter. The question is will something be done to bring back the electric car ?

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