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YouTube video raises concerns about Bragg barracks

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by verylowfrequency
Well, I agree that this is despicable and they do deserve better. Somebody either doesn't care or just dropped the ball.

Kudos to the father who stood up and made an issue of it.

However the toilet seat and some of the paint issues are really not that bad.

A toilet seat can be purchased for $5-20 at any home improvement store and takes 5 minutes to replace. Fix the Damn thing and submit the receipt. They spent more effort cutting cardboard and wrapping electrical tape than it would have taken to do it right.

The open plumbing can be capped off with a couple dollar caps. Rent a high powered snake for the weekend and clear out the drains. Unless they're completely collapsed, that should do the trick till they find other housing for them.

One weekend of scraping and another of painting. I'm sure they can get the Army to cough up some paint - I know the Navy would.

As far as comparing their living quarters with convicts - well I guarantee you convicts can't go to Walmart or Home Depot to buy $5 replacement toilet seat besides I think most institutional toilets are one piece without seats otherwise they'd become weapons.

Unfortunately the big boyz running the show don't see Army dogs that much further up the food chain than the cons as both are slaves, one just gets paid has more respect and gets leave every once an awhile.

Sad yeah, a travesty?? that's pushing it.

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Nearly noone was even living in the building while these troops were deployed therefore noone was there to make such repairs (although I see your point). It's a little late now to be making a bunch of repairs and upgrades because the building is probably already condemned since the congressmen payed a visit after the youtube video made national headlines. The brand new dorms are already built so these guys really aren't going to have that hard a time NOW and really doing any kind of upgrades is really too little too late. I imagine this building will be demolished especially in the condition it's in.

If it has lead paint it may even have asbestos or anything else we aren't hearing about (especially since the building was built in 1942 ROFL)... Just saying..


posted on May, 5 2008 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by seenitall

My grandfather almost lost his feet because he didn't get to take his boots of for seven and a half months after landing on Omaha. He finally got pulled out at the Hurtgen Forest, due to the artillery shell that had his name with a Purple Heart on it.

EDIT to add: He made me swear that I would never join the Army, so I signed up for the Navy. My brother went in the Army instead.

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