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another warning

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:30 AM
I know this is just a web site, and I have warned before on here and it has come true as well with evidence.
I would like to warn again. Here it as much as I can remember, it is yet again another tsunami, this time, I controlled it. I was on top of this grassy sand hill. Below was people, there was rides on my right like roll coasters. I was talking to this man, I was telling him by my will I can ask earth at anytime to destroy everyone. So, he denied me, I told him i was Jesus Christ, no one obviously believed me. I told him my name, Andrew Paul Joseph Clark, Apocalyptic Jesus Christ. I cant be bothered to go in to the all the other "consequences" with me at moment. Anyways, he denied me, so i told the earth to make the sea rise, so i did and drowned all the people below on the sand. Then he still was not convenience. So, i told everyone to go behind this building at the back of the hill were the start of the rides began, i told the sea to rise again it crushed all the rides down tot he bottom including the trains. I kept telling people. All my dreams come true, so i am giving this warning.

There will be a tsunami were there are roll coasters, but it is in the west of the world.

I am in north england, so i could be blackpool or scarborough on my end or it could be miami on america, i don't know much about america so am going to guess Miami.

You have been warned.


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