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Committee OKs bill to limit Down Syndrome ‘genocide’

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 05:01 AM

A Senate committee has passed legislation that could serve to reduce the killing of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome or other conditions.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee approved the Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act, S. 1810, by unanimous consent Feb. 27.

The measure seeks to address the lack of information and support reportedly given to parents whose unborn children are diagnosed with conditions such as Down Syndrome.

It has been estimated about 90 percent of American children diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome are aborted. A similar abortion percentage exists for unborn babies diagnosed with spina bifida, cystic fibrosis and dwarfism, according to the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Sam Brownback, R.-Kan.

“The effect of our abortion policy at this moment is that we are in the midst of a genocide of children with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy and other in utero genetic conditions that medical analysis can detect,” Brownback said in a commentary published in The Wichita Eagle in July, when he introduced the bill. “If we think there’s a chance the child may have a disability, too often he or she is killed in the womb, and the system seems to push it.”

Children with DS can vary greatly in how much it affects a child, and parent(s). There's a big difference between severe DS and mild DS.

To simply abort 90% of them does no justice to their human potential or to the compassion of our society.

Our government wastes off all kinds of money via the Pentagon, the bank bailouts, and, the endless porkbarreling. So there is money.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 08:20 PM
That is the most disturbing thing I have ever read. Everyone has their own views on abortion, BUT to kill a child just because they have somekind of birthdefect is just downright evil. I hope that everyday those parents feel guilty for murdering their own children just because they aren't "normal".

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