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Attention ATS! Know The Hidden Meanings Behind the Laws in America, Before it is Too Late!

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 06:42 PM
I hope you're not moving too quickly...Because if you're going to be giving up all of your government benefits, you'll need to be certain to take responsibility for your own well-being. This is where most people have screwed up their lives in the first place, by begging the government to do all of that for them.

If you should, for example, need medical help for accident or illness, you'll have to foot the bill all by yourself. Real freedom also requires an equal amount of responsibility because the government's no longer responsible for you.

However, the main benefits are this:
You can only be brought to trial in an Article III Court: You can lawfully deny the jurisdiction of any other court, except as it concerns any further contracts you get into: But as long as you include the phrase "All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice UCC 1-207" next to your signature, you can also demand an Article III Court trial even for those contracts.

But even then, an Article III Court can only try your for crimes that involve your violations against the Natural Rights of other people (ie: causing harm to people or property or disturbing the peace), or if it concerns a contract that I just described in the previous paragraph. An Article III Court will uphold Statutory Law, but only as a lesser Law compared to Constitutional Law.

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posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 07:40 PM
I thought about this. I am probably going to do everything except the Recession Affidavit. After 30 days, I can do it if there are no rebutting affidavits against mine. Which even in my Recession, I still retain the right to invoke the rights if necessary, but upon my own choosing when dealing with commerce. But atleast with everything else, I will have separated my flesh from the my fictional identity, still allowing me to request proof of jurisdiction over my flesh if the need arise.

I am not on any benefits from the government right now aside from a revoked license (no DUI or anything illegal), and a SS#. But I guess they don't send out cards for this allowing you to notify of who you are, and what you are not...Like a list of what you have separated yourself from. I am probably going to make a list up and keep in my wallet. I really guess the only "proof" I will have will be unofficial copies of what I have sent out an filed, with the information as to where the originals are filed with a notary seal...this way anyone/thing can check if they want.

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 08:20 PM

Originally posted by Taledus
...Like a list of what you have separated yourself from. I am probably going to make a list up and keep in my wallet.

A little common sense & a lot of study in the difference between Common (Constitutional) Law & Statutory Law goes a long ways...That 96-page PDF file I linked earlier is easier to digest with multiple readings so you can Remember Who You Are. Once you've got that straightened out, it'll get easier as time goes on.

It also helps to remember that no territory can even become a State until they develop a State Constitution of their own...And that State & Federal Constitutions cannot be written so as to conflict with each other.

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posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:30 AM
As someone with a law degree, I am saddened to see all the horrible and blatantly wrong "legal advice" given out here. There is so much disinformation in this thread it amazes me. There are no "magical words" which exist to remove yourself from the jurisdiction of any court, YOUR NAME IN CAPS has nothing do with you being property..its just is amazing what people will believe.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Very interesting!

Taledus - can't wait to hear how it goes. Be sure to keep us informed on your progress. Good luck!!!

MD - as always, your info is outstanding! Question - do I have to do anything different if I was born in one state and reside in another?


posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by CAP811

Nope! You may have started as a Natural Born Citizen of one State, but after you've been living in a new State for 1 year or more, you're a Citizen of the new State. At least, I think it's 1 year...That's pretty standard because the Constitution contains a clause covering the idea of "each State to honor all others," in Article 4, it looks like Section 2 covers a "change in address" between States.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 07:08 PM
link I invalidate my birth certificate and obtain a Record of Live Birth from the state where I was born. Then, I use this to establish myself as a Citizen of the new state.


p.s. love the quotes from Bowan (follow the Knight's Code) and Wonko!

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Just got home and checked. I don't have a current copy of my birth certificate - instead I have a "Notification of Birth" which certifies that a Birth Certificate was filed for me with the Commonweallth of Pennsylvania. The notification was filled out by hand, only the first letters of my name are in uppercase, and my parents signed as Mother and Father.

Looks like they went out of their way to delude my parents. I'm going to contact the Records Dept and get a copy of the actual certificate. Then we'll see what we have.

Anyone else out there from Penn who has an actual BC?

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by sizzle

thanks for sharing this...

it's only going to get worse unless we do something about it...

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:08 PM
I doubt it will happen for me. My other and I were talking about the whole deal, and she reminded me about how small of a town we live in, and exactly how many people know me by name and face. Being unable to move anywhere ATM, I guess I am just stuck with my current situation.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 09:19 PM
In line with the idea of separating oneself from an SSN, It should be noted that it may not be easy & may even take some time to succeed. Legally speaking they cannot delete or erase the SSN itself...But they can & will delete all of your info that's tied to the SSN: Apparently, they know that there's always going to be some other sucker coming around that they can assign it to.

I've dug up some more info about the laws & how they effect the transition from federal citizen to Sovereign Citizen. It's also mentioned at the link that, each step along the way, they are likely to try badgering you to keep your SSN or strongly suggest that you apply for an SSN in the future...They'll even try to give you "warnings," such as "You can't claim Tax Credits for your children if they don't have SSN's."--At least this much is true, though.
Go figure!

If you stick to your guns & know the laws that specify that only immigrant aliens are required to have an SSN, then I pray for your path to go smoothly & quickly...I'm sure I don't need to warn anyone how slowly a bureaucracy is.

Your Rights & SSN's.

Also, it is possible to obtain a bank account (with or without interest-bearing qualities) without giving them your SSN...In the case of an interest-bearing account, the bank must file how much they've paid out as account interest, but they don't have to have an SSN to do so: They can use an officially-recognized substitute number in their reports.

As it's against the law for anyone (including government agents!) to demand your SSN. If, by this time, you don't have an SSN, banks cannot refuse to let you open an account anyway...Especially since you can file charges against them for discrimination if they continue to refuse. In general though, no one (except immigrant aliens) is required to have an SSN.

Also, here's a bit of info about the linkage between the IRS (specifically)/federal government (generally) & your use of zip codes whenever you send or receive mail (don't accept mail that has your zip code: the bottom of the page (in the next link below) shows a sample letter you can send back to them)...For one thing, the IRS uses zip codes as their "tax jurisdiction" numbers & can use that as prima facie evidence that you've consented to become a "taxpayer." For another, the Postal Service & the federal government cannot sanction you in any way for your refusing to use zip codes...Its use is voluntary! It's all laid out in the Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403, (Public Law 91-375).

In a nutshell though, you should always spell out the name of your State (instead of using any abbreviation) & include: zip code exempt (DMM 122.32) in lieu of a zip code.

If you feel like getting a little philosophical, right here is a dissertation about what real law is all about & the kind of people that use law-making powers against everybody else. Once understood in the basic context, it may be easier for you to make the distinction between Natural Law & Statutory Law if you're confronted with something that seems a bit obscure.

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 01:58 AM
I just wanted to post this link because we have been discussing what they do to our kids in this thread also.

Now they want to strap ankle braclets on kids that skip school to track them like criminals ! I doubt this is even legal. What the hell is this country coming to ?! e=1#pid4882952

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by chise61

Once again this is an example of how agreeing to enter into a statute by your right of contract removes rights by changing who you are.

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by sizzle
Reflection time:
From what we have just read in the preceding posts; we are slaves, in debt to this nation. We do not own anything that we thought that we did. More or less, we are just renting the use of it.
Considering all the talk of our National Debt and our Bankrupt Government; In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, we could lose everything to settle this nation's debt.
Ever think of that? We may be forced to work without pay. Instead of just surrendering a piece of our checks to the guv, they could take it all.

Sad thing is that I already knew this. I have known it for many years. I just always thought that it was fine because I was a 'Patriot' of this nation that I love. Well, with the state that things are in now with all of the debt (most of it owned by other nations), I begin to see the very REAL danger that I have so nonchalantly ignored in the name of 'patriotism'. I always knew that I would never actually own the house and land that I purchased. It can be seized at any time by the government for any valid reason given. Pretty much meaning that they can come up with any reason off the wall and state that it is valid. I also know that a 'driver's license' is for corporate use.

We had to do our final thesis paper for our MBA on a documentary called "The Corporation" where much of the laws in here are covered. It's pretty disturbing when you come to think that originally a corporation was supposed to be allowed to exist for only 7 years. After that it was to be sold off and the cash split among all shareholders per what they owned. Then BIG money truly took over and now it is the corporation that runs the country and virtually the world. What is behind them? Big banks. That is where the power lay.

What can anyone truly do about this? It is indeed law now and we have been forced into slavery of a kind. The problem is, these people who have worked so hard to have this type of system put in place will think that simply because 'they say' it is law that they will now have to work for nothing to pay off their debt are in for one HELL of a shock when they try it. People throughout history have shown their dislike for being manipulated and forced into slavery. Sure, it will be quiet at first and a story here and there will get out and the masses will continue to ignore it. But when the big plan gets put into place and the larger parts of the nation are forced to work as such we will see a MAJOR uprising and the destruction of this corrupt system.

Problem is it probably won't happen in my lifetime. I fear for my children and have worked my rear off to encourage them to completely avoid ALL credit. They will never have to pay a penny towards a loan for school.

Another problem is that they can be held liable for our debt. Which is a crime.

It won't change until enough people are affected by it. The bulk of this country and planet refuse to believe any of these laws to be fact. As I'm sure I will see in some of the following posts. People don't like the reality of how the world is. They like their own government warped reality.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by dariousg
I fear for my children and have worked my rear off to encourage them to completely avoid ALL credit. They will never have to pay a penny towards a loan for school.

Another problem is that they can be held liable for our debt. Which is a crime.

A crime committed by constructive fraud. Earlier in this thread is some info & links that can help guide you to voiding the contracts for your children concerning the Birth Certificate & Social Security contracts: These can be voided by the UCC clauses that deal with remedy & recourse (UCC 1-203 & UCC 1-207) because those contracts were entered under misrepresentation & non-disclosure of the full terms & conditions. Let's face the truth...Did you & their mother know any truth about those contracts when you first signed? Non-Disclosure. Was the hospital staff properly trained & commissioned to act as valid representatives for presenting those contracts to you? Misrepresentation.

If done properly & legally, your children will never have to be obligated to the federal deficit, pay income taxes (under most circumstances) & be largely immune to Statutory Law, instead being able to invoke Constitutional defense of their Rights in an Article 3 (Common Law) court.

I must emphasize that it's still your responsibility to get expert legal advice & step through the processes properly...In short, don't simply take my word for it & bulldoze through anything on your way. The best time to do this tremendous favor for your kids is before they reach the age of majority...From that point, they will be responsible for learning & doing it for themselves, although you can still help to teach them what you learn. You should also find out what it takes to get a claim of Allodial Title for some land (held in "fee simple") & obtain a Land Patent because that's the strongest legal claim in existence...And you can heir it to your kids. This should largely protect them from the government's "eminent domain" practices. They also won't ever pay property taxes or need any building permits in order to construct anything there.

In short, the best you can do for your kids is protect them from the government taking their money & property away through taxation...I believe your kids can do so much more with their money than giving it to a wastrel government.

Should you succeed, all above board & legal, your kids will thank you eternally. That's enough to warm any parent's heart.

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 10:14 PM
I've recently found something a bit better than actually "voiding" the corporate fiction Strawman, through the earlier suggested means of the UCC by "non-disclosure." It may just be better to take complete control over it! It still takes an affidavit that details your knowledge of the "separation" between you & it, still states your intentions with that knowledge & offers a time period to file rebuttals from agents/agencies...But follow through a bit more after you've gotten all of the rebuttals taken care of: Apply for Power of Attorney over it & get it Copyrighted!

This way, if any agent or corporate "authority" of any kind tries to file any Liens/Levies or make profit/gain through your Strawman, you can bring suit for copyright infringement and/or bring civil suit if they try to violate its Civil Rights in any way...While you can just stand aside & act as its "legal representative."

I haven't found any advantage yet for keeping the SSN (or for Canadians, the SIN) contract open yet...But I may find something if I keep researching & thinking. Still, if you have the Copyright & Power of Attorney over the Strawman, somebody may come up with something..."creative."

Oh, lest I forget...I found some info about how Admiralty jurisdiction works in court. I'll be posting it over here (page 4) shortly, as that thread specifies Admiralty Jurisdiction as its topic. I still have to compose the post for that thread, but I hope it won't take too long.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

why do wars seem to start for no apparent reason-quote from a world leader-[ there is great profit in war.] example the us economy is falling apart -good ole j.w. starts a war men go to fight and die so that others can continue to fill their shoes [more cannon fodder] while here in the homeland there are all kinds of empty jobs to fill with more opening up everytime another one of our soldiers dies .
according to our so called leaders our men are fighting for our rights,freedoms ,family ,country and god by their own words.have you read these posts here because we don`t have any of the afore mentioned things left,it seems that our soldiers died for nothing -no disrespect for the fallen brothers any where in the world-the distain and disrespect is aimed at the leaders and their mindless minions.
now here are some interesting facts to be checked out.
1- we were all told that the meek and the mild would rule the world some day,don`t bet on it, as it was the catholic church which told the knights that as long as they fought for the church and protected jeruselem that their sin of murder would be forgiven.reminds me of the hue and cry of our governments are still spouting off to the people. this was on the history channel about the knights templer.
2- what group of insane people are trying to play the part of god here in this world,[ the united nations] query what is their creed and objectives does any one really know.there are 5 permanent seats within this body of madmen who claim to have the worlds best interests at heart-liars- these 5 seats are held by-
the united states of america,china,russia,france and one other nation-what exactly are these nations- THE BIGGEST ARMS DEALERS IN THE WORLD.peace on earth and good will to all men is such a pipe dream which will never come to be or to pass -here on this site we try to fight ignorance and yet it doesn`t seen to go farther than our little circle,if you doubt it take a good look at all the brainwashed zombies you all see walking around us-they remind me of the carnival arcade shooting game shoot it and it stops and goes the other way ony to get shot again to continue to repeat this action over and over again.blind mindless following little fools and they consider themselves to be intelligent -that is something that the whole human race seems to be lacking along with common sense and knowledge.
glory to the world of man and their infinate stupidity-if we cant fix it ,accept it , or destroy it along with our selves .

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by picrat

Don't be too hard on the masses of people that haven't woken up yet...This constructive fraud has been going on in America at least since the advent of the Civil War. It took 4-5 generations for it to get this bad, but more people are waking up every day.

Threads here in ATS are noting that several states are also starting to crack down on the Feds & not buckle under to their interference. By the Supreme Law of the Land, the states have Sovereign Rights over the feds (while the People still have Sovereign Rights over the states) & the states are beginning to realize it. For example, most people here on ATS have started hearing about, a year or 2 ago, how Governor Schwarzenegger (of California) has started to make the state "go green?" One of his constituents asked him if they should go ask the federal government about this. Typical Arnold-style, he replied that, "we don't need the feds for this."

Just spread the truth to those you know...Even if 10 refuse to listen, that 11th one who does wake up & starts on the path to self-education will be worth it, because they'll tell others about what they learn too. With even a modicum of good luck & with the numbers of the younger people already becoming aware, the generation just growing up now are the best hope. Remember Ron Paul's campaign? He's given up on the President's Office, but he's continuing with the Revolution for Truth & the Constitution...And his following consists of many older adults as well as the younger generation too. With even a modicum of good luck, the word of truth may still spot some huge victories in just a few years. I just hope we have that much time before the government goes completely insane.

Something else that may be useful...You may someday have IRS problems should they file a Notice of Lien on your property? The trick is that they'll try to trick you into into tax court, by suggesting you Petition the court for a case: Tax Court is an Administrative Court & likely to have no jury (The IRS' federal citizenship/officer status is defined by the 14th Amendment, not the Constitution/Bill of Rights). The average odds of your winning there are roughly 12%.

In any event, whatever they say, never do what the IRS tells you to do about the case. If you do what they suggest, the IRS becomes "defendant," you become "plaintiff" & the burden of proof rests with you: They can stand on the 5th Amendment so you can't use any of their records against them. You see, the IRS isn't violating any of your Rights because they're not "attacking" you...They're attacking the Right of Ownership on the Property! In turn, you can't "attack" the IRS, but you can attack their procedures and/or their jurisdiction. They can't follow the Due Process fully without actually violating your Rights...But if you can't find proof that they've already violated them, then you'll lose the case.

Tricky situation in any event, because your best bet is to either skip Tax Court & move it to a District Court (where you get out of Administrative Court) or simply appeal the Tax Court case to District Court. In your "plaintiff case" you'll have to provide proof of their guilt, but you can do the running around to certain Records Offices (there are only a few specific places where the records must be found--If they even exist) & use knowledge of certain Due Process Law Procedures with your collected records to prove your case...More details at a long read here.

To make that long story a bit shorter, if the IRS only served a Notice of Lien but already took your property, you produce Certificates of Search in the various Records Offices to show that a Notice of Lien is not the same as a Lien, proving that the IRS had not followed Due Process & seized the property before satisfying Due Process...They lose the case!

If they have filed an actual Lien & took your property, then first establish with the Court that it's operating under Admiralty Jurisdiction.Once that's determined, then show Certificates of Records Searches that there are no International Maritime Contracts of which you are a party. The IRS over-stepped Admiralty Jurisdiction & they lose the case!

As icing on the, may even issue a (polite) Court Motion that the IRS agents (& all other IRS superiors of the agents who put them up to it) be fired (impeached) from their jobs & face lawsuit (preferably in an Article 3 Court) for violating Due Process against you (a Constitutional Tort)...In which case you may even see them fined, jailed & maybe even get some of their money in restitution!

Hey, if the IRS is willing to hammer you hard, you just got to show them a bigger hammer...Knowledge is Power! Get Educated!

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by sizzle

There are now over 60 million of these so-called laws on the books. Keep in mind "ignorance of the law is no excuse" Everyone must be guilty of something. The more so-called laws, the more revenue generated.
Prior to bankruptcy of 1933 "Public Law"
Now the so-called courts administer "Public Policy" through the "Uniform Commercial Code" (instituted in 1967)

Good point sizzle.
This is how our economy is being deconstructed. International economic terrorism has been alive and well lately and our economy is on the brink of insolvancy from what was financially engineered to happen.
After the dotcom crash which caused the stock market to implode in 1999, which was designed by the international bankers to do so...the banksters were able to buy up our corporate assets for pennies on the dollar. The same families became filthy rich from the Great Depression of 29.
There was a real estate boom from 1999 to 2006 designed to grow the economy an stabilize the stock market and international bank settlements while at the same time these international bankers (fed reserve private bankers) were offering a seductive 2% Federal funds rate to encourage banks to borrow money from the Fed to pump money into the economy to save the stock market or so 'we' were to suppose. The Fed Reserve was flooding our economy with dollars thus hyperinflating the dollar for the purpose of weakening the dollar so our wealth diminishes in 'real value' while their wealth increases since inflation is a tax on the people and a windfall of profits to the bankers.
Without writing a book here, my point is:
The international bankers (Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefellers) call the shots in the world and are leading influences within the Bilderberg Group of whom run the world economy and most of its politicians. These same people operate/own the The World Bank and the IMF (international monetary fund) of which controls the flows of funds around the globe. They also run and own the International Bank for International Settlements of where most of your income tax revenue goes.
YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD...INSIST THAT THE BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS IS AUDITED for the past 8 years of crimes and the results are available for full public disclosure for all the world to see via internet posting to a non restricted domain name address available without censure. Some countries would censor the domain though through word of mouth and email, the news would spread like a virus with no cure.
What would result would be a true Revolution among mankind.
This revolution is going to take place soon anyhow so I don't see any point in procrastinating it.
If you are a protestor type....I can't think of a better cause...can you? Doesn't most of the worlds problems come from this corrupt system? This is enough to keep you up all night assuming your aware of the possible outcomes.
Once man is free, an independent thinker with access to truth, not media disinformation and false flag ops., he can no longer be controlled. This is happening in America and the powers that be feel quite vulnerable. As long as they are honest representatives voted in by the people and truely serve the people as their oath of office demands, they have nothing to worry about. The people will protect them. It's going to be alot more difficult from here forward for criminal, fraudulant activity to go on much longer here in America without notice or punishment. Most of the executives of the largest corporations in the world have quit the game. They've retired though not just for the reason above but more importantly what is to transpire before Feb. 2009. Google it and maybe you'll get lucky though I don't want to go there.
Just become as self sufficient as you can from here forward and never let em take your guns, badge or no badge..its your fundamental right to defend yourself if necessary.

The Omega Society are frequently used as counselers, planners, strategists etc. though I can't blame them since they are certified geniuses with an IQ in the 99.999999 percentile. These guys a treated like gold though are pledged to silence once they are involved with govt. entities so don't expect any 'revelations' from them. They're probably scared for their life when they notice they have Secret Service tailing or 'protecting' them.
We have the CFR (council on foreign relations) as a brainstorming session among nations and dealmaking as well with or without the publics consent of course.
So this is the current power stuctures to be in this day...yawn.
I'm not impressed with the results..are you?
Throughout history there have always been the powerful, the rich, the 'elite' of whom controlled their prospective domain/s.
The problem with this system is it doesn't work anymore.
I'm not sure if the Big Boys are paying attention but I'm pretty sure they're getting really nervous.
Most know trouble is brewing but can't put their finger on it. People are nervous these days...know what I mean? They have good reason.

The media is no longer 'controlled' since the advent of the internet (of which used to be owned exclusively by the govt. for secret service, cia communications and other administrative functions).

This changes everything from who we chose to elect, support, listen to, get our news from, communicate with whats left of free speech.
In the future, the internet will be seen as the catalyst that slayed the dragons.
Protect the right to free speech and access on the internet or your children may grow up as they had planned all along.
They say ignorance is bliss.
Enlightenment is freedom.
We can chose to 'enlighten' ourselves with truths as we know/discover them though if we accept what the 'authorites' tell us at face value we can only blame ourselves. I'm not saying that, I'm implying that 'their' thinking it.
Didn't mean to ramble on here though you know how one thing leads to 'another'.
Let's give on last 'salute' to Ron Paul. Poor fellow never had a chance.
Stick around. There's alot more 'change' to come. The word 'Change' has been floating around at the conventions and are more true than people realize.
Stay informed and stay free.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by picrat

"..........good look at all the brainwashed zombies you all see walking around us-they remind me of the carnival arcade shooting game shoot it and it stops and goes the other way ony to get shot again to continue to repeat this action over and over again.blind mindless following little fools and they consider themselves to be intelligent -that is something that the whole human race seems to be lacking along with common sense and knowledge.
glory to the world of man and their infinate stupidity-if we cant fix it ,accept it , or destroy it along with our selves ."

LOL, you actually made me laugh outloud with the carnival episode.
The problem is most people are too busy going to work and raise a family o have much time to reflect on whats been really going on though they're catching up due to the internet freedoms of which are now in away on that one. The current televised media still has alot of disclosure issues in the true meaning of their messages. The media in general is still owned and operated by the same conglomerate. People just have to realize that when they watch something on television that doesn't vibe with them...research the speaker of the message online so you may know who they are working for/representing and their past affilations/controversies. If the person doesn't check out....tune em out and move on. The ratings will take care of the rest. Our selective consciousness will prevail in whom we choose to watch on tv and the networks will have to adjust or go broke trying.

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