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New way to get paid w/ all due respect/obligation on mind

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:14 PM
If you have to get to and from a place you're being a constumer to, then with all due respect/obligation you should be paid by the place you're being a customer to for doing so. You should be paid in some way towards the gas it takes to get to and from there to just the shortest distance, whether or not you take the shortest distance or even make other stops at other places along the way to and from. And it should work for one visit per place per day per costumer.

Yes, you, the consumer (once it's somehow certified you paid for something or a service at a place), should be paid for the effort to travel by the estimated gas it takes to get to and from there. For all you know you could have been killed on the way to and from a place. Shouldn't places that get consumers feel obligated to pay you because of such the possibility you face in this dangerous world? (And I bet many of you got more stories than the highway patrol to tell about something bad that happened going to or coming from a place you for some reason had to be a costumer to.)

If every place of business did it it would be as a way to make or save money, depending on how you look at it and how you can reap the acredited money value through discount or pay out. Yes, you should be able to get it in cash, too, if you'd request that just incase you want to use the money directly for gas or to pay for something at another place.

It all can start by them giving you discounts or pay outs upon after paying for something in the next time you visit. Like the benefits you can get with frequent flyier miles, but better.

One way to make this 'all due respect' obligation thing work is you would have to register your current, permanant, verifiable home location and automobile through a middleman agency...recieve a readable picture ID card so you can get your discount or money that's calculated by the gas it takes your particular automobile to use in the shortest distance in route to and from.

It's as you scratch my back, I scratch your's with the places you're being a costumer to.

How many of you like this idea? Would you want it put into being legally required of all places you are a costumer to for if and when you choose to register for the particular ID so to participate in recieving warranted discounts or pay outs?

And it shouldnt matter if you happen to use another automobile that uses up more or less gas you didnt register yet.

The driver who is the ID card barer with a family or friends might want to be the one to pay for something even if it's actually a family member or a friend paying through you. That's so you can reap the money value that the family member or friend should feel obligated to ensure you get since you bothered to take them with you.

Think of all the times you got something defective...and didnt find out till you got home... You know you have to go all the way back to the place for an exchange or refund... Does it feel right that you have to even use up 'already paid for' gas or pay for extra gas to the traveling aspect which is required to get the refund or do an exchange? Don't you see that the place you are a costumer to should be obligated legally, if not feeling obligated morally, to pay you in some way for having to do the whole to and from thing?

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:15 PM
Think of the gas prices...the automobile insurrance...etc... The places of busniess already knew you had to pay those things off to get to them. The least they can do is pay you in somehow for even bothering to visit them and be a custumer with those things you're paying for just to do so. In part, every place you're a costumer to has you in part as a worker since you could get hurt (yes, shouldnt who seduces you to come pay for something at any of their locations feel some responsiblity about you getting to and from their place? Obviously it's in them when telling you driving instructions on how to get there.) and since they dont provide transprotation to and from their place by paid empolyees. It would take a lot more money to pay off direct employees and take a lot less money to pay their consumers off for coming to and going from their place of business.

Besides, if places ppl are costumers to, that take transporation to get to and from, truely like their costumers they should agree to want to pay you in some wise way. Not all places of business have deals on all items or services.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:54 AM

By the way, the system that reads the ID card should read for the registered automobile's gas guzzled to the shortest distance to and from the closest place that you were a consumer to in your state for the previous day you visited even if you rather went to the fartherest place for some reason (like if it were a chain store).

This idea is flexible, too, because it could be designed for those making below a certain income...And even only help the registered in doing business with just the big time places of business instead of small businesses.

About raising prices thought to would be: I say wont likely be.

Well if the places of business are offered tax cuts they wont have to raise prices. Plus, why raise prices when the consumer is going to likely spend on more things there with the acredited money value from the last time being a visting customer?

And plus, more ppl would bother to come out to the places of business to buy things more frequently which will put a boom in the selling of things (item goods and/or sevices) by businesses as if it's ratings.

If companies really want to make more money, then all they should do is advertize what other companies want of things that may or may not be related to what the particular place of business is selling. Set up counters at the entry so advertizers can get details on how many ppl enter the place daily, monthly, etc. Or simply go by the sales made. This is the only thing in what they should do rather than raise any prices if the idea is given breath to where they feel they would loose rather than gain. Though with tax cuts and ppl buying more they can only gain surely.

All in all it's well thought idea through and through by me.

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