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How will World War Three start???

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:29 PM
As a cold war veteran with the USAF I agree to the most part with Jkrog08, the small tinderboxes like India and Pakistan and the Koreas will be the match that ignites a WW3. But as a veteran of the 44th SMW, I don't see things staying non-nuclear for very long.

Russia has already begun research and development of a new nuclear warhead and missile delivery system under the auspices of Paranoid Putin. China bought the manufacturing rights and blueprints for the Blackjack intercontinental bomber to build a rival to our 52 and B1Bs. China also has submarines to rival our own Ohio and New Jersey classes, which they can park off our shores in international waters like we do.

As for the start of WW3, pick a smoldering conflict. The Koreas? China and Taiwan? Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan? Israel and any one of its neighbors? Those will be the matches that will light the firestorm of destruction ending in an all-out NBC war. Once the passion infects the loins the world will be pissed away.

I just pray the nukes get me first.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:43 PM
I hardly doubt that Russia would be an ally, they are more like their old selves than anyone wants to believe. Also they are very good allies and trading partners with Iran.
They may see China as a threat but the enemy of my enemy... and Russia would probably ally with China to achieve its ambitions and then invade China later down the road..
I always believed "glasnost" etc.. was a scam, a chess move if you will..

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:45 PM
You basically have three converging dynamics:

NWO Blue: America's Elites going for governing the world under the UN with them mostly in charge

NWO Red: China's hemogonistic view that their culture is the best for the world and believe one NWO should be under the "Motherland"

Islamic Extremism: Iran believes the world should be under their wing wit h an Islamic, religious-based government led by Clerics etc.

In all world wars you have neutral countries, these would be countries like Mexico, France and others. The neutral countries are often attacked by Rogue countries such as Iran.

First, Iran will go on a tangent. Through mostly conventional means and usng one or two Nukes, will take-over much of the Middle-East and possibly most of France.

The US and allies will eventually stop this tyrade. In the mean time, Russia and China grow apart. China decides to flex its muscles (post Taiwan) and move into Eastern Russia.

Thus begins, the battle between the East and West for NWO. It eventually resorts to Nuclear detinations from Submarines and warships.

Much of the above possibly taking place by 2015. Let's hope we make the right choice(s) when it comes to the preservation of Humanity and the eco-system on a whole.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:55 PM
Very soon. 3-7 years and with a raging fury that will begin in very limited nuclear attack and end in a protracted ground war lasting several years. Although we have several adversaries allied against us they will fall away quickly and we will have two main invasion forces the Russians from the north to the east coast and the Chinese fully invading the west coast. It will be their Vietnam in both cases. We will release any convict from prison who agrees to fight from our side and the sheer volume of food and arms the less desirable collect and steal from the invaders will seal their doom. Long lasting house to house battles in the US will gain many millions of temporary soldiers just attempting to keep what is theirs. When it seems there will be a multidecade stalemate the land will shift and leave the invaders trapped and unable to flee. We will take them as work slaves and they will be allowed to rebuild to earn their way out of debt.

Or not. The markets begin corrections and the economy is restored by wintertime, and we move ahead as usual.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:05 PM
How do we know there will be a world war 3??????????

Isn't that being a tad negative?

I'm sick of threads that say:

WW3 who are the winners?

WW3 how will it start?

WW3 survival....

pfft, the world isn't as bad as the television and newspapers make out... there's a lot of good people in politics, journalism and the military...

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:12 PM
*coughs* good people in politics? They've all been removed. It's all people with the same greed infested agendas.

War is inevitable son, it is in our nature. Those in power want more power, those not in power want keep the powerful from getting more powerful.

It's not a pretty thing, but better you be aware of it so at least something can be done to minimize it rather than being oblivious and having it blow-up in your face.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:18 PM
mmm, interesting scenarios. I have one. How about the CIA secretly give Hamas nuclear fissile material to make a small scale nuclear bomb, under the guise that its coming from Iran. Hamas gets the bomb, smuggles it into the port of Tel Aviv via a container ship, then detonates it.

Isreal being attacked with a nuclear weapon, and having the head basically cut off is thrust into a situation where the janitor or the prime ministers office basically gets put in charge of the government. The Isreali military, blood thirsty from the attack get this idiot to launch nukes on Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Morroco.

This inturns forces all these national remnants to decare war on Isreal.

Meanwhile, Pakistan getting hit with Nukes, goes ape #, and launches its dozen on India, which inturn India retailiates.

India joins Isreal remnants join attacking the Muslim remnants.

Meanwhile the USA condemns the attacks and immediately comes to Isreals aid, with food, water, military supplies. This aid, then makes the Muslim block declare war on the USA, or the USA declares war based upon a Lousitania situation. Regardless, the US, as well as India would want the oil in the region, so it makes sense for them to side with isreal.

Indonesia then declares war on the U.S. attacking american assets in the Pacific. Australia sides with the U.S. as does Canada and the U.K.

Russia, loosing substantial trading partners in the middle east decideds to remain neutral, after all, this war just made them the number 1 producer of crude, and U.K. and the U.S. are willing to pay the high price demanded.

Japan then sides with the U.S. funneling cash to the war effort, as well as voluntary forces recruited to assist in pacification of the areas conquered.

China, sensing the raw material grab that is taking place, which in essense would starve there economy, and thus cripple there country in the future decide to declare war. They launch a massive surprise assault on tiawan, while at the same attacking US, and Japanese military assets with low level Nuclear weapons.

The U.S. seeing that its Pacific allies have been destroyed, as well as its pacific military assets launch nukes on China. China in turn launches its ICBM's (about 30-40 est) on the U.S.

North Korea Attacks South Korea, as an ally to China, seeking to unite the Koreas.

The U.N. is destroyed in New York. Leaving the only large alliance left as being NATO.

At this point in time, NATO asks for a truce. During this time, the EU, which actually managed to remain Nuetral, even though several of the EU nations were actively in the war, are given the power to negociate a treaty.

Nobody basically gets anything, as the catastrophic lose of life and property is such that nobody can actually afford to pay any retribution.

As a result, The E.U. given Military power via NATO and Russia demands that all nations demobilize all military personal, and eliminate all nuclear weapons, failure to do so means no aid will be given to the given populations.

All countries declare peace, most of India, Indonesia, China, Japan, the Middle East are destroyed in war, appoximately 90% of the populaions of these countries are destroyed through the ravages of War, either through the Nuclear strikes, or famine, disease, or radiation within 5 years of the wars end.


China — Population: 1,321,851,888
India — Population: 1,129,866,154
Indonesia — Population: 234,693,997
Pakistan — Population: 164,741,924
Iran — Population: 65,397,521
Syria— Population:16,137,899
Lebanon — Population: 3,925,502
Egypt — Population: 80,335,036
Sudan — Population: 39,379,358
Libya — Population:5,484,202
Morocco population : 33,757,175
United States — Population: 301,139,947
Taiwan — Population: 22,858,872
Japan — Population: 127,433,494
Korea, North — Population: 23,301,725
Korea, South — Population: 49,044,790

Total population of these nations before the war was 4 billion. After the war, ruffly 4 hundred million.

The nations left unaffected by wars Immediate after effects are Europe, Russia & Satillites, Southern and Central Africa, South Amerca, Central America.

This is about the time that the NWO starts to take shape, with the E.U., and Russia combining forces.

Because of the massive lose of Industry, the economy of the world starts to crumble, this in effect ushers in the new currency controlled by the new E.U., russia conglomerate.

No then, thats my idea of how it starts and how it ends, for further review, I'll also post my ideas of what happens next.

The new government then begins to use AID as a means to control the populations the rest of the world. South America, looking for a place to trade enters into the new Union, followed by Central America, Canada, and Australia.

Meanwhile, the new NWO, which is actually nothing more the the old NWO release violent plagues throughout the rest of the world, under the guise that the radiation must have mutated stuff, or the rampant deplorable situations encouraged the diseases. Regardless, Africa, South America, and Central America see massive deaths due to the disease. Additionally, the remnants of the countries that were at war are also impacted.

Luckily Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the U.K., Iceland, France, and Germany, through there Scientific advancements, manage to develop a cure, and administer it to there respective countries. Unfortunately for the rest of the World the Cure has come to late, as a result 3 billion lives are impacted by the disease/s; of which the mortality rate is 75%, ruffly, 2.25 billion die, not including the 95% of the survivors of the war, or ruffly 390 million.

This leaves 20 million survivors, that are radiated, famished, and otherwise vulnerable in the war ravaged countries. and ruffly 750 million in Russia, E.U. Africa, Central America, Canada, Australia, and South America. The majority of that number being European, or of European Desent.

Now then out of the 770 million that actually survived the plague, only 25% actually managed to get vaccinated from it, prior to exposure. This leaves 192,000,000 vaccinated from it. The side offect of the plague unfortunately is male sterilization. Within 1 generation after the war and the plague the population spirals downward to 3-400 million. Most of this population being situated in Europe, and Russia.



posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 07:35 PM
It already has. We live in a world now where 24 hour news cycles and American Idol morons take the place of "War News".........we are pretty much fighting a war on two fronts at least and since we have most the technology we are the ones killing millions while we have lost what around 4000. Close to 7000 if you count 9-11. But I would bet the enemy (Islam) has lost 1.2 million at the very least. so we get to fool ourselves into thinking this is not a world war when it really is

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:24 PM
WW3 have already started and it will be in a form of Peoples Civil Wars, not Armies. The Food Hoarding for Price Fixing is already the first signs of this but it will really get ugly and this will be around the World, a total mayhem of mass looting, burning and destruction on a scale never seen before.

It will be against two forces, The Wealthy or the (Haves) and the Poor (the Have-Nots) and remember the Have-Nots have absolutely nothing to lose, so it will be to their advantage to give it their all and the wealthy will be too busy trying to find Security Firms to guard the Looted Loot. It comes down to this, Survival of the Fittest in the Concrete Jungle.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by camain

WOW,thats quite a bleak scenario,one I hope doesn't come to tuition.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Great replies so far,keep um' coming.I appreciate all the valuable insight into possible scenarios(which I hope NONE come to pass).

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:31 PM
I am surprised by the idea some posters have that europe might be largely unaffected from a world war III. The real deal is, since europian countries have active military in the middle East, active support of a US proposed missile shield against Russia, offering support and aids in US forces, are a major part of the NATO, their armies won't probably leave soon from Middle East, and we are not even sure if further worsening of the situation in the Middle East wont be having the europian countries sending even more units in Middle East and even pressing for a more active role in this region. Any new conflict map opening in or near Middle East the already involved europian armies will jump in the situation in a blink of an eye, especially if they see their US ally loosing ground.

Russia and China probably have well researched the fact that a world wide conflict might loom in the horizon and since their resources are more limited than NATOs, their best tactic probably will be to plan their strategy thoroughly and intervene precisely and in the weakest points of their opposing forces campaign scenarios. Their best plan would be to try to draw the conflict where nuclear weapons will be largely forbidden to be used like heavy populated areas which would stage large parts of NATO infrastructure and near the Middle east region, since it would be in the interests of any opposing forces if they invade and keep territories, even more so NATO to be seen nuking territories of allied countries would make them lose many of their initial supporters. Such moves would be in the philosophy of denying the NATO alliance from having as much room to move near Middle East as it initially had. Instead of nuclear response heavy ground fighting will be ensued and the relative shortest distance of any attacking country from the conflict point will be the decisive factor of winning.

And I will tell you something else too..

It would be of importance to Israel, if in a twist of fate the # hits the fan, that they would see that they would not respond nuclear in any way, since they could be seeing "anti-NATO" nuclear subs aiming to destroy their whole infrastructure.
Instead they would play the political card waiting for the event to be over and gain benefits from the situation politically,
IMO logic dictates they will never launch any nukes.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:39 PM
Seriously though, there is really know way to foretell how it will start but we can foretell how it will end, just like last time, us Americans kickin that ass

Oh and I agree with spacebot sorta, Europe has been in just about every war since time began, there is no way they will set the next one out.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:43 PM
There is a difference from the "last time" though.
Now there's no Hitler near anyones borders and most of the world hates you.
To top that, even your own people hate your government involvement in the Middle East. Do the Math. Situation might spell civil war afterwards.

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Europe is not in the war only for the resources, these Middle East conflicts are creating lots of hungry immigrants rushing at europian borders, so they serve as a mean from interested governments to keep wages law and not giving much importance in the status of quality of life as they used to. It can also serve a globalization agenda. You have the rest of the American continent to worry to, europe had former USSR countries immigrants, but which now their economies are starting to be on the rise, thus a Middle Easter immigrants influx is probably ideal for such agendas in europe.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by spacebot

People seem to think that we only fought in Europe.. If youll recall we also fought the Pacific war, pretty much alone.
US Marines, with the Navy of course, Island Hopped from Hawaii to Okinawa in 3 years time.. Dont ever underestimate us.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by 44soulslayer

This is the problem with many people. They think Russia is evil, on the bad side etc. Why? Because of games, media and the Cold War. But Russia has always been with the Allies, WW1, WW2. Why not WW3? Their not a Communist regime anymore anyway. Well thats my opinion!

jkrog08, Flagged and starred. Ill be on later to talk about all this.

But for now I just have to say great subject!

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 11:58 PM
I can't see WW3 starting from any political motivation.

The face of modern warfare has changed. It no longer involves borders to be pushed across, nor battle lines at all.
The intent on modern warfare is to use smaller, more strategic groups to destabilize the economy of the other country, making it incapable of having financial or military influence over another.

See: Modern Insurgencies. The problem with calling these people terrorists, is the term terrorist means nothing now. A shoplifter in the middle east can easily be called a terrorist.
The real threat doesn't come from these "terrorist" organizations. It doesn't come from organizations at all... it's not like they sit at a board meeting deciding how to be evil.
There are actually very few people fighting against the states at the moment... those who have seen their livelihoods ravaged by the US's thirst for control over the ME region.

As a desperate measure, they strike at the economic and military centers of the US and other nations who side with them in an attempt to destabilize them enough that they cannot maintain control over the ME.

These aren't the people who will start WW3.

However, this economic and military destabilization will cause a severe supply issue.
The world is already teetering on the verge of famine. The supply lines are very delicate and the entire world rests its weight on it.

Once thats gone, people will get hungry, people will demand retribution from their governments for this hunger. What option would the governments have? They have to feed their people... Some governments will use the disguise of religion, or politics to justify the war, hiding the real reasons as not to scare the public into a revolution.

Make no mistake about it. WW3 will be a resource war.
And you will see many countries utterly annihilated from it.

When it all boils down to it, the #1 reason WW3 will start is : There's just too damn many of us.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 12:33 AM
some random thoughts

The EU is gaining ascendancy now.....Javier Salano is THE major player right now whose name is a mystery to most Americans and someone to be closely watched - during the Balkan conflict the U.S. kowtowed to him as the decision maker.......
The EU has an agenda and its global - with the U.S. bringing up the rear as their hired gun....what think the rest of you?

China is a major trading partner of the U.S. and the U.S. is is deep in debt to the Chinese - ergo in their pockets - China could ruin our economy today if they had an inclination tho it might hurt them a bit as well....I think China would stay out of a world conflagration if there was any way to avoid it....This has been their mo for a very long time - they work from behind the scenes tho now they are on a quest for oil like the rest consequently they are in Africa now in a big way - particularly the Sudan - between the Arabs and the Chinese the U.S. could get an economic sucker punch that would give her a nasty bloody nose...If China were to side with our enemies it would be a sad sad day for the U.S. economy....

The dollar is dropping - we are headed into a major recession with ever increasing speed.....

Food shortages and rising prices in 30 countries .....

and we can't figure out to how to rescue a few thousand people from a hurricane flood??????

I'd say wwIII has begun - its not a shooting war yet and if our current government is the best we can muster - I'd say we've already lost....

however being number one isn't all its cracked up to be with millions of our citizens on prescription downers and uppers, divorce at an all time high, obesity rampant, and the feds looking up our noses and in our underwear drawers for terrorists, 5% of the worlds population here with 25% of the worlds prison population...2.3 million people in jail - more than any other nation in the world including China which has four times as many people - Mercenary Security firms setting up training centers in every State of the Union....

WWIII? its crept in on little fascist feet....

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 12:44 AM
All of you are "over-analyzing" the situation. Its really simple, as it has been for thousands of years. WW3 will be (insert all nations with Christian foundation--including US, UK, and yes....Russia! and most Western Powers--) against (insert all nations controlled by mostly Islamic influence).

There you have it! Your answer.

[edit on 28-4-2008 by CreeWolf]

PS: For those of you asking "Well, what about China and India?" I think they'll just try to sit it out once they see this powder-keg lit. In the end, I think our great-grandchildren will be sterile, speaking Chinese, and shopping at Huan-Mart.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 01:01 AM
Here is my 2 cents worth. Israel might possibly threaten to knock out the pipeline running through Turkey into the Caspian sea. Russia decides to prevent such an occurrence and jumps Israel. Iran seeing a golden opportunity to go against Israel with Russia also coming down through Turkey they go for it. The US backs Israel and jumps Iran in order to cut off the Russian advance through Turkey and Iran.

China then goes to protect Iran by cutting off the straits of Hormuz and seeing the opportunity to take out the US attacks or is provoked via a navel exchange at the straits. Both the Russians and the US have two fronts in the theater, China only one.

India may go to back either the US or China but most likely the US while Pakistan will side with China and may invade Kashmir (claiming it is theirs). India attacks Pakistan.

Nuclear exchange involving Pakistan, India, US and China. Israel uses the Samson option against Syria, Iran and Russian forces. In the end the only dog left is the EU which didn't get involved. All the competition has effectively destroyed themselves.

Most of the ME doesn't get involved either since all they have to do is set back and watch the show and pick up the pieces of what ever is left. The war will neither be long nor protracted with a possible start to finish in 7-14 days or less.

Possible side benefit seen by global elitist, 33% of the world population gone in 24 minutes without lifting a finger. All the blame rests on those involved in the exchange, nice and neat, no loose ends.

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