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How will World War Three start???

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:27 PM
I don't think Israel will attack Iran by themselves. Though, they may as a joint effort with the U.S. Though, I think it is more likely that Israel will attack Lebanon and Syria long before a direct attack on Iran. Those are two countries I have not seen mentioned yet, and they are pivotal. Once the Israelis attack Syria and Lebanon, then Iran will, and has said they will, attack U.S. forces in Iraq. This would embroil the entire Middle East in a conflict. Israel handling the Western front and the U.S. on the eastern.

Although, there is also still a possibility of the U.S. just coming out and bombing the hell out of Iran. Just wake up one morning and realize we have started a campaign.

Once the middle east is embroiled, there would definitely be outside help from both sides. China and Russia will covertly take the side of the Iranians, since they get so much fuel from them.

Though, I see the general middle east in a conflict long before super-power on super-power conflict.

That probably won't happen until the area of 2012-2015. It is going to take A LOT to get ground wars between super powers. They all know what is at stake. These won't be little skirmishes so I don't see them just jumping into it head first. These things take time.

I wish the WWIII scenario was not a reality, but it is looking more and more likely.

It is at this time I would like to direct your attention to the Survival forums.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:28 PM
Heres another scenario:

The Planned World War 3 - A Play in Numerous Acts
World War Three in Brief
A Three World War scenario was developed several decades ago (see Conspiratorial History). Two World Wars have already been achieved, and the Third and final World War envisions an attack on Iraq, Iran and/or Syria as being the trigger to set the entire Middle East into fiery conflagration. Once America is firmly entrenched into the Middle East with the majority of her first-line units, North Korea is to attack South Korea. Then, with America's forces stretched well beyond the limit, China is to invade Taiwan. This will usher in the start of World War Three.

World War Definition:
What constitutes a 'world war'? How many countries need to be involved? And who decides at which point a number of regional skirmishes can be grouped together and called a World War? At the time, who called the official start of World War 1 and World War 2?

And have you noticed that although the term 'World War Three' is freely used in the alternative press and on the Internet, all the major news networks have stoically avoided using any phrase reminiscent of World War.

Since it's difficult to find a definition for an event which has only happened twice in modern history, here's my attempt at an answer to the question 'what constitutes a world war'?

A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy, and which has the attention of the man-in-the-street due to the significant loss of life.

With that definition, we can agree that WW1 and WW2 were in fact World Wars (both wars involved some degree of participation from most of the world's then existing countries: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union). We can also agree that we are very close to achieving World War 3. The only requirement left to fulfill the start of WW3 is that of a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents. As soon as Israel attacks Palestine, or North Korea attacks South Korea or the US, or China invades Taiwan, we will have the next World War well underway.

World War 3 Timeline
These are, I believe, the elements of the planned Third World War:

Prelude - The events leading up to the start of World War Three, including Sept 11, 2001.
Act 1 - The Middle East. Widespread conflict to bring the entire region into the flames of war, possibly triggered by Iran or militants in Pakistan using North Korean supplied nuclear arms. The first Scene in this Act is the US Invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.
Act 2 - Israel at War -- Against her Arab neighbors, possibly Palestine. A Palestinian State will be established, so that all Israelis will be fully separated from Palestinians (listen out for mention of a 7-year treaty to be confirmed by a World Leader - probably Bush), only for Israel to viciously attack Palestine shortly thereafter.
Act 3 - Far East -- "Hair-raising nuclear confrontation that threatens mankind's existence" - Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script, p. 223, written in 1981. Includes China invading Taiwan and a nuclear eruption on the Korean Peninsula.
Act 4 - Erosion of Confidence in 'The System' so severe citizens will be panicked into giving up liberties and Constitutional form of government. The plan calls for the dissolution of the US Constitution, triggered by a significant enough 'terrorist' attack. The ultimate intent is to introduce a global government and one-world religion.
Act 5 - The collapse of the US, and other Western economies and morals.

Act 6 - Significant population reduction using natural and man-made disasters.
Curtain. Who can tell how this war will end?


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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by CaptInsanoX

Good post,starred...............I agree with the super powers not engaging until later...............I also agre with the mid east as being the fueline for the "explosion".But you think BOTH China and Russia will side with Iran?

I lean towards Russia siding with us.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

lol yeah sorry that was a bit harsh.

Its just that when you put mortal enemies on the same side, its usually not a good call.

I was just bitter that you lumped India and Pakistan together

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by 44soulslayer

Lol,it's all good............So do you have a scenario?I would love to hear it.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:53 PM
Like other posters in this thread I too think the "final conflict" has already started and has been ongoing since the first invasion of Iraq.

Over the the years to come this will only get worse, unless the people of America, England and Europe start speaking out and letting there governments know that they have had enough only then can changes be made.

just my 2 cents

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

My scenario would be:

1. Syria launches attack on Israel in retaliation for the assassination of their leader a year ago or so.

2. Iran launches an attack on Israel in response (or false flag claiming this).

3. Israel nukes Iran.

4. Arab league declare war on Israel and begin attacking. Saudis attack Israel with arms purchased from America and Europe.

5. America intervenes and begins sending army units across the Iranian border from Iraq and Afghanistan.

6. Pakistan wades in and allies with Arab league under the banner of Intefada and Jihad.

7. India declares war on Pakistan for attacking Israel.

8. North Korea enters fray to stop Pakistan (they have exchanged nuke secrets)

9. South Korea attacks North

10. The big daddy china comes in on the side of the communist North.

11. America is thus in a war against China (by proxy). Russia allies with China.


Allies: America, Europe, India, Israel, South Korea, Anzacs, former Soviet Republics

Axis: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Arab League

Fairly even fight, eh

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:09 PM
Forget the start, how is it going to end?


If you're not killed outright, then you have the fall out. I don't think the scenario will be as bad as US Vs USSR could have been, but it will be bad enough. It will be an East Vs West scenario though, I'd even go so far as Islamic Vs Christian/Judaism.
Not sure if any of the sides would go nuclear, unless Iran gets a nuclear weapon. I don't think they'll hesitate in using it

I know one thing for certain, the people who call for the launches will be safe and sound

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Mark Roazhar

If you see the scenario I posted above, I think that Israel will go nuclear first because of the policy of Disproportionate Response.

Also, Israel cant defeat Iran in a conventional battle- Iran is too big, too mountainous and Israel doesnt have Naval access to Iran due to the Persian Gulf being surrounded by Islamic countries.

Thus Israel, if in a conflict against Iran, would go nuclear IMO.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:44 PM
WW3 started on sept 11 2001. We are just in the infacy of a growing global conflict . In the future historians will say that 9-11 was the first shot. Its hard for us living in the present to see this...kind of like ww2. People didnt realize it started when it did. It was a series of escalating conflicts all over the world until it exploded. Most people think it started in 1939 but historians would disagree with this .

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:46 PM
JKrog, many say that ww3 has already started, that being the current ME conflict which if widedened re the US attacking Iran would draw Russia and China into the conflict on Irans side. I could only see this scenario coming about if the US/Israel used nukes, mini, tactical or otherwise.

Modern weapory being what it is and therefore not easy to replace and the costs involved would result in two possible outcomes, a short conventional war ending instalemate or a nuke war ending most of our lives.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:12 PM
blocs of nations within the framework of NATO
will engage in conflict with other NATO forces

the regional skirmishes will all be squelched by the superior
Anglo-American-Australian bloc....

but within a year or two years, all the other NATO pact countries will
gang up and destroy the USA landscape starting with DC & NYC
that makes 9-11 pale in comparion... the Isles will also get hit with nukes but will stand-down almost immediately

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:19 PM
JKRog, in your feelings and views of a 3rd World War can you imagine nukes raining down on the US. Irrespective of what counter measures you have some would get through maybe many. Chemical and biological weapons may also be used. In the past America has enjoyed security from its physical location but that can no longer be guaranteed.

In such an scenario is it worth enduring such a calamity especially if you started the war but was not directly attacked or invaded. Such as with the ME now, is the rik of attacking Iran worth the possible retaliation from those who could greviously hurt you.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by 44soulslayer
reply to post by Mark Roazhar

If you see the scenario I posted above, I think that Israel will go nuclear first because of the policy of Disproportionate Response.

Also, Israel cant defeat Iran in a conventional battle- Iran is too big, too mountainous and Israel doesnt have Naval access to Iran due to the Persian Gulf being surrounded by Islamic countries.

Thus Israel, if in a conflict against Iran, would go nuclear IMO.

Israel already has nuclear capability, which is one of the reasons Iran is stepping up their research
According to this website, they've had it available for some time

In early 1968, the CIA issued a report concluding that Israel had successfully started production of nuclear weapons

By the late 1990s the U.S. Intelligence Community estimated that Israel possessed between 75-130 weapons, based on production estimates.

They haven't used them yet.
I think Iran is stepping up nuclear research so that they can threaten them with a first strike situation, or worse...
I wouldn't trust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a nuclear weapon. He's a man who I feel would use it

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by jkrog08
I have been thinking recently about how WW3 would start(if it did)and I can't find hardly anyway it would realistically.I thought I would share my scenario and ask for others.Keep in mind this is not a nuclear exchange,but conventional war.I don't think China would get involved in anything because they have no reason to,why should they,they are booming economically and market the whole world,they would much rather sit back and make money.Russia wouldn't get involved IMO because their own country has major issue,and it would be suicide to engage in a major war.The USA and it's allies won't instigate any major war,not to mention the threat of MAD(Mutual Assured Destruction)also the effect on the already fledgling world economy if another world war broke out.I just don't think the "big"nations are willing to go to war or are "dumb"enough to start one in this day and the following scenario I see more than likely each event maybe becoming a individual conflict,rather than add to a world war.But anyway's if it would happen here's my scenario:

Israel attacks Iran,or Iran attacks Israel.........of course then Pakistan would get involved,aswell the other countries in the region(Saudi,Egypt,India maybe?,etc.)Then the US and allies would get involved,leading to China backing of Iran and maybe India(I see has a key to world war development)Than of course Russia declaring war on China by proxy

During this time I believe N.Korea would seize the opportunity to invade S.Korea and Japan,thus having Japan declare war on N.Korea aswell the US.China then I believe to almost certainty would back N.Korea(We all know China would be to happy to destroy Japan-which has been a thorn in their side forever)this will make the war a two front war.

There you have it,World War have now a two front war,all the major nations in conflict,and sure to come geographic and political changes throughout the world.

So in my war scenario heres the allies:USA,UK,France,Britain,Italy,Germany,Japan,Russia,Canada,S.Korea,(and the rest of Europe),Italy,Spain,Israel,Suadi.


Keep in mind this is just a rough draft of a possible "ally-axis"scenario,more or less countries may be added to either.

I look forward to you all's responses.

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Hi jkrog08.

The only likely scenario I can see from watching how everything unfolds after first Gulf War back in 1991, and following a rational possible developing dynamic from past to future, is the scenario of the alliance starting a harassment strategy around Iran that will escalate in an allied invasion inside Iran and strengthening of alliance positions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Israel that will escalate in full war with primary front that of Iran. Other key players beside US and the allies will of course be Russia and China which probably won't respond with interacting in a full war theater rather than wait for an opportunity while they strengthen their proxies throughout troubled world regions in places they have influence then when the green light is given from the Russian side, their allies like China and any developing or potential allied countries until then, will assume on an attacking strategy, proceeding to join a full war theater engaging the allied and US forces everywhere in the world with every possible strategy and scenario. The green light will be Russia attacking Turkey, isolating allies and US from europe. Then for Russia to counter an northern europian forces invasion they will probably be introducing the full range of Weapons of Mass Destruction at northern Europe. It might be new types of non nuclear radiation weapons, but yet still very devastating.

IMO this is the most possible scenario that will be played if our human society reaches at the brings of a third world war.

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My scenario is not ending with a victory of the alliance, but rather with a devastated battlefield having Chinese and Russians a slightly bit more on the winning side than the allies. Such an unfolding will probably introduce a total and radical change of the politics and powers involved in modern US. We will probably see several countries or even state like entities emerging throughout the whole American continent having no capability of amassing a large army anymore, the Russian federation being transformed in a number of loosely allied states of not having the ability of amassing a large army too, China being divided in self governed states, the Balkans probably uniting in a large territory state including probably 70% of Turkey in which will be the real scene of the devastating war, and only small viable states in the northern europe strugling to survive after a near holocaust.

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Also my scenario requires that an nuclear Israel will never make use of its nuclear arsenal simply because this is not their intended course of action, they will probably wish to be protected by non actions and remain intact to expand in any political and national territory they could after a global conflict ends. The Middle East forces/nations appearing as Israels enemy would be significantly weakened even before the main conflict has began from possible Israel/allied forces proxies cooperation. There would be possible opportunities for Israel in the general mediterranean and near Middle East theater and probably Israel will be researching those opportunities that will probably be political.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by spacebot

Great post,starred.....I hope it never comes to that "doomsday"scenairo.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:03 PM
It will start over an argument of whos dad can beat up the other.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:11 PM
i think China and Russia will attack the United States. it will be a nuclear war. more than half of Americans will be dead. thats when marital law starts. people move out of the country before sht hits the fan. but wait when people are trying to leave the country at the time of war they wont be any place for americans to go except for the canada since mexico is blocked off by a fence that we were told to keep the mexicans out. canada wont let any americans into their country when that happens. start moving down to mexico.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

Thank you and it is a nice and interesting thread so I had to star the OP

What I am personally concerned is OUR personal strategy regardless of what is unfolding in the current political/military world scene.

Here is my proposed strategy:

I won't let the Sun go down on me

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:28 PM
JKrog, I asked you a genuine question I would appreciate a response to it. Its not loaded, you asked for scenarious and I have given you one, so what do you think?

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