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"Ya ever hear about floridation in water, Major?"

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:15 AM
In respect for ATS guidlines, I will try to make this the only thread I ever start, but there's been cycle now that repeats its self every few months; the END OF THE WORLD flea circus. I was born and raised on the California coast and from Charlie Manson to Heaven's Gate to the People's Temple to a thousand doom sayers from the sixties on... I've heard them all and believed about half of them only to watch the eleventh hour come and go fallowed by just another sunrise and the morning paper hitting the driveway. YES, there are conspiracies here and there from time to time and YES there ARE visitors from other worlds and dimensions (both to get from there to here). I've had contact experiences and have had powerful psychic links to some NSA project (I can completely relate to Dan Sherman's book, "Above Black" and can write a sequel to it. YES, we are headed for "interesting times," but don't start looking for Satanic messages on the back of dollar bills and connecting every archaic Masonic dot to every imagined "New World Order" line (give me a break!) on the back of the ceirial box. 99.99% of all the people in government (half my relatives were black project employees) are only slightly more informed and not any more superhuman than you are. No, not a inch more superhuman than you are.

So, the moral or this story is that conspiracy theory is just that, theory, and considering its finishing record at the track, I'm putting my money on another horse. But let's all keep doing our home work. Knowledge is power, but the very rare, real government/media conspiracies WANT you to load your guns and dust off your Che Guvara barets (my bad spelling) and examine the back of Proctor and Gamble toothpaste tubes for symbols of the moon devil. (the two have nothing to do with each other, but they are examples of how good political and commercial art and get hijacked by both sides).

I better click out before I loose any more sleep and become useless to ANY revolution. All we can do is keep ourselves informed, keep the cameras skyward (and batteries fresh), do an honest days work, love the world and our neighbors and children.

Rock 'n Roll,

Paul Perner

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