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Virginia Military Munitions Plant might be reason for early deaths!!

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:49 AM
A friend of mine pointed out something strange has been going on in southwest Virginia for a while...and there might be a good reason why. Below is a story I just read on about two towns: Radford & Pulaski Virginia.

I thought..well lets have a look...and here is what we found...

These towns have had people increasingly dying at younger and younger ages. The article will lead you to believe that its because they are poor farm people, who don't get out much and can't afford a "normal" life like the rest of us. Apparently living in a rural area means you are screwed..according to our "know everything" society. But to me here is the interesting part. In between these two towns lies the...RADFORD ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT or (RAAP)!

Here is the YAHOO map showing the location of both towns and smack in the middle is RAAP.

Now having served in the military I know the types of munitions we make. And the mixtures we make are not exactly good for your health!!

The RAAP makes solvent and solventless propellant and explosives for the military...a.k.a...NASTY chemicals! These ARE NOT your standard gunpowder bullets and explosives. They take gunpowder and basically put it on steroids..not to mention add a lot of other "stuff" to the pot!

Then there is the kicker....this proves this place is running strong...but at what cost? Lives vs $$$

ATK receives $23 million to upgrade Radford Army Ammunition Plant

The Picatinny, N.J.-based Program Executive Office for Ammunition and the Rock Island, Ill.-based U.S. Army Sustainment Command are spending $23 million with Alliant Techsystems (ATK) to have the firm design a new nitric acid concentrator/sulfuric acid concentrator (NAC/SAC) for the Radford Army Ammunition Plant and to install new cutters and de-flakers in the nitrocellulose production facility.

Now I could be way off here...maybe this is nothing...maybe it is everything...but something is shortening the lives of people in Radford & Pulaski Virginia....I just find it odd that a munitions processing plant happens to sit right in the middle of the two towns and NOT ONE media outlet mentions it as a possible cause!


p.s. Here is the RAAP about not giving up to much

EDIT TO ADD: Yahoo Image of plant between towns mentioned in article.

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:31 AM
Intresting find, it should benefit all parties involved if you would push this further than speculation and finish research or even collaborate with agencies you can trust.

Anythig that happens like this in the East coast catches my imagination as my brain connects all military blunders regionally to Blackwater, Yep we put the ultimate power in our lives which is the military into corporate America's hands, they not only control the money, they directly control you, that's right I said it.


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