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The American solution

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:10 AM
I believe that the end of our person freedom is very near, I know they will come for my guns and my freedom in the end and i will not bow to fear nor to threats from those who crave the power they can not have.

So as a notice to those who wish to take what it not yours....LISTEN UP.

When you come to my home and you come armed i will stop you were you stand, I will not give you a warning or a chance to surender. I have the same weapons and knowledge you do.

I am trained as you are and i will stop you even if by my own 2 hands.

This serves as a warning or an invotation to come to my home and show me that you are not a true american and you are without honor. You will die a cowards death and i have no fear of you or dying for what i believe in.

No god is going to save us, the love of freedom and choice will save what we hold so dear.

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