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Scars on Mars suggest recent glaciers

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 07:56 PM

Orbiter images show that planet may have gone through many ice ages

A vanished glacier with a mysterious calling card suggests Mars went through many ice ages in its very recent past.

A fresh look at images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter indicates thick glaciers may have existed in the past 100 million years in the planet's equatorial region, but vanished after planetary wobbles changed the climate in certain areas.

"We've gone from seeing Mars as a dead planet for three-plus billion years to one that has been alive in recent times," said Jay Dickson, a geologist at Brown University and lead author of the study. "[The finding] has changed our perspective from a planet that has been dry and dead to one that is icy and active."


Damn the globalists' news-networks are so slow. Haven't people known some form of ice was on Mars since the 1990s or earlier? MSNBC is pathetic, just like all of the other news-corporations, which seem to tell us very little about important stories, if they tell us any important stories at all.


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