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How a terrorist or revolutionist or agent future is looking

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 01:39 PM
If you step into news media personell legit after, say, going to school for it and graduating and doing internships and what not, you actually could get a clear chance and taking somone important down with the craft of a news carmera or other news equipment. If inside those things is where a choice of weapon (loaded gun or explosive device) can be placed, then all it would take is being authorized and cleared with ease, being of the news media, to get close to an important live target. You know the rest to the deed that would have to be if it can be.

The terrorist or revolutionist or agent working for another country's government can infiltrate like so all word leaders across the globe. Then what would happen? Only just after it's pulled off, do you think the government would pull the new media from getting close again to even do their jobs? Or, would they provide the news media with a government issued equipment that's unopenable?

Anyway, if terrorists or agents working for other countries or revolutionist are smart, you better bet the hypothetical in this thread is the final measure to take. Think of all the key persons the news media gets close to... From Osama to Bush.

The thing is it would take a group to pull it off because one wouldnt know for sure if they'd ever get to take on the assignment to cover someone important.

Haha, smarter than any government's intelligence is me. With such intelligence I can help them if I like them or I can hinder them if I dislike them.

The government already stole from me something else which sparked by me. Believe it or not, when I speak they listen at how impressive I am.
Certain of them hate me whenever they are revealed as honest to hell crooked that disrguard capturing the crooked before or after their criminal deeds.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 02:19 PM
Can you picture being on T.V. by the very news media that commits a crime toward your person before leaving you at your gate? Can you then picture no one taking your word just because it's unthinkable that any persons in the news media would ever do such a thing?

If the new media turned devilish their foul part disguised as clean and truthful could eat you up. They can turn camera view not on what they might have done as they want.

When the news media makes an image of anyone the public buys it. Am I lieing? What is an image? It's not a person. Though an image can be placed on a person in a good way or a bad way for or against the person.

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