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'shadow people'

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 10:16 AM
After seeing another photo of an alleged "shadow man" posted on C2CAM, I decided to research this subject a little since it conceivably could tie into other mind/conscious phenomena such as Out-of-Body Expreriences, Near-Death Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, remote-viewing, etc. (I commented on these before at ). Every now&then I myself see something which could be a "shadow person" out of the corner of my eye. But it happens so infrequently and my eye has accumulated "floaters" with age that I normally just dismiss it. It does give me a temporary creepy feeling which I just attribute to being momentarily scared.

1. sample photo from C2CAM ( )
2. (as defined by Wikipedia - )
3. (from Paranormal - )
4. Science discovers "Shadow People" ( )
5. (from - )

[Note that the all of the above articles have been archived as MS-Word documents at ]

Article #4 (above) is particularly interesting as it gives a medical explanation for many occurrences of these (and potentially other NDE/OBE/RV/Lucid etc.) experiences. Indeed, I have heard that the famed 1980 UK Rendlesham Forest UFO incident
( ) was in fact a pyschological warfare test. If true, it begs the question how did the UFO images get implanted in all of the soldiers' consciousnesses.

Rumors persist that the Betty&Barney Hill UFO abduction case was yet another test of the same psychological "mind-control" technique ( ). Which makes you wonder what was in those pills that former NSA ELINT Sgt. Dan Sherman took in his alleged Project Preserve Destiny "intuitive comms" ( ).

Some researchers like Martin Cannon ( ) have always felt that mind-control manipulations were more likely the cause of UFO sightings etc. I know that the military recently announced that it has the capability of projecting voices/sounds into the consciousness. Perhaps they can do images as well into people who either have a "natural" expanded consciousness ability or those who have been artificially induced with one (e.g., drugs).


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