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the 'real' Philadelphia Experiment (Bob Beckwith)

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 10:05 AM
Bob Beckwith is an electrical engineer who holds many patents (many of which are in the military naval arena). He wrote a book that claimed the real Philadelphia Experiment involved a minesweeper and not a destroyer. Plus the locale was not around Philadelphia.

All of this was based on something that Tesla accidentally discovered on his workbench in 1899. The application of strong magnetic fields caused an object to move backwards along a pre-established history time path.

Advanced German mines were causing problems for the Allied in WWII. Their magnetic-homing mines would be anchored at the sea floor and released after counting so many ships in a convoy. When they surfaced, the ships had no time for evasive action.

It was the intent of this new technology -- according to Beckwith who said that he personally oversaw the Experiment -- to allow the minesweepers to retrace their path (so to speak) so they would have a better chance of detonating the mines safely. They only need 10 minutes-or-so.

But what they got was 2 WEEKS! Plus all the side effects that happened to the crew that goes along with the regular P-X story. And it was never the intent to make a ship "radar invisible". That was one of the accidental side effects to a physical object undergoing this pseudo-teleportation/timetravel.

I first heard of his book from an interview he did with Alexandra "Chica" Bruce for her excellent book (The Philadelphia Experiment Murder). Her interview -- along with Tim Ventura's ("American AntiGravity") review and Beckwith's ebook -- is archived at .

(Tim Ventura [of "American AntiGravity"] reviewed the book at . In case my #Chica link doesn't work, Beckwith's .pdf ebook is at . He was selling it for $20 hardcopy but has made it available as free online ebook. Dan Sherman originally did the same thing with his Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny but has apparently since retracted the offer. You might also want to scroll a couple of lines up from this position on the webpage to read WWII vet Bob King's account which seems to validate Beckwith's story in spots.)

Beckwith's tale reminds me of Corso's book. (Indeed, Beckwith mentions Corso in his book and said that Corso told him personally of the "Experiment".) Some incredible stories mixed in with a lot of personal job duties. The skeptics would say a good recipe for disinformation.

(To me, it was so much what Beckwith said but what he didn't comment on. He hinted that it would surprise him if research into eliminating the disastrous effects on the crew was not pursued. This was allegedly the purpose of Project Phoenix which later became the Montauk Project. This is not front-page news anymore. Surely he has heard of these guys. But he didn't comment on it. Did everything else but, however!)

It is rare to find one of these people with so much government service to come forward in their "prime" (i.e., working years and not after they have long retired). Like Bob Lazar did. It makes you wonder if they are supplementing their pensions with doing some service -- and not "whistleblowing" to ease their consciences before they die -- for their former employers. Plus you always see them at UFO conferences but in the role of an aloof observer rather than an active participant. (Read Mike D'Agostino's account of meeting Beckwith at such a conference at the #Chica link.)

"Project Preserve Destiny" ( ); or "Project Looking Glass" ( ); or the "Bosoks Project" ( ); or Consciousness "engineering" ( )

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by stealthskater

The book (Lost Science) by Gerry Vassilatos came to my attention yet again recently when someone sent me a section that talks about T.T. Brown's supposed participation in the PX. I wanted to know if he had any sources for his claims, some of which are unique to the literature. So, I hunted down a copy at my local library, picked it up yesterday and just as I supected, the entire 341 page book is without one single footnote. He has a bibliography at the back which I suppose we are to assume he has consulted as source material. None of those books appear to be a direct source for his TT Brown claims.

So, I am saying that this is yet one more author in a long line of hacks who makes claims and will not back them up with any sources. He does thank Preston Nichols for inspiration, so you just know where this book is coming from. Without directly quoting, he also refers to several Al Bielek yarns, all of which have been debunked by our report (see: Bielek debunked on the net).

It is a shame; I really thought for a moment that someone had come up with good and new material on Brown, who remained unwilling to spill any beans about the PX when interviewed by Bill Moore. In the end this book is good as a door stopper or if you're short of kitty litter, just rip out a few pages and throw on the floor. Works well that way.



posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:53 PM
Here's a new interview with Marshall Barnes by Tim Ventura about the Philadelphia Experiement

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:12 AM

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:16 AM
I need to find the URL for the Bob Beckwith story and put it online - at present, I do NOT have it on AAG
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by stealthskater

What would happen if they have used this tech to move further down the time stream? 2 Weeks....
What would happen if Earth suddenly had a surge as huge as that and we all were moved behind in the timeline, due to it's mass lord only knows how far it would set us back.
This is crazy to think about.

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