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Forfeiture and Dibs

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 06:33 AM
Here's one of my recent blog entries:

There are no words to convey the level to which the human race has forfeited its right of control over the future of planet Earth, if there has ever been such a right. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean anything resembling enslavement of mankind by an advanced species... or by anyone or anything nonhuman (or human). Humanity has simply proven itself unable to get the initial job (of ecological preservation or whatever resolution) done. The indescribably militantly greedy-ignorant (current) power structure and their endless legions of (various types of religious and secular) supporters are simply too monolithically entrenched for anything effective to happen. They're/you're too robotically programmed for denial, ignorance. So, if at all possible, we need outside (or "outside") help.

There are 2 continent-sized areas of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean. Industry as we know it is poisoning the air, water and soil and, in tandem with unprecedented overpopulation, depleting vital resources. Period. That's called reality. What a concept. And it's the most dangerous type of (collective) psychosis to believe any kind of Kyoto Protocol or whatever treaty will reduce the "carbon footprint" (as though that's the only problem) enough that we can live happily ever after. Just cut the insane f-ing crap, for Christ's sake, of trying to apply Band Aids when major surgery is needed!

I'm not convinced any whoopty-do science fiction technology will be bestowed upon us by higher beings, but we'll never KNOW what energies, methods and/or technologies will be available to us if we fail to sincerely, strongly reach out to them (or the RIGHT ones); assuming they exist. No one can be MADE to care, but what are the chances of being historically favorable enough for those who don't?

If it's even CONCEIVABLE that there's something that could vacuum up our trash and poisons and incinerate and/or dump the crap elsewhere in the solar system, galaxy or universe (or other dimension?), it's the duty of the morally sound enough to vigorously pursue anything that even MIGHT point us in that general direction. (News flash: Biodiverse planets are truly SPECIAL). And the brick wall in our way is only the National Security state; rule by official secrecy.

If all our good intentions are for naught and the vampirocracy is destined to prevail (meaning trashing the planet irreperably), if there's enough justice in this universe, and if there's a way to transport enough of we good souls to a pristinely biodiverse planet, 'tis our type of (peaceful and intelligent enough) people who have dibs on it. Why would such a prize be awarded to those who don't care about things like ecosystems? And it goes without saying that those who care about their home planet enough have dibs on its future.


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