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Pike's Rendlesham File : Suppressed ?

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 04:44 AM
Has anyone here read Rendlesham File: Britain's Roswell by Andrew Pike (2006). I would really like to read a copy but it is unvailable.

The online reviews seem to show it was really good and analyses the scientific data in depth. Pike is a scientist who used to write for UFO mags.

Another reason I am interested is that I heard a really bizarre story about it from a mate the other day who is a big ufo buff. Apparently he was attending UFO meet and amongst the usual chatter it came out that someone there had heard that Pike, the author of the book was a M15 plant. Apparently this guy was sent an anonymous email telling him this before the book came out. It said that the book was government disinformation to distract from the real truth about Rendlesham and advised against reading it.

Ok these kind of bizarre rumours about things are always around but what in this case is odd is the book is now entirely unavailable. The book was only in a limited print run and has not been put back on sale by the author. Apparently this is due to some kind of campaign against the book amongst ufologists. So I think maybe this email was part of an attempt by them to undermine the book. The other alternative it really is disinformation in which case it would add to the case the government is hiding something about the case.

Anyone read it and can add any insights?

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 05:08 PM
Yes I've read it and have a copy. It was indeed a limited run and mainly in the UK. I cannot say about the MI5 connection or anything similar but Andrew Pike is big in the UK when it comes to UFOs and was one of several UK scientists down in Rendlesham when the UFO sightings were happening at the USAF bases.

It is a good scientific investigation and answers many questions, and there are hints about connections between 'official' UK agencies and the scientists, but these details, although present, are not given in huge detail.

There are a lot of new details in the work, and yes the ufologists in the UK did not like what they read! There are tensions between the author and the ufologists and by all accounts there was a bust up.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 03:50 AM
Wow that is really interesting.

No wonder these weird rumours were flying around. I really want to read a copy now. Maybe I can get one from the public library. I keep looking second hand but no joy.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:45 PM
As I'm passing through just thought I would mention that Andrew Pike was at the 'Now That's Weird' UFO conference in Glastonbury, Somerset, a couple of weekends ago as a guest of the organisers. It was a last minute appearance and he spent a very long time in converstation with Larry Warren out in the court yard. Anyway there was some talk, apparently, that in light of some new info the Rendlesham File may be re-released and expanded on (the original was just a summary).

Just thought I would give the update, may be nothing to it, but you never know especially as Andrew has not been getting involved publically with Rendlesham for a couple of years.!

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:56 PM
hmm low post count. new member. amazon link. discussing 1 of the most interesting case in UFOlogy, "the british roswell" .
are you a publishing company plant here?

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:03 PM
its kind of funny.. sighting come.. and sightings go... why do any research on it??? if you dont have a craft.. you have nothing. Impressions in the soil dont give you anything.. radioactivity doesnt mean diddly.. Until one lands.. and stays, there is nothing we can do.. but go geee.. wonder what that was??? Thats like investigating roswell.. 100 yrs later.. whats it gonna get you,? speculation.. and wild guesses..

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by Altarnon
I would really like to read a copy but it is unvailable.

Same here.

Is anyone on ATS still in touch with Andrew Pike, author of the book “The Rendlesham File : Britain’s Roswell”?

If so, could you let me have an email address or simply forward the email below and ask him to send any response to me at

Thanks, Isaac

[Email for Andrew Pike begins]

Hi Andrew,

I am writing to you about your book "The Rendlesham File : Britain's Roswell" which -as you know - is out of print and very difficult to obtain. Indeed, detailed information about its contents is not easy to obtain. The most detailed comments I’ve seen in relation to your book are fairly short reviews on Amazon and also UFO DATA’s review of that book in Issue 5 at page 38 at the link below:

I am a barrister in England with an interest in various issues relating to reports of "UFOs" and have written various items online about such issues, including the following:

When reading through about 1,000 UFO books a few years ago, I made notes of references to discussions of various UFO events, documents and personalities which I cross-references in a 2,000 page document. The relevant list of references in relation to the Rendlesham Forest Incident(s) is available online at the link below (in a table of references to 89 relevant books, which can be sorted by title, author or date by clicking on the top of the relevant column):

That table does not include a reference to your book on Rendlesham, since I do not currently own a copy of it.

I know from your posts on the old forum at in a thread entitled “Bustinza phone interview,20 april 1984” and another thread entitled “May 2010 Transcript of Col Halt tape “ that you sold your book at a loss at best (and gave some copies away, including to Sacha Christie) due to the costs of self-publishing and the cost of your research. You also said that “to avoid any further smear of being a money maker on the back of this subject, I am going to withdraw rights from the publisher in an email this morning. It's dead and gone! And so am I, that's it!” - so I will not ask if you have any plans to have the second edition printed and sold commercially.

However, if you want, assuming you are the copyright holder, it would be relatively simple to make your book available as a PDF via a free file storage website.

In this way, you could make your work available to those interested without anyone having any grounds whatsoever for suggesting you are seeking to profit from your work (not that I personally see anything wrong with seeking to recover the costs you incurred or even make a profit on them).

Provided you give your permission for your book to be made for free in this way, I'm sure I can sort things out for you so you would not have to lift a finger. I recently did something similar in relation to another UFO book (Willy Smith's "On pilots and UFOs") which his widow decided she would like to make available free of charge to the UFO community - as I discussed at the thread below:

Given the time and effort you must have put into your book, it would be a shame if it continued to be unavailable to those interested in reading it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


[Email for Andrew Pike ends]
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