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Are we the kink in the armor?

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 10:02 PM
The NWO conspiracy relies on secrecy to operate. It relies on the problem-reaction-solution.

If WE UNDERSTAND the tactics, then we are virtually IMMUNE to problem-reaction-solution a.k.a psychological programming.

OK, we have Virginia Tech. I genuinely feel sorry for the victims, but you have to admit that the media coverage the event received was just ridiculous. Come on, Bush was practically on the verge of tears in front of the nation for a full week. Smells like propaganda. And the public? They think it was just a "lone nut", and that we NEED gun control to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Problem? 9/11


Solution? Let us take away your Bill of Right, and the boggy man won't get you.

So, a Bilderberg tactic relies on the public's REACTION. If the public KNOWS that it was a false-flag, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE SAME REACTION!

Don't you think that we, who see THROUGH the veil of propaganda, are a kink in the incremental approach to a totalitarian society?

Just think: several million Americans will not give up their guns no matter what. You can declare martial law, BUT UNLESS YOU DISARM THE POPULATION, YOU WILL FAIL!

And with the people WAKING UP, disarmament, even by throwing MKULTRA school shootings, IS NOT GOING TO WORK!

You know what? The truth movements got out of control. The Elite initially left Alex Jones alone, hoping to ridicule him, thinking character assassination is more effective than ASSASSINATION.

Now? After 7 years? Truth movements are FINALLY out of control, and the Elite are in a tight squeeze.

The internet helped facilitate the information spread.

Now? The FBI tries to regain control under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Doubtlessly the attempt will fail.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:24 AM

Now? The FBI tries to regain control under the guise of fighting terrorism.

I thought that was the CIA's job to re-establish government superiority under the guise of the anti-terror law. Surely the FBI can't be joining in too, I thougth they only dealt with state matters, and terrorism was the CIA's problem. How are they going to pull that one off? Or perhaps more people will be shipped to Cairo, (where the CIA's anti-terror torture dock is...), to be dealt with under their regimes...

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