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How to digest “Aliens & UFO’s, Without the use of duct tape!

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 11:28 AM
Greetings fellow ATS’ers. Following is a short satirical primer on how to read the threads on Aliens & UFO’s without spending hours on a subject only to find disappointment at the end. I invite any other lazy people such as myself to add additional thoughts to the subject if so inclined.

1. Beware the heading!!! Topics that start with words such as “Mystery Solved”, UFO Proof, The truth about…., The Real UFO…, Could this be the greatest UFO photo ever; etc., should immediately put up a red flag!

2. You Tube is not your friend!!!

3. Don’t read the original post. Skip to the first few responses. They will tell you if the topic is new, has already been discussed, is on another thread, has already been debunked, or has been determined as a hoax, thus eliminating further examination. If the topic is deemed new then go back and read the original post.

4. Any threads of over 10 pages usually have a significant time span of argument, name calling, thread stealing attempts, diversions and off topic commentary. After reading the first couple of pages, skip to the end and read backwards depending upon the interest.

5. Read all Mars topics as they usually have really cool pictures even if they are just rocks.

6. Suck up to the moderators so that they will keep doing all the hard work for us! Such as fixing our links, fixing our photos, fixing our posts and just all around fixing kinds of things.

7. For those new to ATS who want to tackle the Isaac CARET – C2C Drone possible explanation thread…..keep the duct tape handy. You’re gonna need it!!! As of this writing 263 pages, 5,246 posts and rising!

For all you great folks on ATS this is tongue in cheek and not meant to offend. Keep looking upward and outward.


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