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The sky is always falling for some people

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 08:39 AM
Gloom and doom makes the world go round. Some of it if not all of it is self-fulfilling. Why does the small minority of people who are always depressed about something feel the need to bring everyone around them down? Misery loves company I guess.

One company lays off a thousand people, another one hires two thousand, we seldom hear about the companies that hire two thousand because few of us want the good news.

For the last three decades, people have been predicting the housing bubble, well congratulations they finally made it happen, that negative energy really works!

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes from county tax sales every year in America, yet no one ever complained about that. The news media certainly never mentions it, and it continues every year.

But we get people who don’t read mortgage loan papers and sign them anyway, who then got caught in the stampede out of real estate by a bunch of other people who didn’t read their mortgage loan papers and signed them anyway. Well, I say that is self-fulfilling disaster of one’s own doing.

Anyway, keep up that negativity people, and someday we can all be miserable, but miserable together.

And btw, I hear that all the bees are dying. Really? I was out in my yard yesterday and there were honey bees all over the place sucking on my dandelions, and they were not all too happy about me cutting them dandelions with my lawn mower.


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