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The Food Trap

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:13 AM
For some time, I have wondered why we don't spend more effort on local food production. We spend countless time, money and effort in keeping human comfortable in large open spaces, even when it gets to -30 or 115 f.

Why, are we not growing food crops the same way, allowing natural light in, yet keeping the environment completely controlled, including free from pests without chemicals.

How much do we spend on transporting produce? From all over the world? Most of these can be grown anywhere in a controlled environment. Think about the Earth House in the cold high plains deserts of New Mexico, growing a banana tree. (I've seen the youtube video)

Imagine if every town pooled together for a community greenhouse project. Think of the wonderful indoor market, with fresh produce available. How much could the community save over time? How much healthier would it be for them? How much trucking and packaging costs could we reduce? Billion, no, maybe trillions.

Nope, it's a trap, designed to keep mankind reliant on government and big business for our food, water, even our air is controlled by rules and regulation and inspections and blah blah blah.

And since certain areas are susceptible to weather, droughts, pollution, we take our chance trusting someone else to grow our food. Nothing against the farmers, God bless them, but think about a head of lettuce. As it grows, it captures everything that falls out of the sky. They are great air filters.

Then they introduce hybrid seeding, telling the farmers about the huge increase in output, and the acceptibility of Round-up chemicals.
John Titor was right. What are we thinking???

What they forgot to tell the farmers, is the seeds are sterile. In 7-10 years, all your crops will be dead, and simple things like wheat and rice, our food staples, will become simply put (unavailable).

That is why they have the Doomsday Seed Vault. Gates and Soros and Rockefeller aren't putting their hybrid seed in there, those are the good, unmanipulated seeds. They know what's going on.

Slowly starve the masses, cause a few billion "useless eaters" to die off from, war, famine and disease, clean things up a bit, and replant, stop spraying the skies with chemicals, stop putting flouride in the water, stop feeding the masses toxic legal and illegal drugs.

Who will be left (they think) will be a billion or so slaves, because the strong survive, and the elite "worthy" rulers, just like the days of Egypt, will walk around earth as gods.

Spring is here. You can still pick up some remote land for cheap. It may not be a bad idea to plant your own food, because I've got a feeling this current
food crisis is just beginning.

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 07:35 AM
i agree with you about the pesticides and all, but, have you ever eaten anything out of a greenhouse? Usually it tastes yuk - especially tomatoes.
Everyone could have their own garden like they used to in the old days, but today's generation would probably see it as too much work.
Personally I love getting my hands into the soil. I can eat my own veg's without worrying about whats in it.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 08:23 AM
I think what it boil down to, is we miss the reward of growing our own food.

My girlfriends mother has a greenhouse, and everything I've ate out of there has tasted great. Some may not grow as well out of season, but I bet the plant could be naturally trained to grow year around.

I agree about getting our fingers in the dirt. It's all about planting the seed.

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