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Was Dr. Steven Greer paid to lie...?

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by N3V3RM1ND

Your enthusiastic support of Greer ignores history. You say: "He spoke under a tone which suggested that he UNDERSTOOD the need to present his information in a logical and rational manner, based on facts and evidence."

Not so. What you call facts and evidence are lacking in facts and evidence. Just because someone claims something, without presenting irrefutable evidence to support the claims, does not make it so. He's been exposed here on many threads.

"I'm sure everyone here knows what I mean by this. In 2001, he was sticking to the facts and nothing else."

Once again, you're wrong. If he stuck to facts he would have been on safer grounds than he found himself in. More like quicksand.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by The Shrike
reply to post by N3V3RM1ND

Not so. What you call facts and evidence are lacking in facts and evidence. Just because someone claims something, without presenting irrefutable evidence to support the claims, does not make it so. He's been exposed here on many threads.

Precisely. In 2001 we got a massive selection of substantial claims and select bunch of witnesses all claiming various types of evidence. Yet 9 years on we're continually asked to fund his touring and pay for the evidence by ways of DVD purchase

I'd just like to explain my stance on this, if theres a legitimate reason why the evidence cannot be presented to us on the disclosure project website for free then what is this reason?

He proclaims the government know about 0 point energy and are controlling the masses to force us into using fuels and systems we dont NO longer need. Yet he's guilty of using these same methods against the masses for funding?

Someone commented earlier on in this thread something like:
"If anyone else appeared online claiming to have all this evidence and failed to back it up they'd be labelled a hoax"

Sure, I can accept it sounds a little wild, but its not so far from the truth is it? I mean Greer has done well to start the project and by collating a huge group of key witnesses willing to stand in court to back up their claims with solid evidence and facts. But where is this evidence? Why do we have to pay to see it? Isn't he guilty himself of charging us for this? Then using the aircraft the government supplies him with to fly round the world to these conferences in?

You have to understand I am not against what Steven Greer is proposing or started out, I think its great if someone wants maximum coverage for something like this but I DO question his methods. A Great Deal. I cant see any reason why he couldn't provide us with this information online.

What if a secret agency caught this site releasing irrefuteable evidence? They'd close it down? Why do that? if the guy is using their aircraft to fly round the world wouldnt it be easier to make an aircraft accident out of the whole team and a select group of whistleblowers to take out?

Maybe: there is something I'm missing here that I've not seen and theres a completely legitimate reason for him charging $20 per dvd. (if there is please do respond and point it out to me as its not obvious).

I recently noticed that an exopolitics show is showing in Leeds, UK very soon. I think Steve Bassett is due to turn up there and do a talk. Upon checking online I found the price per head to be about £100

If I paid to go to one of these conferences what would I get? by the sounds of what Jritzmann said earlier on i'd get nothing more than insubstantial claims and 0 evidence... to back any of it up.

So for now from the outside looking in. In my own assessment I'm a truth seeker with plenty of questions and no answers. The two agencies that seem to hold the answers are with holding information, for whatever reasons maybe its their own agendas preventing them from releasing this information. I have to now question the whole agenda, because it seems that chasing the disclosure project and chasing these other ventures lobbying for money to spread the word, seems a huge DECOY to sway us away from chasing the real issue. It seems that by the time the public do actually wake up and get wise to whats going on, whatever it was the government were hiding they've already covered up.

This year i've been willing to scrimp and save my money to afford a really good retail videocamera which cost over £300. I find cash hard to come by and cant justify spending £100 to attend a conference where I wont get any closer to the answers I do seek, especially when these said witnesses on the promotional video back in 2001 claimed that we only have to ''look up on a clear night'' and we'll see it for ourselves.

Now finally I'd like to make a public request. If you have a disclosure Project dvd and have purchased it, does this show the evidence? If not, what does it show? I've heard that the DVD costs $20.00 Is it worth the Outlay? I'd of thought at this price per head, non-counting all the conferences they attend their certainly not starving or malnurished are they?

Please dont get angry or smart in replying, I know its tempting but I just want real answers to the questions I'm asking and I'm asking them in the honest manner of someone from the outside looking in.

In friendship

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 12:00 PM
Hello America,
greetings to your beautiful country (NC especially, but also most of the rest!) from Cologne, Germany.

I am not a true "Ufologist" (so to speak), neither is my English perfect enough to say anything I would like you to understand - sorry - but I bought and read (!) some 10 of the main books on the subject and...? And changed my mind on a daily basis about the general content. One day I was a believer, the next day I found most stuff ridiculous, than I believed again and so on. Nothing has changed ever since and for the past 2-3 years. I read something, I see something - and believe! I read and hear something contradictory and..., you know what!

Am I generally one of those that change their minds on a daily basis? No, not really!

Normally I do not register to forums - any forums - so this is an exception. I just saw "The day before disclosure" and the 90 minutes video made me...., sigh, believe again. Then I thought, hell, why is Greer not showing anything from the "direct contacts" he made. Does that make any sense, I wondered? I send a short note to the "" contact address with exactly this question. That was 10 minutes ago! 9 minutes ago I googled searchwords like "Why Dr. Greer is not showing footage of...", something that brought me in touch with this forum. I read all posts till "page-2" (I continue to read the rest after this), where I found one thought to be as simple as intelligent and compelling. The person asked what the sense of the, of any disclose project could be, if the one person that runs the project does not want to disclose his own footage (of sightings and contact).

Maybe, before making up my mind about it, I should hear about Greer's reasoning, but, in this case, I do not need any explanation "why-not", because none of them would make sense to me.

Greer is obviously caught in a big contradiction making all his answers sound silly and not believable to a reasonably intellegent mind.

Yes, I got doubts now. I am certainly not a believer today and wonder what could change that. If the one, the main protagonist of the disclosure case were lying, how can we trust the rest? Though I firmly believe the world is CERTAINLY NOT READY to deal with the truth (in case the truth is that aliens exist and visit the earth), I find it weird to hear this argument from Greer (if this is what he really said) himself, the one person that promotes total disclosure.

"When a bag of rice skips in China" (German saying) - the stock-market reacts in Frankfort, New York and Tokio. What do you think happens, if Alien-visitations on earth were confirmed for once and all? You think people would continue their daily routine? You think the "Grey's and family" are invited to Oprah, then lives goes on as before...? The issues that would really happen - in case an arrival is confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt - are so massive and fundamental, that nobody can even comprehend and forsee what would really take place then. Possibly even war, I personally believe! So, yes, there are (or "were") good reasons to keep such information secret. Nobody can really predict an ultimate outcome. The risk is simply uncalculatable. Weighing both options, I personally find it safer to spare the public from a (maybe) possible truth.

In answer to the original poster I want to say that his post makes much sense. He has a valid point! The many responses - including my own - confirm that!

Nobody knows if Greer is as serious as his followers believe! Sometimes, when looking (!) at him talking, I get the feeling he's an alien-hybrid himself!

from Cologne,
Dr. Grey

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 02:09 AM
Greer seems like a guy who does some shapeshifting. He was the guy who organized the National Press Club event not quite 2 years ago with Edgar Mitchell that got me actively interested in UFOs. I'm glad that happened. He seemed credible at that event and always had been when I'd seen him in TV documentaries during the days of my more passive UFO interest. Being more interested, I saw more of him and his message for the UFO media is a lot different than what he shows the mainstream media. He can still come off as credible when he wants to. It's marketing.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 01:40 PM
Yeah, he did seem to violently shift in credibility. The disclosure project had it's moments too, though. Jaime Maussan is, in my mind, and elaborate hoaxer. Clifford stone, I find very hard to believe 99% of the time as well. The NASA people were great, but other than that, the disclosure project didn't really have "much of a leg to stand on" either, seeing as how they could not substantiate many of their claims with statements other than "I swear", or "I worked there."

Fastwalkers was definitely not worth the 16$ I spent on it when it came out, and I see that time period as the turning point in my perception of Greer. Nowadays, I'd say he's "a turd in the punchbowl" for all legitimate whistle-blowers who associate with him, unfortunately. Having creeps like Charles Hall as whistle blowers on your DVD doesn't help your cause either. Haha.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:37 AM

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:38 AM

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:58 AM
reply to post by N3V3RM1ND

I agree that something very strange happened with Greer, they were rolling along with data and facts pushing for disclosure - then blink - all secretive and looking more like a religous cult conjouring up UFOs rather than revealing facts and truths for all to see.... What caused the sudden change? I have been wanting a few of the paranormal talk shows and investigators to get into this and find out what really happenned. A few of my own thoughts and options as to what could of happened (I am not sure what is true...) - the last may give a clue as to what really happened...

a) He could have been "got at" and was given an altimatum to stop pushing, and becoming a "joke" is a good way to discredit everything than has gone before in his work.
b) He may have discovered he could make good money off gullable people and is milking it for all he can.
c) He could have touched on the real reason why there can never ever be disclosure - I have myself been stumbling on more and more evidence that UFO's and related "beings" [not including earth military, hoaxes and mis-identifcations - which account for a lot of "sightings") are heavily tied up with religion and spiritual type experiences. Could Greer have stumbled into a truth that non-human entities could be either extraterestial, or spiritual in nature - and has got wrapped up into spirit type things? i.e. totally side-tracked. And as in so much spiritual stuff, there is that of God, and that of evil.... Angels are described as physical beings, what if they flew here ??? ... what if the truth is far far stranger and provocative than any fiction, and so terribily religiously and spiritually contraversial for all religions, scientists and athiests alike - it would have the whole world in uproar... Why should any alien want to drop down on demand when called through thoughts or "prayer" ?? I will continue this discusion if folks are interested,,,,,

Back to the focus of the topic - I would like answers as to what really has happened with Greer - can he not be pursuaded into a "coast-to-coast" interview or something to explain himself ?? He is revealing nothing anymore....

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