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I want to time travel - response to OnTheDeck

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 05:15 PM
"I want to volunteer to time travel!!!!!!!"

Seriously though, if someone was taken for 'time travelling' how long would they be gone? Would you get to choose where you go? (Sorry I didn't think my questions would've already been answered and I don't have time to check.)

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Does anyone realize this thread makes absolutely no sense?

You got your names on a list, now what?

This was an attempt at grabbing attention and it worked... but now I'm wondering how many more people are going to take this seriously before they realize nothing is happening here.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by NewWorldOver
Does anyone realize this thread makes absolutely no sense?

You got your names on a list, now what?

This was an attempt at grabbing attention and it worked... but now I'm wondering how many more people are going to take this seriously before they realize nothing is happening here.

Even if nothing does happen, you still have more ATS points and post count D:...

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Hi, shiman!!

You said,

Originally posted by shiman

There is two things funny about what you said. The first is that i understood everything.

The second is that my dad has a sort of goatee. Just split in half.

Emphasis mine.

What did you mean when you said, "...i understood everything"? I presume it was because I tried to explain that process clearly...Or have you heard about these sorts of time portals before...? Just curious...

One of the reasons I volunteered was that I heard that you could volunteer AT ALL. Um, time travel? Yes.

Some people on the "question" thread got upset with the discussion, because they felt like TD (and/or other people/ETs) were messing with our race/planet by using this technology; they wanted things left alone. I understand where they're coming from. I think it's entirely possible that this has gone on, and may be going on right now.

All of the sources I consider worth listening to are explaining that, if any timeline shifts are occurring, it is happening for the better. It's also been made clear that the time to wreak real havoc on this planet is past, and we are on the right track.

TD believes that this technology has been used by both self-serving entities, wishing to keep us on track with "their" agendas; as well as being used by the more benevolent, "guiding" entities (and, at times, himself), to keep us on our evolutionary track. If it serves to pull us out of the rut and the darkness we've been existing in, then I'm in.

Yeah, that's right
It's time to set the record straight

Ain't nobody got to spell it for me
Ain't nobody got to yell I can see
Ain't nobody got the pain I can hear
But if I have to I'll yell in your ear

Time for living
Time for giving

Ain't nobody to to spell it for me
I said ain't nobody got to yell I can see
I said ain't nobody got the pain I can hear
But if I have to I will yell in your ear

Soul fire
Soul fire
And we ain't got no water
We don't got no water

Time for living time for giving
No time for making up a monster to sell
Time for living time for giving
No time for breakin' out a lie to sell


I said that because you mentioned something about puting a crazy helmet on. Yes i know. it is a figure of speach.

Also i read a lot of science mags and science fiction. I read several theories about time travel. Seen movies on it, and i cant forget ats.

I meant more that it made sense.


Just because...
I volunteer!

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 09:03 PM
Hey all

A bookmark..... Is it empty dreams?

In order to trust a popular religious belief, we are asked to believe a much more complicated version of reality than simple time travel. Why is it so hard to believe time travel is not real? Even the US Government spends Billions of Dollars of Taxpayers money, researching that very thing.

Oh sorry, people spend Trillions of Dollars, giving to Religious Institutes. I am not sure why? Why does the "Church" or Donald Trump need to hoard so much Money?

I do see time travel in the near future.

What does the "Church" see? ......stand by for further information, it will be posted on a need to know basis....keep giving money.

What does the Government know?.....stand by for further information, it will be posted on a need to know basis.....keep working.

Heck, why not, I want to be involved in those changes. The alternative is not that appealing.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 09:44 PM
This is hilarious. I was about to post the revised/updated volunteer list and I got an error message that the site was undergoing maintenance.

Exit out of the site and pop back on and find that win 52 was making a post at the same time I was...hahaa That's not the first time that's happened with win... Someone must want you "officially" on the list.

And, win, you obviously already know this, but time travel IS a reality.

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

Ben Rich, Former Head of Lockheed Skunk Works, during a 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA

Expletive government!



(In no particular order)

Renato Ferraz - Unwitting Volunteer approx. 10/28/1992 haha
OnTheDeck (AKA atsdeck, Bart) Volunteered 2/5/07
ATSGUY - Volunteered 4/11/07
Cyber_Wasp - Volunteered 5/1/07
win 52 - Volunteered ?? (He opened his fat mouth on 2/22/07 on page 12 of the "If you could ask..." thread, so I'll say then aahah
Prote - Volunteered ??
Graham S Broughton - Volunteered 12/14/06
Domnic - Volunteered 12/27/06
flamingjune - Volunteered 12/27/06
mjw3 - Volunteered 1/15/07
philip - Volunteered 2/1/07
Tom - Volunteered 3/10/07
Edu - Volunteered 3/15/07
Harlowe - Volunteered 3/19/07
Osvaldo de Puerto Rico - Volunteered 4/22/07
Ned - Volunteered 4/28/07
Jacin Young - Volunteered 5/8/07
Jon Jalbert - Volunteered 5/31/07
Vahe Pichikian - Volunteered 8/8/07
Daniel - Volunteered 12/2/07
christopther davis - Volunteered 12/2/07
BDKEITH - Volunteered 10/23/07
Skoosh - Volunteered 12/4/07
Francois - Volunteered 12/7/07
DoctorWho - Volunteered 12/28/07
Brian McPherson - Volunteered 12/29/07
Yukmarc - Volunteered 12/30/07
sword - Volunteered 1/3/08
Sidney Claudius - Volunteered 1/9/08
Alex - Volunteered 2/3/08
Jeroenske - Volunteered 2/4/08
Giuseppe - Volunteered 2/7/08
Andrew - Volunteered 2/7/08
StarGrave - Volunteered 2/7/08
raivo - Volunteered 2/14/08
Rick - Volunteered 2/20/08
Pedro - Volunteered 2/28/08
Scott - Volunteered 3/4/08
Mudppyup - Volunteered 3/9/08
micphil - Volunteered 3/10/08
Leronius - Volunteered 3/25/08
Dylan - Volunteered 3/31/08
Guthrie Prentice - Volunteered 4/6/08
Dave - Volunteered 4/7/08
NickT - Volunteered 3/31/08
whaaa - Volunteered 1/24/07
othello - Volunteered 1/26/07
some_stupid_name - Volunteered 1/30/07
Illusionsaregrander - Volunteered 2/3/07
schmidty_beleives - Volunteered 2/4/07
asthepalacesburn - Volunteered 2/4/07
cometa2 - Volunteered 2/13/07
Anusethkamadiri - Volunteered 2/14/07
SLK1223 - Volunteered 2/14/07
roisu - Volunteered 2/14/07
BallOfPopulation - Volunteered 2/14/07
ledo4 - Volunteered 2/15/07
Rx4556 - Volunteered 2/18/07
MouldyCrumpet - Volunteered 2/19/07
Psuedonym - Volunteered 2/23/07
Kingalbrect79 - Volunteered 3/8/07
CORTARA - Volunteered 3/8/07
ChiliDog - Volunteered 3/16/07
curiousbeliever - Volunteered 3/180/7
Artic - Volunteered 3/22/07
ShadowEyes - Volunteered 4/11/07
Alpha Grey - Volunteered 4/11/07
ferferfer33 - Volunteered 4/13/07
HealingNeeded - Volunteered 4/29/07
scientist - Volunteered 5/16/07
JackRuby - Volunteered 6/11/07
LocalGenius - Volunteered 6/16/07
popeye0314 - Volunteered 7/26/07
FreeThinkerIdealist - Volunteered 7/29/07
doctorK - Volunteered 8/17/07
Karl7772000 - Volunteered 9/1/07
yahn goodey - Volunteered 9/9/07
sputniksteve - Volunteered 9/12/07
Core90 - Volunteered 10/14/07
DeadFlagBlues - Asked for u2u when " whackos get this thing up and rolling" 10/23/07
jmilla - Volunteered 10/29/07
joao22990 - Volunteered 11/3/07
midniteracerx - Volunteered 11/27/07
Solarskye - Volunteered 11/13/07
Ginger Kid - Volunteered 11/21/07
FremenBlueEyes - Volunteered 12/14/07
Wig - Volunteered 12/14/07
Thill - Volunteered 12/15/07
spacevisitor - Volunteered 12/18/07
lord sword - Volunteered 12/19/07
GUICE2 - Volunteered 1/8/08
darcon - Volunteered 2/3/08
Jeroenske - Volunteered 2/4/08
acegotflows - Volunteered 2/12/08
Rapax - Volunteered 2/12/08
Galalian102 - Volunteered 2/17/08
unknownfrost - Volunteered 2/29/08
gimme_some_truth - Volunteered 3/1/08
buslady - Volunteered 3/23/08
leronius - Volunteered 3/24/08
dodgygeeza - Volunteered 3/31/08
mrhacka - Volunteered 3/31/08
liltinybus - Volunteered 4/2/08
xReaperx - Volunteered 4/5/08


BlackMagicianofEloheem – Volunteered 4/24/08
Pagani – Volunteered 4/24/08
ian990003100 – Volunteered 4/24/08
TheStev – Volunteered 4/24/08
Beamish – Volunteered 4/25/08
NetStorm – Volunteered 4/25/08
atmos1 – Volunteered 4/25/08
Vandermast – Volunteered 4/25/08
jkrog08 – Volunteered 4/25/08
_damon – Volunteered 4/25/08
Mandala – Volunteered 4/25/08
Trams – Volunteered 4/25/08
Grock – Volunteered 4/25/08
SHADOW WALKER – Volunteered 4/25/08
ky – Volunteered 4/25/08
DraconianKing – Volunteered 4/25/08
pieman – Volunteered 4/25/08
shiman – Volunteered 4/25/08
ghostryder21 – Volunteered 4/25/08
downtown436 – Volunteered 4/25/08
Kappo – Volunteered 4/26/08
win 52 – Actual Volunteer Date 4/26/08

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:58 AM
i volunteer. 120%... anyday, anytime, anyplace. who do i have to kill? scan me, test me, probe me... with or without lube... just let me know & i'm ready.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:21 AM
Im In.
Ill take on missions in the past or furure, or even slideways in time.
Just one question, can we bring back dueling through temporal meddling?

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:29 AM
I'll go.

I'lll just write a few pieces of literature that keep people mind-controlled and orchestrate their behavior for 2000 years, and disseminate said literature to powerful people to spread amongst the population.

o wait.. second thought...

someone already must have.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Prote - Volunteered ??

I didn't, but I will. Only because you actually described me somewhere inadvertantly and while I was reading this, Back to the Future part 2 came on the TV, I did have a chuckle. Oh, and something to do with soul families.

Anyway, if it's all hooey, nothing will happen, if it isn't, then it might. I don't see the harm regardless of beliefs and opinions. Mine is that the grandfather paradox doesn't exist, you can't effect any change no matter what you do and time travel is for education and karmic testing. Anyway, I'm in.

DeadFlagBlues - Asked for u2u when " whackos get this thing up and rolling" 10/23/07

The best sign up yet. I'm with this guy.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 12:41 PM
Thank you to all of the volunteers!!!

I've read your posts and I'm chuckling at the responses.


Originally posted by Pagani

But I gotta bring my cessna c'mon dude tell me I can bring my cessna with me. I want to go to Spain 1491 so i can discover the americas with my cessna!

As I understand it, people will be outfitting all sorts of vehicles with time travel equipment (TD can correct me if I'm wrong). This means you WILL be able to take your Cessna. ahah

That actually brings up an interesting point. If you time travel to Egypt in a Cessna, how would that affect the locals? Would we see hieroglyphs of Cessnas, Model T Fords, boats and the like (as we apparently have with the Egyptian drawings of seemingly modern craft)?

The above image is from's ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS page.

There are so many paradoxes that it would be too complicated to get into a discussion about this here. Suffice to say, according to TD, you WILL be able to outfit the Cessna, and "barrel roll" over the pyramids 10,000 years ago (or whenever they were constructed)...

Hey, BlackMagicianofEloheem. You said the 1960's would be fun. Get your mojo back...I just want to say, you're not alone in wanting things to happen.

Look at all of the people here, in the other thread and everywhere else on the Internet. There is a fire sweeping across the entire planet, and the Internet is primarily responsible.

When an individual finally has a moment and realizes that things are NOT what they seem in their humdrum or painful life - when they want a question answered to which they are not receiving a satisfactory response, they will hit the Internet. The truth is here, amidst all of the chatter and obfuscation; sometimes it's ugly and painful to look at; at others, it is mind-blowing and awe inspiring.

Things that were once relegated to chat room discussions are now becoming visible and manifest, physically, in our environment. The cat is out of the bag. As much as the powers that be, and the mainstream media want to keep a lid on things, and maintain control, that control is slipping from their grasp, and quickly.

The political and social turmoil we see is not an accident, but it is also not a product, simply, of failed systems; although certain systems are destined to fail. What is happening is a response to a realization that the powers that be want kept from the majority of the human race, and that is that CHANGE is happening now - and that change is resulting in our collective awakening, and freedom.

This is not ascension, per se, but is a graduation of the majority of this race into a reality where the individual controls their destiny, and not a small, elite group who oppresses them.

If you want proof that things in our physical reality are changing here is a sampling. It is my hope that most people reading this have already come across these videos. If not, enjoy. They are the tip of the iceberg. If you want to feel wonder, take what you are seeing in with an open mind; and, when you have time, look to the skies yourself and try to tell yourself that you don't have a strange sense that things are "different" right now.


(And this is only what our instruments are detecting. What is happening beyond our view?)






Things on the planet are changing literally before our eyes. If you think the high note is going to be Armageddon, you're off the mark by about 180 degrees. You have to see what is happening in our natural world, and see that our physical world is changing around us and before our eyes.

What all of this feels like to me (the natural stuff) is akin to watching a sunrise. We are seeing the first streaks of light over the tree tops. The light is getting stronger; and we are beginning to feel the warmth. When the sun has fully risen, a new world will be illuminated; and all of us will be basking it its glow.

So how does that relate to what is happening in our political and social institutions? These institutions - our governments, military, financial markets ($$) - are all tied together.

Part of "what I got schooled on" when I dug in to my research was that these groups exist, and they hold sway over the organizations that essentially run our societies. If you can take a micro example of nepotism, or what's not so affectionately termed a sort of "Good Ol' Boys Club" and just expand that concept to the macro (the governments, military, royal families, etc.), then you can start to get a picture of how things are run.

What is happening right now - what many are being distracted from - is a threat to their very stability. Many of the groups that manage things behind the scenes are not able to think outside of the box; many feel like they are responsible for shepherding our race, and that they are concerned these changes will spell certain doom. Many of these groups simply wish to maintain control, and that as well will be completely undermined.

What is happening is not merely some manipulation of the global institutions by these folks in power in an attempt to maintain control and distract people - although this is happening; but what is happening is that EVERYTHING, top to bottom, is undergoing a "shift". It's not just a crisis in the financial systems; and it's not the citizens simply waking up to the criminality extant in their governments.

These physical institutions are undergoing atrophy at an accelerated rate, yes; but this is happening as a result of a larger and more profound shift that is actually affecting the molecules/energy of our physical bodies. It's a shift into a new reality - and not just a happy reality with more people-friendly social institutions, but a reality that may have little resemblance to the reality we thought we once knew. You kind of have to laugh when you think about the measures certain groups are undertaking to try to prevent or delay forces greater than they can imagine from shifting this planet.

This new reality is going to see more and more people with exceptional psychic abilities (we are already seeing this), more open contact with the other intelligent beings that exist around us, technology that will make our notion of physics look like kindergarten arithmetic, and many other things you can hardly imagine. These are just a few of the things; but "aware" people HAVE to see this coming. It is staring all of us right in the face.

Anyway, not to get off on a rant. Just showing that what we see happening politically/socially needs to be viewed within the greater context of what is actually physically happening around us; in our universe - and with regard to who is beginning to make "contact".

But until the more open, direct contact scenarios occur in a real, physical (or clearly understood) manner, we have to wait it out. We are clearly already being contacted; the methods are just not immediately being recognized...They are by a few, however...

ian990003100, you said you'd like to go into the future 2,000 years or so. You also said you'd want to take a photo of your daughter. You could take her as well if she wished.

TD said that he remembers some of his friends taking their entire families to the future when this technology was available.

Someone else mentioned here that they wanted to be returned to the moment right before they left. This is possible, and may actually be your decision.

According to TD and many others see (despite the fact that a lot of the "channeled" and "lightworker" material has turned a lot of people off), our world is about to turn into a wonderland.

Fear not. Fear is a control mechanism; it's a tool many use to manipulate. It's worked pretty well, so those folks continue to use it, and will continue until the last vestige of control is wrested from them. You understand that certain energies/beings feed on it. Fear does not serve the individual; it limits them. Be fearless.

TD also says that in his travels to the future, that time travel is more common. He also says, as well, that there are sort of time travel "police"; although they don't arrest folks; they just prevent individuals from using the technology for selfish reasons, reasons without a positive or sincere intention behind them, for harm, or for negatively oriented folks to peer into the future to get items/information they can use back in their own time to wreak havoc. The technology is guarded.

According to TD (and others) hate and wars will be foreign ideas to the race of the future. The idea of selfishness, hate, and wars will be virtually wiped from the memory of our future race. They will not exist.

To all of the volunteers, your time will come sooner rather than later.

I'm not saying these changes equate to TD being perfectly right on the money. But what is happening right now sure makes it possible...

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 12:55 PM
Hi, Prote!!

Yes, I put you on the list with a question mark. I've always valued your input; some of it challenging my own viewpoints; much of it in agreement.

Look, TD's assertions, although very possible, are still difficult to accept completely; this much is true. We weren't there. He also admits that he's trying to understand his experiences as well.

You said,

Originally posted by Prote

Anyway, if it's all hooey, nothing will happen, if it isn't, then it might. I don't see the harm regardless of beliefs and opinions.

It's a case of nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain. Of course, I will point and laugh at you when others see your name on the list haah OK, that was wrong...I'm on there too...

Promise, when these whackos get this thing up and running, we'll give everyone a call ahaha

It's a strange world we're living in...And it's getting stranger by the second...

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 06:18 PM
I am game for a little traveling in time if my lack of faith at the moment doesn't block me from being chosen.

However it would be nice to have a reasonable way of getting around safely. I would like a hovering Segway from the future equipped with a force field if that can be acquired. And of course a main transport vehicle for traveling longer distances.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

So after more than a year of actively recruiting volunteers and proxy posting on behalf of a banned member (both of which are against the T&C, by the way), can you tell us how many of these people have actually time travelled?

Just askin'.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

Alright dude, I can bring my cessna that's great! You wanna be in my cessna when I barrel roll through the pyramids!? Lol, I wanna see the expression of the egyptian faces when they see me barrel roll! ROFL. It's gonna be awesome man. There's just one problem though, fuel. I don't think we can resupply the plane with fuel again once we time travel to the past. Perhaps, we could buy a lot of fuel in 1990 and THEN go to the past. Cause that way the fuel will cost much less. We could pretty much like hide it somewhere in the desert and we'll just land in that spot anytime we need fuel or something.

Also lemme know when we gonna roll to the past cause I gotta bring some females, one for you one for me. Don't worry they are good looking gals. So yeah. I'm pretty much ready dude, so anytime you want we go.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:07 PM
Uh-oh. Moderator. hehe

Hi, yeahright!!

Well, to be fair, I haven't (and neither has TD) actually "asked" anyone to volunteer since we had this conversation with the moderators months ago. And neither TD nor I have asked for anyone's personal information.

This is sort of (OK, a really) strange case. I can tell people to stop volunteering. I don't have a problem doing that. But would they? A lot of people have been following the thread and know what that is all about; they've read our disclaimer, and many have volunteered anyway...

Also, to be fair to myself and TD, BlackMagicianofEloheem opened this thread (albeit as a debate thread), and folks just started jumping in. I admit I may have gotten carried away with it; but if folks volunteer and are asking questions, I should at least offer background as to how the whole thing started in the first place. People should have an idea of how the subject came up/where it originated.

I've tried to make it clear in the other thread how it started, and that TD and I were not actively soliciting for volunteers. I just thought it would be fun to show how many people had since this all started (re: the list), and to offer some background info.

I understand there is a concern about gathering personal info, solicitations, etc., and that's not what happened here.

We would like everyone to know that we've stopped asking if people wanted to volunteer long ago. We don't have a problem asking people to stop volunteering now.

TD's attitude about the whole thing was, as was expressed to me, that he recalls volunteers as being significant. That this group of people take a significant role when certain events come to pass. His attitude at that time was, "What the hell? Let's ask." And I think that's the attitude of a lot of the people volunteering.

I can tell you that I have not been contacted by anyone unusual (except for the folks I've met through ATS - and they are the "good," interesting kind of unusual), nor have probably any of the volunteers as yet. I haven't heard from any volunteers, or read any posts about anyone being contacted.

There was one poster who posted in the other thread and said that someone made contact with him about some sort of training. I asked him more about his contacts, and he shared some info, but I don't know if it was related.

win 52 says that he's had at least two encounters, the first of which was with someone who just appeared in his living room. He described the person as a good-humored, but surprised gentleman in a sort of jumpsuit...Don't know if that was related either...

So to answer your question, no one to my knowledge has time traveled. I'll also tell you that the two most frustrated people on that list are TD and myself ahah TD most of all, because he's been WAITING. He's the one who had these experiences.

For me, I'm eager to see if these things will come to pass, but I balance that with equal parts practicality, skepticism, and a sense of humor. I'm on the outside. TD's the one on the inside. I can watch the days, weeks, and months pass and I don't lose anything in the process. But TD needs some sort of validation as the experiencer. He has to be the one with the greatest internal struggle here. And yet, he still has a good attitude about it all.

People want something to grab onto - myself included. We want to see change. I just hope folks understand that this desire is not something that I am deliberately exploiting; and neither is TD, in my estimation.

If you want my honest thoughts on this volunteer thing, it's that those who sincerely wish to their core to take action and make this world a better place should appear as a beacon when the jobs are handed out; when these changes occur. I can't figure out how volunteering is going to put you in a position to be recognized. I don't have a problem with the idea of it; but you would think that if there were advanced beings interacting with us - and they were able to "read" us as some accounts lead us to believe - then those who are ready should stand out.

At the same time, how can another being, one that, according to TD will be physical and human in appearance, stand before you and see your entire life; "who you are"? Technology plays a big role here; and that being the case, one may be able to understand how there is the need for individuals to "proclaim" their intentions; and, as well, the need for a technology that can scan those folks who have stepped forward to ascertain what their intentions are (i.e., good or bad).

So, although the volunteer thing hasn't totally settled with me, at the same time, I can understand the possible mechanics of it.

People can now read this post and see that no one's been contacted and, like many already have, assume that no one will be contacted. This should make the skeptics a happy lot. I don't have a problem stating that. Maybe no one will be contacted. Neither TD nor I will be contacting anyone who volunteers. We're leaving that to occur on its own...Or not...

I should make it clear that neither TD nor I have received any personal correspondences (save for a couple of recent U2U "volunteer" messages I received) regarding this subject. I've responded with "thank you" notes to the messengers and leave the rest to the universe. All others have posted their desire to volunteer in this or the other thread, or at TD's website.

If people don't know how looney we are at this point, how effective will be we at stopping them? They're obviously determined ahah God help them. hehe

Anyway, we've stated this before, but IF and when something happens, we will report it here (at ATS). Unfortunately for those following his story, he's given a fairly broad window for things to occur; although he does say between now and 2009/2010 we should see the concert; and before that, his contacts...

I understand why you stepped in here, and I am fine if the moderators/admins wish to close this thread due to the nature of the content.

If you feel that the "list" is encouraging people to volunteer, and that it is "toeing the line", I'd be happy to stop posting it. This is more meant to be a sort of study in possibilities and not a proselytization for some sort of time traveler's cult.

On a side note, I liked Steve McQueen. Saw Papillon, Bullitt, The Great Escape...Magnificent Seven...Anyway...When you see what's in the theaters these days, you really lament times gone by...

Side note to Pagani, we can outfit a gas station, or a gas, tanker truck with time travel tech. and bring them back with us. ahaa Really, there is probably a way around the fuel issue ahaa

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 06:44 AM
I don't think you need a machine to time travel. Time travel is either impossible or it's actually a very easy, natural thing to do. If you visit the akashic records, it's like time travelling.

There are things in existence that we would seem to have no hope of understanding and are considered impossible but upon experiencing them, they appear more real than our everyday reality.

Michio Kaku was on BBC yesterday talking about the plausibility of things like time travel from a scientific viewpoint, and in his opinion, time travel is possible. You can download his podcast from BBC here.

Time Travel is possible IMO, but not as we would traditionally think of it and not for the purposes we would think but my understanding is not truth.

2 cents

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Just sending out a big THANK YOU to Prote!!!

Very well put,

Originally posted by Prote

I don't think you need a machine to time travel. Time travel is either impossible or it's actually a very easy, natural thing to do. If you visit the akashic records, it's like time travelling.

There are things in existence that we would seem to have no hope of understanding and are considered impossible but upon experiencing them, they appear more real than our everyday reality.

Michio Kaku was on BBC yesterday talking about the plausibility of things like time travel from a scientific viewpoint, and in his opinion, time travel is possible. You can download his podcast from BBC here.

Time Travel is possible IMO, but not as we would traditionally think of it and not for the purposes we would think but my understanding is not truth.
2 cents

Emphasis mine. Great response!

There was a video interview with one of the folks who worked on a ufo/reverse engineering project with the U.S. government. It may have been a Project Camelot interview.

Anyway, this individual said that he and a handful of others stepped on board a government-owned ufo and were on the craft for about what seemed like a few moments. Someone guiding the project told them to check their pockets after a few moments, which all of them did. What they found were some rocks and sticks that they hadn't stepped onto the craft with.

What this individual (and those with him) learned was that, in what their time seemed like seconds, that fifteen minutes or so had passed.

Not only that, he said that the group traveled about ten miles from where they stepped onto the craft, where they were seen by at least one witness, got out, picked up some objects from the ground and put them in their pockets, then returned to the original hanger.

What the person being interviewed said was that there was some sort of disconnect between their physical brain/mind and the experience. The experience was so removed from the reality that our brains were designed to experience, that there was no point of reference for the brain. I can't remember if this person's memory of the event returned later, but the incident, if real, is absolutely mind-boggling.

He said, and rightly so, that this could explain experiences of missing time.

In TD's case, he was actually gone for six days on Earth, but believes he actually traveled and was gone for twenty-five years or more before he was returned. Given the growing testimony of these individuals, contactees, abductees and other witnesses you have to believe there's something going on here. And it's, literally, almost impossible to get your mind around...

Anyway, thank you for injecting a practical, outsider's point of view into the thread. The deeper you get into this stuff, the more difficult it can become to gauge your distance from a skeptical newcomer...

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 08:01 PM
im all set to go say when...lets get this journey started.


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