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"What if?" two powerfull words !

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 05:36 PM
The "What If" theory, how far can it be pushed and will it eventually answer all questions?. Someone I respected dearly once said to me, "Every truth can be realised if you ask what if ?.

On closer examination I realised that, when presented with anything at face value, the what if? question, and imagination, opens doors, lets your thought be more creative and more importantly encourages a healthy level of skeptisism. I present the use of the theory in practice based on the statement.... The world is facing the end times.

What if? Everything we say and do, including me writing this new thread, is being prompted from outside of my own consciousness.

What if? The powers that be have the power and knowledge to make me think that every voluntary action or thought, is a free thought.

What if? Everything I read, see, or hear is therefor false.

What if? The governments of the world are in the exact same position/ situation as me.

What if? Forums like ATS and other avenues of free speach and research have been seeded with the means to create the illusion that we make choices.

What if? The fact that I have the ability to ponder such questions means that our speices is now at the stage where we are ready to remove the veil of lies, if it exists and take controll of our own destiny.

What if? As said before, everything has been, and is, controlled and the fact that I am asking these questions of myself, is controlled and meant to be at this time.

which of the what ifs are true and which are false????

I personally beleive that we can and will overcome anything headed our way, not because we have the answers.....but because we have the ability to ask ourselves the questions !!!


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