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update: Video HAARP=chemtrails>starwars>space station>deathray & umbrella

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 01:38 PM
Video HAARP=chemtrails>starwars>space station>deathray & umbrella

I remember reading part of the purpose of chemtrails was to seed the sky with metallic particles that could be used to assist clandestine “military electronic signals”. Here's a video. AND, here's a radio broadcast with the author of a book on HAARP.

HAARP electronic warfare is designed to use the space 300-600 miles above the earth – as far as I can guess – to create an electronic container around the Earth, like the one portrayed in Esoteric Agenda, for domination of world electromagnetic warfare. (I don't think it's just about weather warfare, I think it's about using the electromagnetic spectrum as a weapon.)

http: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=QkLTzesBxGE

At 1:56 time in this following video, note: are those chemtrails above the HAARP test facility? ...or not? http: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=MnRPZOUVhJ4

THE RADIO BROADCAST focuses on HAARP as electromagnetic warfare – Once you get there, click on


I’m going to try listen to the radio broadcast all the way through, tonight …instead of watching TV to escape -- from hell -- for a while. This whole 2012 conspiracy overwhelms me, sometimes.

Also see DeRanges post:
more infoChemtrails Vs Contrails... There's a MASSIVE Difference!!! Check these [videos] out...

Here's Essan's post that argues contrails can persist for hours and don't dissipate immediately

PLEASE NOTE: I did a press release about 15 years ago that described the CIA testing of biological warfare SIMULANTS from 1950-to-1975. What they did was use flu viruses and dispersed them in the fog off San Francisco to check the dispersal patterns. Well, one-or-two people died from this, there was a documented case at Stanford University Medical Center. Also, they infected mosquitoes with a flu virus and released it over poor black rural communities in the southern U.S. -- many died. Also, they filled up light bulbs with flu simulants and dropped them down air vents in N.Y. subways.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the U.S. has reportedly (according to Covert Action here's their back issues used biological warfare in Angola as population control and in Cuba to blind sheep. AND BRITAIN, has an active leper colony, or other OFF-LIMITS island off the coast that is contamined with bubonic plague or some other disease from biological warfare tests.

ALSO, there is a AIDS-designer gene present in Agent Orange. (Also see above url at Covert Action for documentation, and also Dave Emory's broadcasts -- you can get his urls from my posting, (just ignore the political conspiracy stuff and scroll down to get the Emory listings).

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